The Best Wireless Thermometers for BBQ and Grilling

How to Monitor Your BBQ from the Comfort of Your Smart Device

"If you're looking you're not cooking!" says the old adage about barbecue and there is some truth to it. Repeatedly opening the smoker or grill releases heat and can cause dips and spikes in the temperature, particularly with charcoal or wood powered units. These units communicate via your wireless network, Bluetooth, or both. Some offer the ability to upload information to a cloud for future reference and global access. This technology represents a major jump over the best...MORE instant read thermometers.

Most of these systems come with two meat temperature probes and space for more. Some come with an ambient temperature sensor that will monitor the cooking temperature, while other offer this as an added extra. Ambient probes are placed inside the grill or smoker to tell you the actual temperature that foods are being cooked at. For long cooks, like true barbecue, they are very useful, particularly in charcoal or wood powered smokers. Being able to monitor the cooking temperature will alert you to fluctuations that might indicate a problem that needs immediate attention. Some systems can send alerts to a SmartDevice. 

I have selected the following systems based on price, availability, features and reliability. Much of this technology is relatively new and in an outdoor environment, results can vary widely. I strongly recommend experimenting with any system before relying on it to monitor and important cookout and remember, that nothing is better than an attentive cook.

Note about Bluetooth only devices: Most of these units that I tested didn't come close to the kind of range advertised, even with a direct line of sight. Connectivity is lost as soon as you move out of range and this can be a problem if there are obstructions between where the grill or smoker is and where you intend to be to monitor. 

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    Fireboard Thermometer Extreme BBQ Edition
    Fireboard Thermometer Extreme BBQ Edition. Fireboard Labs

    The Fireboard is one of the best temperature monitoring systems on the market. It is a cloud-connected system (through WiFi) that will store your data forever (or as long as the company survives) so that the serious backyard cook can look through previous cookouts to help them perfect their timing and better understand their smoker. The Fireboard has an amazing temperature range, good connectivity and all the bells and whistles that this kind of technology has to offer.

    • Probes: 8 (2 ambient and 6...MORE food)
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth and Wifi
    • Battery: 5-volt rechargeable
    • Temperature Range: -58 Degrees F (-50 Degrees C) to 716 degrees F (380 Degrees C)
    • Cloud Connected

    This version runs around $250USD. There is a model for $190USD that comes with one ambient and two meat probes. The price per probe is $15USD. Getting the extreme version is a better value, particularly for the person who will be using this system for lots of different items.

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    Weber acquired iDevices to get a jump start on the wireless grilling technology market. Now built into the superior Weber Grilling App, this device is simple to use and more than competent. While limited to Bluetooth, Weber has recently reinvented its ever popular Genesis line of Gas Grills to incorporate this technology directly into their grills. The iGrill 2 is a much more general device, though it can be placed directly into the New Grills. The range isn't fantastic, but this is one of...MORE the better wireless thermometers on the market. 

    • Probes: 4 (2 included)
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth only
    • Battery: 2 AA
    • Temperature Range: -22 Degrees F (-30 Degrees C) to 572 Degrees F (300 degrees C)
    • Ambient Temperature Capable with additional probe
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    The Maverick ET-735 is the least expensive of the units to make this list, selling for under $100USD. This is a good choice for the person that doesn't need a lot, other than something that can send alerts to their smartphone. The waterproof probes are easily cleaned and the associated app works with all Maverick Bluetooth devices.

    • Probes: 4 (2 included)
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth only
    • Battery: 2 AAA
    • Temperature Range: 32 Degrees F (-0 Degrees C) to 572 Degrees F (300 degrees C)
    • Ambient Temperature...MORE Capable through standard probe
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    Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System
    Tappecue Temperature Monitoring System. Innovative Solutions LLC

    The Tappecue was one of the first systems on the market and though still an impressive piece of technology, it is lagging behind on some of the newer innovations. This unit has four temperature ports that can be set to read either meat or ambient cooker temperature. It operates via WiFi only and needs be configured on a computer connected to your network before it will communicate with its associated App. 

    • Probes: 4 Meat
    • Connectivity: WiFi only
    • Battery: Wall mount or USB Battery Connection (sold...MORE separately)
    • Temperature Range: 0 Degrees F (-18 Degrees C) to 572 Degrees F (300 degrees C)
    • Ambient Temperature Capable through standard probe

These devices can be a fantastic convenience, but nothing takes the place of an attentive cook. Temperature monitoring systems are great tools, but they are not infallible and they can have a bit of a learning curve. Before relying on one to monitor that long cook, make sure you have experimented with the device beforehand and know what it is and isn't capable of.