The 11 Best Woodworking Benches of 2023

Our favorite woodworking bench is the Rockler Beechwood Workbench

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Best Woodworking Benches

The Spruce / Amelia Manley

Every woodworker, whether new or experienced, needs a good woodworking bench. Kelly Bacon, a licensed general contractor and member of The Spruce's Home Improvement Review Board, expands on what to look for when shopping for a woodworking bench: "A woodworking bench can be as simple as a piece of plywood on top of sawhorses or a beautiful workbench made with  intricate joinery, fine hardwoods, and a large and heavy footprint in your shop. If you mostly do small woodworking projects, something light and portable will probably be sufficient. If you are building pieces of furniture where boring, planing, and chiseling are required,  a more substantial bench will work much better."

"The main things I require when woodworking are a fairly thick wood tabletop that won’t “bounce” when hammering on chisels or deflect  when planing or sawing. A sturdy base and good-quality vises and bench dogs are also musts." 

"Important things to consider when researching woodworking benches are your budget, the type of projects you expect to do, your workshop space, and whether or not you need a table that can be stored or transported easily."

Our top pick is the Rockler Beechwood Workbench, which is a sturdy table that includes two vises and plenty of bench dogs.

If you're ready to take on your next project, here are our favorite woodworking benches.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Rockler Beechwood Workbench

Beechwood Workbench


What We Like
  • Available in two lengths

  • Very sturdy solid beechwood

  • Lots of dog holes for versatility

What We Don't Like
  • Somewhat narrow benchtop

Whether you've just taken up woodworking recently or you've been enjoying the hobby for years, a good woodworking bench is a must. And this beechwood beauty from Rockler is ready and able to take its place as the star of your woodworking workshop. The solid beech table has wide feet for extra stability, so you won't be annoyed by rocking or wobble while you work. You can choose from two sizes of table: a medium workbench that's 60 5/8 inches long or a large workbench that's 72 1/2 inches long. Both tables are 19 5/8 inches wide and 33 1/2 inches tall. The wooden tabletop is 1 1/8-inch thick.

The table includes two under-mounted vise assemblies with metal support bars for extra stability. The jaws of the vises are wood, as are the handles, and you can open the vises to a maximum of 6 inches. There are two rows of 3/4-inch dog holes spaced 5 inches apart, and the table includes four steel-cored bench dogs to help you secure your work in place. Additional dog holes on the bench legs can be used to provide extra support for longer pieces that are secured in the vise. The large, rimmed storage shelf provides a spot to stash your tools—note that the shelf is plywood, not beech, however.

The medium workbench weighs 112 pounds and the large workbench weighs 124 pounds.

Price at time of publish: $700 for medium workbench, $750 for large workbench

Height: 33-1/2 inches | Length: 60-5/8 or 72-1/2 inches | Depth: 19-5/8 inches | Weight: 112 or 124 pounds | Included vises: 2 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: No | Shelf: Yes

Best Budget

BLACK+DECKER Workmate 425 30-Inch Folding Portable Workbench

Workmate 425 Portable Workbench


What We Like
  • Folds for easy storage or transport

  • Top can be lifted for more versatile clamping options

  • Can be used as a sawhorse

What We Don't Like
  • Not a real vise, but more of a clamp that can be used like a vise

Woodworking benches can cost thousands of dollars, but there's no need to break your budget if you only need a small table or only expect to use the table on occasion. The BLACK+DECKER Workmate 425 has a workspace that's just 29 inches by 20 5/8-inches, but the top is comprised of three panels, two of which can be slide or removed to provide a space for clamping wood or other materials at a variety of angles, even if you are clamping oddly shaped items. It takes just one hand to adjust the panels for firm clamping, plus you get four swivel pegs for further adaptability to a variety of clamping needs and scenarios.

This folding workbench has a steel frame for durability, and the manufacturer claims it can support up to 550 pounds. The top is a strong bamboo laminate, and when slid apart, can be angled at a 90-degree angle for clamping items as wide as 8 5/16-inches. When fully upright, the bench is 30 inches high, but you can fold the legs under when working on large materials. And when your project is complete, you can fold the entire workbench down for easy storage.

