The 7 Best Woven Baskets to Buy in 2018

Stylish storage that can hide everything in your home


Courtesy of West Elm

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Weaving baskets is an ancient tradition that continues to find its way into modern homes. They can be woven from different fibers, like reeds, cotton, or synthetic cords, and in a variety of shapes and sizes. This gives woven baskets almost unlimited uses inside and outside of the home.

You can use a small woven basket to hold toiletries inside the bathroom or a larger one for blankets in the living room. Use it to organize a shelf or hide an ugly plastic planter—the possibilities are endless! Because woven baskets come in all sorts of colors and textures, they can also match any style of decor. You're sure to find baskets that seamlessly blend in with contemporary spaces, traditional ones, kids rooms, and bohemian ones, too.

To figure out the best-woven basket for your needs, begin by measuring the items you want to store so you know what size you need. Then consider the space you’ll use it in. In a high-moisture environment, like a bathroom, consider a water-resistant material. For a child’s room, washability may be the priority.

The next thing to consider is the design. A natural-colored material can add a warm, earthly element to a room, while a brightly-colored one can add flair. You can find the best-woven basket for your space and needs among our top picks.

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    Best Overall: Deco 79 Large Seagrass Basket

    A seagrass basket works in just about any room. In the living room, use it to hold extra pillows or throw blankets and in the bathroom, it’s handy for fresh towels and bath salts. Use it in a kids’ room to corral toys or by the entryway to keep bags and backpacks from getting thrown all over the floor.

    Seagrass is a popular and traditional material for baskets and this medium-sized woven basket is a classic shape. It is as wide as it is tall with generous handles to tote your goods around the house. Plus, the calming texture lends a hint of nature to any room for a pleasant decorative effect.

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    Best Budget: Room Essentials Large Woven Basket

    Large Woven Rectangular Storage Basket - Gray and White - Room Essentials™
    Courtesy of Target

    Small baskets woven from natural materials like seagrass and rattan can get pricey as you go larger in size. If you need to organize quite a few bulky items, consider investing in baskets made from man-made materials like polypropylene.

    With the same woven feel, these are just as durable as natural materials and come in just about every size and color. For a toned-down effect, choose one in a subtle shade, like this large grey basket.

    The rigid lip and softer sides make it easy to cram into a crowded closet. It will also hold its shape well if it’s on display next to an entryway, inside a console table, or next to the couch.

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    Best for Laundry: Seville Classics Hyacinth Double Hamper

    The standard plastic laundry basket leaves something to be desired, style-wise. Plus, it can be bulky and unwieldy, leaving you scraping your knuckles along the wall as you navigate a narrow staircase or doorway.

    Consider, instead, using a woven basket with interior laundry bags to hold and transport your laundry. This one includes an interior partition to help you pre-separate your light and dark clothing. That feature alone can save you a lot of time in the laundry room.

    The interior canvas bags remove completely and are washable, too. It's a definite bonus, especially if your gym clothes sit in the hamper for too long! Plus, it’s pretty enough to leave out in your room, creating extra floor space in your closet. The lids prevent anyone from literally seeing your dirty laundry.

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    Best for Storage: Graphic Woven Large Baskets

    Graphic Woven Large Baskets
    Courtesy of West Elm

    A woven basket may just be your secret to keeping the family room organized. Large lidded baskets can corral even the bulkiest of toys, from stuffed animals to plastic trucks and entire families of baby dolls.

    Even if you’re only sharing your space with a partner, roommates, or a couple fur-babies, big decorative storage baskets are key for stashing clutter when guests come over. They're also handy for tucking away a couple extra throw blankets for chilly nights.

    When your storage will be in sight, it’s ideal to choose a basket with as much style as the rest of the room. These large baskets are made in Senegal and incorporate a modern chevron design woven into the exterior. They also offer discrete handles on the sides so you can easily move them around the room as you gather up clutter.

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    Best for Plants: Dufmod Seagrass Belly Basket

    While you may think a basket is just another attractive alternative to a ceramic or terracotta planter, there’s a surprise benefit. A woven basket is super-lightweight, and one with handles can make it easy to move around a room with the seasons or for watering.

    The natural texture is a softer take on the traditional glazed ceramic planter, lending a bohemian look to the room. Plus, clay planters can get expensive really quick, especially as you get into the larger sizes. Using a basket as a planter can be an economical way to add a stylish decor element.

    This woven plant basket comes in three sizes and eight different colors and designs to work seamlessly in any space. You'll even find a couple with a hand-knit netting that adds a homey feel. It's a fabulous touch for a cottage or rustic design scheme.

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    Best for Shelves: Whitmor Rattique Storage Baskets

    If you’re trying to get your shelves organized, look for a set of matching baskets in a variety of sizes. Choosing the right size is key, though.

    Make sure they’re shallower than the depth of your shelves so they won’t hang off the edge. It's also good to give yourself at least three or four inches from the top of the basket to the shelf above. This gives enough clearance to get the basket on and off the shelf.

    The ideal baskets will be just deep enough to conceal whatever’s inside, whether that’s knitting supplies or a mess of computer cords. Yet, it should still give a hint of what is in there so you can find what you need at a glance.

    This set of three rattan-look baskets comes in 13 different colors to perfectly match your decor. The sturdy woven material can easily hold a number of small items without warping or bulging. They're sure to give your shelves a tidy look, whether you use them inside a closet, open kitchen shelving, or a bookcase.

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    Best Woven Basket for Firewood: Modern Weave Oversize Storage Bin

    Modern Weave Oversized Storage Bin

    Anyone with a fireplace knows that wood is heavy! And while you probably carry it inside from the woodpile in batches, you need a place to store your firewood until it’s ready to go into the fire. Enter the woven basket.

    A large, sturdy basket with handles can aid you in transporting the wood and provide a place for it to go while not in use. Choose one with rigid, strong sides that won’t bend or break under the weight.

    An open weave allows air to flow through, so your firewood won’t trap moisture while it’s sitting next to the fireplace. Plus, a basket turns your logs into an attractive decorative element in the room.

    This sturdy rattan basket comes in three natural tones to match your decor. The squared-off design means it also won’t take up any more floor space than it needs to, either.