Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services

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The 6 Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services of 2023

Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services
Best Wood Pellet Delivery Services

Best Overall : BBQGuys

The story behind BBQGuys began in 1998 when Mike and Ladina Hackley opened a brick-and-mortar location in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, called The Grill Store and More. The duo quickly opened a second location in New Orleans, and in 2000 they launched BBQGuys, where they continue to sell top-of-the-line outdoor equipment and barbecue essentials.

BBQGuys has a wider brand selection than many other online outlets, with varieties by Weber, Memphis Grills, Pit Boss, Traeger, Camp Chef, Jealous Devil, and Louisiana Grills. Prices start around $13 for 20-pound bags of wood pellets, and buyers can choose from flavors like cherry, pecan, hickory, mesquite, and even whiskey, among others.

Shoppers can always count on free shipping for orders over $49 and $6.95 flat-rate shipping on smaller orders. In circumstances when BBQGuys isn’t the most budget-friendly choice, smart savers can request a price match: Simply present the listing for an identical item (including taxes and shipping fees) via phone, email, or chat, and BBQGuys will honor the lower price.

Even when you’re not shopping for pellets, the company strives to help potential customers to grow their grilling skills online. Check out BBQGuys’ "Grillabilities" how-to guides, expert reviews on large outdoor appliances, outdoor kitchen planning guides, and more helpful articles and videos.

Best for Quick Delivery : Walmart



Walmart has long been a low-cost retailer for in-person shopping, but in an effort to take on Amazon, the corporation has drastically expanded its online and delivery services in recent years. After discontinuing its failed delivery service through online marketplace in 2020, Walmart introduced GoLocal in August 2021, which offers same-day or next-day delivery from Walmart stores as well as other merchants like Home Depot.

Most of the wood pellets available on Walmart’s website are Pit Boss brand, a low-cost option that uses 100% American-sourced hardwoods and omits any binders, flavors, or spray scents.

Standard 20-pound bags of Pit Boss pellets start at about $9. There’s no membership required for delivery—the superstore chain offers free, two-day shipping on orders over $35, and smaller orders ship for roughly $6.

But if you need your wood pellets faster, you might be in luck, too: Walmart sells several kinds of wood pellets through its grocery pick-up and delivery app. With an Express fee of $10, customers can order groceries and household items (including wood pellets, depending on availability at your local Walmart location) to be delivered within a certain one-hour window on a specific day, and there's no order minimum. Same-day delivery is also available in some areas for an additional fee.

Best for Seasonal Heating : is an exceptional choice for those using wood pellets to heat a home. Serving customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, and New Jersey, the online retailer stands out for its bulk deliveries and customizable, commitment-free Flex Savings Plan.

Similar to the payment structures that gas companies offer, customers can make consistent deposits each month the same way they’d pay a power bill, so there’s no shock to their bank accounts when the time comes to make a large wood pellet purchase for winter.

Pricing varies by zip code, and they offer skid capacities of 1.0, 1.3, or 1.5 tons. Take advantage of their driveway drop-off service or ask them to push your pallet into the garage. Every order comes with a quality guarantee, which covers issues with physical damage or burn quality for at least 30 days after the delivery date.

And, for those mulling over a switch to pellet fuel, serves as an educational outlet, too: Check the website for FAQs and tutorials on storage, brand variations, hardwood vs. softwood advantages, and how to troubleshoot burn issues.

Best Value for Pellet Fuel : Rural King

Founded in 1960, this Illinois-based farm supply store operates more than 100 locations that span 13 states in the middle of the country, from Missouri to Virginia and from Ohio down to Florida. Rural King has various kinds of barbecue pellets on offer, including the affordably-priced Lumber Jack grilling pellets, which generally cost less than $9 per 20-pound bag and come in cherry, hickory, char, pecan, and other blends.

For heating needs, Rural King’s wood fuel pellets have a clean, pleasant smell, and hold a low price tag: Buy a 40-pound bag for under $5. The low, per-bag price makes Rural King a great starting point for pellet heater users who are still gauging how much fuel they will need on a regular basis.

For grilling pellets, you can choose ship-to-home service—which averages $13 if you're in their service region, but can be $20 or more outside their 13-state area—or use store pickup.

Still, while prices are low for single bags of fuel, bulk buyers may want to look elsewhere—or check prices with a local store—as freight shipping can add hundreds of dollars to a purchase. Fortunately, the brand is highly responsive on social media, so feel free to ask questions about bulk orders on Facebook or by phone at your local branch.

Best for New Grillmasters : Bear Mountain BBQ

Bear Mountain BBQ

Bear Mountain BBQ

Since 1990, Bear Mountain has been perfecting its wood pellets, which now boast a 5% moisture content that yields the perfect smoke every time.