Price at time of publish: $120

Height: 30 inches | Length: 29 inches | Depth: 20-5/8 inches | Weight: 36.2 pounds | Included vises: 1 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: No | Shelf: No

Best for Beginner

Olympia Tools 48-Inch Acacia Carpentry Workbench

Carpentry Workbench

Olympia Tools

What We Like
  • Has tool trough

  • Reasonable price

  • Has a drawer

What We Don't Like
  • Narrow tabletop

  • Assembly instructions not clear

If you are just getting started on a woodworking hobby or project, you might not want to spend a lot of money on a woodworking bench right away. But that doesn't mean you don't want a sturdy, versatile table like this acacia wood offering from Olympia Tools. Measuring 49.5 inches long, 19.7 inches deep, and 34 inches tall, you don't need an overly large space for the bench, but it's still big enough for most projects. There's one small drawer for holding tools along with a large shelf at the base of the workbench for your bigger supplies.

The table has a trough along the back edge for hand tools. The included vise has a maximum opening capacity of 7.87 inches. You also get four wooden bench pegs and four metal bench dogs to help secure items in place while you work. This workbench has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and weighs 64 pounds itself, making it fairly lightweight for this type of table. The entire table is constructed from varnished acacia wood.

Price at time of publish: $168

Height: 34 inches | Length: 49.5 inches | Depth: 19.7 inches | Weight: 64 pounds | Included vises: 1 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: 1 | Shelf: Yes

Best Portable

WORX Pegasus Plastic Workbench

WORX Pegasus Plastic Workbench

Courtesy of Lowe's

What We Like
  • Lightweight and portable

  • Integrated, easily adjusted clamps

What We Don't Like
  • Includes clamps but not vise

This plastic-and-steel workbench weighs just 25 pounds and can fold flat when it's not being used—you can even tuck it under a bed if you're tight on space. The worktop measures 31 x 25 inches, and it's 32 inches tall. A handy shelf provides a spot to stash tools or supplies. Those who tend to be klutzy will appreciate the slow-folding safety mechanism, which is designed to protect fingers from unexpected pinches.

The workbench uses the WORX integrated clamping system, and you can attach other products (like a second matching tabletop, if you want more room) to it as well. There are also built-in channels for two integrated quick-clamps as well as slots for four included bench dogs, and the tabletop has a 300-pound capacity. It can also double as a sawhorse, and when set up that way, the maximum load is 1,000 pounds. This versatile workbench has a maximum clamping width of 18 1/4 inches.

Price at time of publish: $119

Height: 32 inches | Length: 31 inches | Depth: 25 inches | Weight: 25 pounds | Included vises: None | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: No | Shelf: Yes

Best with Storage

Windsor Design 4-Drawer Workbench

Windsor Design 4-Drawer Workbench

Windsor Design

What We Like
  • Felt-lined drawers

  • Good starter bench

What We Don't Like
  • Assembly instructions are inadequate

It's nice to have somewhere to stash your various chisels, clamps, and other woodworking tools, rather than leave them laying about the workbench, or requiring a separate tool box to stash them. With this sturdy wooden workbench from Windsor Designs, you get four felt-lined drawers, each with a weight capacity of 25 pounds, as well as a lower shelf for larger items. The workbench measures 60 inches long by 20 1/8 inches wide, and it's 33 1/4 inches tall (The height is not adjustable.) The total weight capacity of the table is 250 pounds.

The workbench includes a wood-block vise with a 7-inch capacity. Four wooden bench pegs and four metal bench dogs, all with 1/2-inch diameters rather than the standard 3/4-inch diameter, are also included. This allows you to secure your project firmly in a variety of ways while you work. While this may not be the heaviest-duty workbench out there, for the price it's a fine bench that will serve most amateur woodworkers very well.

Price at time of publish: $296

Height: 33-1/4 inches | Length: 60 inches | Depth: 20-1/8 inches | Weight: Not stated | Included vises: 1 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: Four | Shelf: Yes

Best All-Purpose

Craftsman 2000 Series 72-Inch Butcher Block Workbench

 Craftsman 2000 Series Workbench

Courtesy of Amazon

What We Like
  • Very sturdy and strong

  • Backsplash to keep tools from rolling away

What We Don't Like
  • No dog holes

  • Not easy to install a vise

If you tackle a wide variety of projects in your workshop, not just carpentry or woodworking, you might want to have an all-purpose workbench, rather than one tailored towards woodworkers. If so, we recommend this red steel workbench from the Craftsman 2000 series. It's topped with a 1-inch-thick butcher block countertop.

The workbench is 72 inches wide, 41.25 inches tall, and 24 inches deep. That's a lot of room for setting up various power tools, tool boxes, and projects in progress. There's a metal backsplash that keeps your tools from rolling off the back of the bench, as well. Although the height of the table is not adjustable, it does have leveling feet so you can adjust each leg individually should your floor be uneven.

