The Best Yellow Paint Colors

Whether you're looking for a sunny bright yellow or a warm neutral, yellow offers so many decorating options. Yellow and gold paint can warm up a room that lacks natural light. Yellow and gold paint and decor is especially good in north-facing rooms when you really need more warmth and light.

Yellow has never really gone out of style in decorating, but it's seeing a renewed popularity especially for kitchens. Pairing yellow paint with white cabinets and black accents in tile and...MORE appliances is a crisp look that works in most decorating styles. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and guest rooms, are also an ideal spot for yellow paint or decor. The secret is to find the perfect color by identifying the undertone. Yellow often has a green or orange undertone that can totally change how it looks in your home. It's also easy to end up with a yellow or gold color that is too bright or warm for your space, so be sure to sample any color you are considering before committing it to your walls. 

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    Top Yellow Paint Colors |
    Photo ©Behr Polished Pearl.

    The right yellow doesn't always mean bright and sunny. Behr Polished Pearl is a subtle neutral yellow paint color that can brighten up a room with its peachy cream tone. 

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    Top 10 Yellow Paint Colors |
    Image ©Olympic Paints Butter.

    Olympic Paints Butter is a beautiful medium gold paint color. The beauty of this color is its depth. Rich and neutral, Butter could be a gorgeous choice for a great room or dining room. This color would pair well with a creamy off-white trim, and dark wood accents.

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    Valspar Saffron Ivory
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Valspar

    Valspar Saffron Ivory is a soft and elegant yellow paint color that is perfect for just a hint of color in any room. Saffron Ivory lends itself the main color in a scheme filled with warm and saturated accents. This soothing color would be an excellent choice your bedroom or guest room.

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    Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. @Benjamin Moore

     Benjamin Moore Hawthorne Yellow, of their Historical Collection, is a traditional yellow paint color that is easy to work with. This rich yellow color is extremely popular with designers and colorists because of its presence. Hawthorne Yellow shines as an exterior paint color, and is also a favorite choice for front doors. 

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    Benjamin Moore Man on the Moon
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Man on the Moon is part of their Off White Collection. This collection features off-white paint colors with a hint of color, for an understated look. Man on the Moon is a wonderful alternative to beige or taupe when you're worried about pink or gray undertones in your space.  

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    Sherwin-Williams Cachet Cream
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Sherwin-Williams

     Sherwin-Williams Cachet Cream is a peachy neutral yellow paint color. The underlying peach in Cachet Cream helps it pair well with reddish wood, and ginger tones. The peachy tones in this color will intensify if placed near green accents.

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    Benjamin Moore Lemon Glow
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Benjamin Moore

    Benjamin Moore Lemon Glow is a happy color. This fresh yellow paint color has a hint of green, giving it a fresh and contemporary look. Lemon Glow could be a perfect choice for a kid's room or in any space that needs a shot of vivacious color.

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    Behr Bicycle Yellow
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Behr

    Behr Bicycle Yellow leaves no doubt in a viewer's mind that this is not a neutral color. This is an sunny, happy, and unabashedly yellow paint color. Bicycle Yellow is the color of sunny kitchens (even when there is no sun available.) Paired with creamy white and black accents, Bicycle Yellow could also be sophisticated and refined.

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    Valspar Redstone Dining Room Gold
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Valspar

    No collection of top yellow paint colors is complete without a formidable and stunning gold. Valspar Redstone Dining Room Gold is a warm and saturated gold paint color. As its name suggests, this color is a gorgeous choice for dining rooms. Redstone Dining Room Gold would also be terrific for your foyer or family room.

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    Sherwin-Williams Moonraker
    Top Yellow Paint Colors. ©Sherwin-Williams

    If you love the idea of using a light green in your home​ but are afraid it could become a minty mess, Sherwin-Williams Moonraker is the perfect yellow paint color to consider. Moonraker is a yellow-green, that is muted enough to make it surprisingly versatile. 

If you love yellow and would like to use more of it at home, but are afraid that it will be too bright, you can learn basic tips that can help you choose yellow like a pro. Learn the right way to use yellow in your home. Find out the secrets of yellow with these helpful Do's and Don'ts.