28 Best Winter Mantel Decor Ideas for All Season

winter mantel with dried flowers


You may think of decorating the mantel for winter and automatically picture holiday-specific decor only—but trust us, there are plenty of ways to decorate this part of your home so that it looks fabulous all winter long, even after December has passed. Whether you're feeling crafty, have an urge to hit the thrift stores, or prefer a more subdued setup, you'll be able to perfect your winter mantel display in no time thanks to the 28 ideas below.

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    Pretty Potpourri

    simple mantel


    There's nothing more delicious smelling this time of year than seasonal potpourri, so why not string some atop your mantel? Then, finish off the look with a couple of candles and some greenery—simple and chic.

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    Sweet Snowshoes

    fireplace with snowshoe decor


    Classic snowshoes are the perfect charming accessory to display during the winter months. They'll remind you and your loved ones of simpler times—and may even encourage you to get outside and be active (but we don't blame you if you'd rather curl up by the fire all day long).

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    Candles and Nature

    vintage decor on mantel


    Artwork depicting cozy winter scenes certainly gets us in the mood to curl up in the living room and sip hot cocoa under a blanket. These pieces look beautiful layered on the mantel alongside classic vintage mirrors and brass candlesticks.

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    Snowflakes and Hearts

    wooden cutouts on mantel


    Snowflakes and hearts will keep the winter spirit going well into Valentine's Day. Wood cutouts are an excellent choice for those who steer toward neutral decorations but still want to get in on seasonal accent pieces.

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    Lots of Logs

    fireplace filled with logs


    Keep it simple! If you prefer a more minimalistic look, we suggest taking a cue from this setup, which features classic eucalyptus and some candles—all you truly need to make a space feel warm and cozy. Filling the nonworking fireplace with an intricate log display also adds major sophisticated cabin vibes.

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    Family Fun

    family photo on mantel


    The winter season is all about cozy gatherings with family, so why not display a framed photo of your crew front and center? You could even use your favorite shot from your holiday card if you feel like being extra festive. Round out the look with other seasonal accents, like a darling display of mini logs, as we see here.

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    Happy Houses

    pom pom garland on mantel


    What's more adorable than a pom pom garland and some tiny houses? This oh-so-sweet mantel will be a favorite among kids and adults alike.

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    Shabby Chic Glam

    white winter decor


    Break out those winter whites! You don't need to go full-on "snowflake" theme if you prefer to keep a display a little more subdued. Gathering white accessories such as fun candles and a floral wreath will do the trick. And don't forget about sparkly touches for a bit of glam—perfect for New Year's Eve.

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    Sweet Sled

    sled and garland decor


    Celebrate the season with a faux garland and a sled popped up as a fun prop! Then add in some candles and pinecones as a finishing touch, and your mantel is all finished and ready to go.

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    Chalk Paint Craftiness

    chalk paint sign with snowflakes


    Feel like getting a bit crafty? Jazz up a regular decorative sign with some chalkboard paint and then draw some beautiful snowflakes on top for special winter flair. Best of all, you can update the sign each season, so it's an affordable decorative piece that keeps on giving.

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    Snowflake City

    snowflake design and garland


    This farmhouse style mantel captures our attention immediately. If you're looking to make a major seasonal statement, a large snowflake cutout is the way to go. A tassel garland and some greenery adds even more beauty to this cheery setup.

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    Rustic Wreath

    wreath on mantel


    In a similar vein, you could choose to display a wreath rather than a snowflake by attaching it to a plain wooden backing. Faux wreaths will require no maintanece, but evergreen wreaths can simply be revived with a few spritzes of water if needed.

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    Mini Magic

    mantel with mini decorative pieces


    This mantel features a tiny chalkboard with a seasonal message, mini evergreen trees, a snowflake banner, and many more delightful touches. You don't need to think big with accents if you prefer grouping smaller pieces together to create a collected display.

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    Boho Touches

    beads, skis, and basket on mantel


    A beaded garland is festive while complementing boho and farmhouse spaces in particular. We love the idea of displaying a woven basket to cozy things up, too. And skis leaning below the mantel add extra character.

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    Foraged Finds

    branch and pinecones on mantel


    There's no need to hit the stores for decor when you can shop your own backyard. Oversized pinecones and a beautiful branch look stylish grouped with candles atop this mantel and don't cost a dime.

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    Symmetrical Setup

    symmetrical tree and wreath display


    There's nothing wrong with styling a mantel symmetrically, and this setup looks super sophisticated. Now we're feeling ready to light a fire and watch the snow fall outside!

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    Stunning Screensaver

    winter scene on tv screen saver


    If you own a television that has a customizable screensaver, go ahead and switch it over to a wintry scene like this one (we almost feel like we've been transported to a remote getaway just staring at it). Then, get creative with pinecones and bits of greenery to bring the outside in.

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    Bookish Beauty

    books and candles as decor


    Make use of existing decor before buying new: Simply turn books the other way around to create a vintage, rustic look atop the mantel. Neutral pieces that add texture are a no-fail choice.

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    Thrifted Gems

    painting of house in snow on mantel


    There's nothing sweeter than a painting of a house in the snow. Visit your local thrift stores and antique shops to find a piece of seasonal art that speaks to you, then let it take center stage on the mantel.

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    Greenery Galore

    greenery and candles on mantel


    How much greenery is too much? Truthfully, we think more is more, especially when it's as artfully displayed as it is on this mantel. Clusters of brass candlesticks pop against the stunning leaves.

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    Furry Friends

    squirrel decor on mantel


    Can you spot the sweet little squirrels perched atop this mantel? It's perfect for animal lovers or those with young children who will enjoy spending time with (faux) furry friends all winter long. And once again, using ice skates and skis as decor is always a winning idea.

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    Seasonal Assortment

    white gourds and garland


    Who's to say you can't display garland alongside pumpkins? Go for white gourds rather than those that are bright orange, and your setup will look fabulous all season long.

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    Bold Branches

    red branches on mantel


    Bold red leaves placed in a vase will add welcome color to any room and are a festive choice from September through January. The taller the branches, the better!

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    Handmade Happiness

    winter embroidery

    Bre Eggert

    Adding handmade touches like crocheted or needlepointed designs will remind you and your family members of simpler times. We love this embroidery featuring remnants from thrift store sweaters and sweet cutouts of mittens.

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    Twinkle, Twinkle

    string lights on mantel

    The Frugal Homemaker

    Why not display a strand of twinkly lights on the mantel? Paired with white decorative accents, they create a glam look and will bring you and your loved ones joy when the sun sets each evening.

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    Cute Quotes

    word art on mantel


    Quote artwork can appear tasteful when it is intentional and kept to a minimum. This phrase reads, "Silver white winters that melt into springs," and, yes, these truly are some of our favorite things!

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    Dried Floral Delight

    dried flowers on mantel

    Home by Polly

    Dried florals are easy to maintain—they'll last for years without any touchups needed—and come in a variety of neutral shades that are excellent for winter. As much as we love live berries and branches, there's something to be said for a one-and-done approach to buying a bouquet.

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    Basket Haul

    woven basket on mantel

    Herzen Stimme

    If you have a few favorite decorative trays or baskets that aren't in use throughout the house, consider propping them up on the mantel so that they can be admired. The winter season is all about layers and textures, so woven pieces make for excellent accents.