The weight capacity of the bench is 1,450 pounds, which is more than adequate for the average DIYer or woodworker. It does require assembly, but the task is fairly straightforward and counts as your first DIY task with your new workbench.

Price at time of publish: $269

Height: 41-1/4 inches | Length: 72 inches | Depth: 24 inches | Weight: 95 pounds | Included vises: None | Includes Bench Dogs: No | Drawers: No | Shelf: No

Best Adjustable Height

Gladiator Adjustable Hardwood Workbench

Gladiator Adjustable Hardwood Workbench

Courtesy of Lowe's

What We Like
  • ADA-compliant and height adjustable

  • Very high weight capacity

What We Don't Like
  • Not specifically designed for woodworking

If you are significantly taller or shorter than average, or you're going to have woodworkers of multiple heights sharing a workbench, it makes sense to choose one with a tabletop that can move up and down. The height on this ADA-compliant option adjusts from 27.5 to 40.8 inches and comes with either white or gray legs made from welded steel. It measures 6 feet across and has a maximum weight capacity of 3,000 pounds. The top is made from hardwood that measures nearly 2 inches thick, and the wood has been treated with a sealant to help protect it from chemical stains. It also has leveling legs at the bottom that allow it to be adjusted up to 1.25 inches, so you won't have to worry about wobbles.

This workbench doesn't have pre-drilled holes for bench pegs or other clamping devices, but you can fit your own clamps or vise over the bench edges if needed. If you work with heavy or large pieces of wood, or you use your workbench for other types of projects, you'll appreciate this table's sturdiness and strength.

Price at time of publish: $530

Height: 27.5 to 40.8 inches | Length: 72 inches | Depth: 25 inches | Weight: 149 pounds | Included vises: None | Includes Bench Dogs: No | Drawers: No | Shelf: No

Best DIY Finish

Ramia Finish-It-Yourself 1500 Workbench

Finish-It-Yourself DIY 1500 Workbench

Courtesy of Ramia

What We Like
  • Excellent quality

  • Two high-quality vises included

What We Don't Like
  • Somewhat expensive

For many woodworkers, building their own workbench is a rite of passage. But if you love the idea of a DIY workbench, yet can't quite bring yourself to tackle the whole project, this beechwood bench from Ramia, a respected manufacturer of woodworking benches, strikes a nice balance. Once you assemble the bench, all you'll need to do further is set up the vise jaws, sand down some edges, and, if you choose, add an optional clear stain. While the price may seem steep for a workbench that requires you to finish it, it's only a fraction of the cost of other workbenches from Ramia and similar-quality companies.

You can arrange the two included vises for either left- or right-handed orientation, and the bench comes with four steel dogs. The maximum vise capacity is 4 7/8 inches. A shelf at the bottom provides plenty of storage, too. It measures 61 inches long by 25 inches wide, which gives you a generously sized work area, and at 97 pounds, it's solid enough that it won't wobble. This is a very sturdy bench that will serve you well whether you are new to woodworking or have years of experience under your belt.

Price at time of publish: $610

Height: 33 inches | Length: 61 inches | Depth: 25-3/8 inches | Weight: 97 pounds | Included vises: 2 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: No | Shelf: Yes

Best Heavy-Duty

Grizzly T10157 Heavy-Duty Workbench

Heavy-Duty Workbench


What We Like
  • Height adjustable

  • Large tabletop

  • Strong steel legs

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Somewhat difficult to assemble

If you want a table that can handle large, heavy projects or materials, then you'll want the Grizzly Heavy-Duty Workbench. It has a lacquered solid oak top that measures 60 inches long and 30 inches wide. The square, strong legs of the table are made of steel and can be adjusted for a table height of anywhere between 32 and 39 inches, which gives you a great deal of flexibility. There are two drawers for holding supplies as well as a large shelf for bigger tools.

You get two vises with the table, each with a maximum jaw opening of 4 inches. The table has two rows of dog holes for both vise positions and comes with four bench dogs and a movable stop block. The steel legs have cross-braces for extra stability, and the drawers have ball-bearing slides for smooth performance. The weight of the table is 110 pounds.

