Top 10 Wooden Swing Sets and Playsets of 2018

Find the Perfect Outdoor Playset for Your Kids

The 10 best wooden playsets and swing sets of 2017 stand up to the elements and your kids. If you've been swinging back and forth on your decision to buy a wooden swing set or playset because of the price, we've made it easier for you by finding the best models in a wide range of prices and sizes to fit any backyard and family budget.

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    Remember the metal swing sets we used to play on as kids? How tims have changed. The Gorilla Playsets Mountaineer Treehouse Swing Set with Timber Shield will make you jealous that you didn't have this swing set growing up.

    At over $2,000, this swing set has enough bells and whistles to entertain all of the kids in your neighborhood. It features a wave slide, tube slide, rock wall with climbing rope, two swings, a trapeze swing, sandbox, built-in picnic table, built-in tic-tac-toe game, upper...MORE level treehouse with working shutters and so much more.

    Gorilla Playsets offers one of the best warranties for any wooden swing set manufacturer. You get a 10-year limited warranty on the wood and a one-year warranty on the accessories.

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    Just look at the picture and you'll say, "Wow!" The Backyard Discovery Skyfort II wooden swing set has so many features, it looks like it belongs in a park's playground, but it's made for residential use.

    The top-of-the-line swing set comes in under $1,500 and has all the key features like two swings, a glider, slide and rock wall. It also has two sturdy forts that the kids will love and are perfect for hide and seek.

    The wood is protected with a five-year rot and decay...MORE warranty. There's a one-year warranty on manufacturer's defects. Check the product manual for any swing set you buy for all of the warranty details.

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    The Prairie Ridge All Cedar swing set is more compact than the Skyfort but about half the price and is still packed with amazing features like monkey bars, an upper play deck with canopy, 8' slide, two swings, two-person glider, built-in sandbox and a snack window with bench. 

    The Prairie Ridge Cedar swing set can hold up to seven children at once. The warranty covers five years of wood rot and decay with a one-year warranty against defects.

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    Not many wooden swing sets under $1,000 come with a pirate's ladder and monkey bars. But this one does! The Trekker Swing Set also has a spacious deck, two swings, a Wind Rider Glider, slide and rock climbing wall.

    Up to 10 children can play on this swing set. Swing-N-Slide provides a lifetime limited warranty, plus a five-year limited warranty against wood rot and termite damage.

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    The Prestige is built for smaller yards. While it's compact, it also comes with lots of fun activities for kids.

    Climb the rock wall ladder to get to the upper deck. Go down the slide. There are also two swings and a trapeze bar. The lower deck features a built-in snack bar that seats two.

    Up to seven children can play on this swing set at once. The manufacturer offers a five-year prorated warranty on the wood. Other components come with a one-year warranty.

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    This compact set offers up a lot of fun in a small space. You'll find it's worth the upgrade if you're looking at wooden swing sets in the $500 to $1,000 price range.

    There are two belt swings, an acrobatic swing, a rock wall, chalk wall, sandbox, snack stand with built-in seating, flower boxes, play phone and wave slide. Up to eight children can play on this wooden swing set too.

    The manufacturer's warranty is for up to five years on wood rot, decay or insect damage. All other...MORE parts come with a one-year warranty.

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    Invite the whole neighborhood over to play for lots of fun this spring and summer. This wooden swing set from PlayStar accommodates 10 children at once.

    It features a giant wave slide, two swings, adventure tunnel, climbing steps, monkey bars, a clubhouse, a rock wall, climbing rope, a telescope and and gym rings. It's got just about everything you would find on a public playground at a fraction of the cost.

    PlayStar boasts about the commercial quality of this wooden swing set but that...MORE it's designed for residential use. The safety standards of this wooden swing set also exceed the government's minimum requirements, which is peace of mind for parents who practice good playground safety habits. It comes with a 10-year warranty too.

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    If you're looking for a wooden swing set loaded with extras, this one's for you. It has all sorts of activities for kids to enjoy, including a rock wall, climbing rope, wave slide, sandbox, rope ladder, tic-tac-toe spinner panel, two swings, a trapeze swing and a safe entry ladder to the upper deck.

    Gorilla Playsets offers a 10-year warranty on structural wood components and a one-year warranty on the other components. Like any of the wooden swing sets on the list, the pre-stained wood...MORE may not be up to your standards. But applying wood stain to further protect your wooden swing set is very easy.

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    The Scrambler wooden swing set from Swing-N-Slide is a nice solution for tight spaces. While it's compact, multiple children can play at one time so you still have plenty of room for friends to come over for a play date.

    The wooden swing set comes with a slide, rock wall, two swings, rock wall, picnic table, and oversized canopy. Swing-N-Slide offers a five-year limited warranty on this wooden swing set.

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    Guess how much this swing set costs. Hint: It's right around $500 and will still leave room in your budget and backyard for a bouncy house too.

    The Yukon III doesn't look like a wooden swing set that would cost half the price of some of the swing sets of the same size on the list. But it's a deal that gives your kids a 8' slide, picnic table, rock wall ladder, standard ladder, two swings and a trapeze bar.

    The Yukon III is covered by a five-year, prorated wood rot and decay...MORE warranty. All other parts are covered by a one-year warranty.

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