All of Bear Mountain’s offerings are free of additives, binders, and bark, and shoppers can filter search results by cuisine—poultry, seafood, lamb, pork, beef, and veggies each taste best with certain pellet blends—which makes this outlet a great choice for anyone seeking a little guidance.

For a versatile, go-to pellet, try the Gourmet BBQ Craft Blends, a solid pick for first-timers. Its combination of oak, hickory, maple, and cherry hardwoods complements just about any kind of food and works with all outdoor pellet, charcoal, gas, or electric grills and smokers. Each 20-pound bag of pellets costs about $18.

Orders can take up to 10 business days to process before shipping. Standard shipping starts at $4.99 to anywhere in the contiguous United States and goes up from there based on weight class. If you're unhappy with your purchase for any reason, Bear Mountain offers a full refund or exchange for 90 days. And, the company’s mission to make you a better grillmaster doesn’t stop when the transaction is over: Sign up for Bear Mountain’s newsletter to receive regular grilling tips, recipes, and news about fresh releases.

Best for BBQ Pellet Subscriptions : Amazon



Those who pay for an Amazon Prime membership, which typically costs $119 annually, can cash in on free shipping for an especially impressive selection of grill pellets in several flavors, sizes, and brands.

Since Amazon Marketplace merchants take into consideration their merchant fees—which are meant to include fulfillment cost—when pricing their products, shipping is largely built into the list prices. So, Amazon is hardly the cheapest place to buy, but its popularity across the United States means thousands of reviews are available to help you make the right decision about what pellets will best fit your needs.

Many products, like the Traeger Grills Signature Blend, carry the option to “Subscribe and Save,” for which you can schedule regular future deliveries and save up to 15% on your orders. The hassle-free scheduling system ensures that avid grillers will never be caught without the fuel they need to cook dinner, but the no-commitment model allows for deliveries to be postponed or canceled before new orders ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Are Wood Pellets Made?

    Made from compressed wood fibers, wood pellets are used in pellet grills for cooking and pellet stoves, boilers, and furnaces to heat homes, businesses, and commercial locations. To make pellets, the wood or other raw material is first reduced to very small pieces. The wood fiber is then fed into a pellet mill where a rotating arm forces the material through a metal die. Intense pressure heats up the wood fiber, binding it together as it passes through the die. The final product is compressed wood pellets.

  • How Much Do Wood Pellet Delivery Services Cost?

    The cost of wood pellet delivery services varies a great deal, depending on how much you’re ordering, the type of pellets, and where it’s being delivered. Bags of wood pellets may cost in the range of $7 to $40. If you spend a certain amount of money, some companies may offer free delivery or have a very small fee of $5 to $10. In other cases, freight shipping can cost hundreds of dollars, so you may want to stick with local retailers for bulk orders.

  • Is Wood Pellet Delivery Service Worth It?

    Whether you need wood pellets for grilling or heating, wood pellet delivery services make it easy and convenient to stock up. Most companies offer pellets made from wood that’s ideal for grilling, as well as lower-priced bags for pellet heaters. There are different options for wood pellet deliveries, including companies that specialize in wood pellets as well as those known for deliveries of many other goods and products such as Amazon or Walmart. However, the quality and price of the pellets and delivery can vary greatly, so it’s worth doing research to find the best deals.


Customers generally seek out wood pellet delivery for one of two reasons: to heat their home, forgoing more expensive means of power like gas, or to power their grill, adding a smoky and customizable flavor to meats and vegetables.

We included retailers for both kinds of pellets on this list. For wood pellets that heat homes, we looked primarily at the cost and logistics of buying in bulk, considering what added obstacles might be associated with larger deliveries, seasonal demand, or testing out a new supplier. was the top source for pellets that fuel home heating systems, not only for its easy delivery but also for its budget plan, which allows customers to pay a set fee monthly to go toward yearly bulk fuel deliveries. only serves eight states in the Northeast, though, and its deliveries focus on orders of at least one ton, so we looked for a pellet provider to fill those gaps and stumbled upon Rural King, a national farm supply store that ships single bags of pellet fuel across the country.

For the grill, options abound. Bear Mountain BBQ offers the option to buy directly from one of the most popular wood pellet makers, with user-friendly product search filters that help new grillmasters find the right flavor profile for any menu.

Larger retailers like Amazon and Walmart stand out for their convenience: Amazon lets customers set up recurring deliveries on a set schedule, while Walmart provides options for fast, low-cost delivery. In some cases, customers can receive their purchases on the same day the order is placed. And BBQGuys, a Louisiana-born upstart, earned the title of best overall because it provides a wide selection of brands alongside an impressive archive of how-to guides and expert reviews.

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