Price at time of publish: $1,321

Height: 32 to 39 inches | Length: 60 inches | Depth: 30 inches | Weight: 110 pounds | Included vises: 2 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: 2 | Shelf: Yes

Best for Home Workshop

Yukon 60-Inch 3-Drawer Workbench

60-Inch 3-Drawer Workbench


What We Like
  • Has three drawers

  • Reasonable price

What We Don't Like
  • Narrow tabletop

Get your home carpentry shop going with this sturdy wooden workbench from Yukon. Measuring 64 3/8 inches long by 20 1/8 inches wide by 34-1/8 inches high, this is a good-size table for the home woodworking shop. Unlike many similar benches, it has three felt-lined drawers: one full length and two half-length. There's also a full-length shelf, so you'll have plenty of storage options for your woodworking tools. The table has a weight capacity of 600 pounds and weighs 104 pounds itself.

You get a wood-block vise that can accommodate 7 inches, as well as four wooden bench dowels and four metal bench dogs. Considering the reasonable price, this is an excellent choice for anyone looking to set up a home workshop, but not wanting to spend too much money on a high-end woodworking table.

Price at time of publish: $200

Height: 34-1/8 inches | Length: 64-3/8 inches | Depth: 20-1/8 inches | Weight: 104 pounds | Included vises: 1 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: 3 | Shelf: Yes

Best Small

Sjobergs Junior/Senior Workbench

Junior/Senior Workbench


What We Like
  • Excellent quality

  • Includes two high-quality vises

  • Height adjustable

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Only for small projects

Sjobergs is one of the top names in woodworking benches, and the this small, solid birch-wood bench sized for a home workshop reflects the quality for which they are known. The length of the tabletop is 34 1/4 inches and the width is 14 9/32 inches. You can adjust the height of this workbench from a low of 25 3/16 inches to a maximum of 33 7/8 inches, making it suitable for users of various heights or ages. While you aren't going to tackle large projects on this small table, it's ideal for a wide range of woodworking crafts.

The table comes with two full-featured vises with double guide rods for extra stability. The vises open to a maximum of 4 3/4 inches. The table has 3/4-inch dog holes positioned for both vises and includes four steel-reinforced plastic bench dogs. The table weighs 48 pounds, so you can easily move it if desired.

Price at time of publish: $519

Height: 25-3/16 to 33-7/8 inches | Length: 34-1/4 inches | Depth: 14-9/32 inches | Weight: 48 pounds | Included vises: 2 | Includes Bench Dogs: Yes | Drawers: No | Shelf: No

Final Verdict

If you want a high-quality woodworking bench that's designed to provide the best experience possible with two vises and plenty of bench dogs, then you'll love the Rockler Beechwood Workbench, which is available in two lengths. But if you are watching your budget and only need a small table, then the BLACK+DECKER Workmate 425 will save you money while still providing a sturdy yet portable woodworking bench.

What to Look for in a Woodworking Bench


If your workshop also doubles as your garage or basement, you may need a bench with a small footprint that can be easily moved around. Keep in mind, though, that lighter benches may wobble when sanding or planing wood. Workbenches with adjustable leveling feet may provide a more steady surface on an uneven cement floor. 


Some benches measure 34 inches high, which is the standard height for tables. But if you're planning to spend hours hunched over, you'll want to take ergonomics into consideration. One suggestion is the "rule of thumb" guideline: With your arms relaxed at your sides, have someone measure the distance between the floor and your first thumb knuckle. This is the ideal workbench height. If you do a lot of work sitting down, consider getting an adjustable stool and even a footrest to help you find the right position. Remember that it's easier to lift a lower bench onto risers, rather than deal with one that's too tall.


A good woodworking bench is equipped with at least one sturdy vises—although many include two vises—as well as numerous dog holes positioned to be used along with the vises. Some woodworking benches also have built-in storage, typically in the form of a shelf near the base of the table, although some also have drawers. It can be very handy to have a spot to stash your woodworking tools, so when looking for the right bench, consider the projects you'll be taking on and which features you might need the most.

  • How high should a woodworking bench be?

    The average height of a woodworking bench is between 33 and 36 inches. Be sure to adjust accordingly based on your own height and work postures. A woodworking bench that is too high or low can lead to aches and pains.

  • Why do woodworking benches have holes?

    The holes on a woodworking bench are called “dog holes.” While different woodworkers have varying preferences about how big they should be and how far apart they are spaced, these holes work in concert with wood, metal, or plastic “bench dogs” to help woodworkers securely clamp pieces to the workbench when performing tasks such as sanding, cutting, and planing.

  • Where should you mount a woodworking bench vise?

    A vise is a vital piece of equipment for holding in place the material you are cutting, planing, sanding, or otherwise working on. There are different types of woodworking bench vises depending on their location on the bench. A face vise is mounted on the front end or face of the bench; an end or tail vise is mounted on the end. These are the two most common, and the most useful, locations for your vise.

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