The 9 Best Zero Gravity Chairs of 2019

Take your comfort level up a notch with these favorite picks


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Zero gravity chairs are the envy of pool partyers, beach goers, and porch sitters thanks to their smart design. These chairs—also called patio recliners—elevate the feet and legs while gently supporting the back and giving a feeling of weightlessness. The result is total relaxation and a sense of floating.

When shopping for a zero gravity chair, it’s important to consider the material of the seat and back. Most chairs feature a mesh material, which is highly breathable and dries quickly. However, some padded zero gravity chairs offer a cushioned seat and back that is better for back pain or for anyone who likes extra comfort.

The extended length of the zero gravity chair is important to consider also, since some shorter versions may not allow taller people to fully recline in a comfortable way. Additionally, the locking mechanism of the chair is important if you want it to stay in place while you’re reclined. Many zero gravity chairs use a lever or latch to lock the seat back, but some models have frequent complaints ​about the functionality of these locks.

Don’t settle for standard seating options. Choose from one of these top zero gravity chairs to feel like you’re floating, whether you’re at the beach or in your own backyard.

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    Best Overall: Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

    For a zero gravity chair that will have anyone and everyone reclining in weightless comfort, the Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is our top choice.

    The Timber Ridge XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair has the features and functionality that people love in a patio recliner. The chair has a padded seat and back suspended by elastic bungees, plus an adjustable pillow. It is so comfortable that some people have thought about using it inside the house and others have plans to give it as a gift to family and friends that have tried it and loved it too.

    What really sets this chair apart is the solid construction and the fact that it is 72 inches long when fully extended, plus it can support up to 350 pounds. This makes it the ideal zero gravity chair for anyone—even people that are taller or need a wider seat. With wood-look finished arms and sturdy metal construction, it can last a long time with the right care and protection from the elements. This is one of the most highly-rated zero gravity chairs and it's not hard to see why. 

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    Best Budget: GOplus Folding Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

    You don’t have to spend a small fortune to get the feeling of weightlessness, thanks to this budget-friendly zero gravity chair from Goplus.

    The Goplus Folding Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is an economical choice that still gives you the freedom to elevate your legs and recline the seat back. This zero gravity chair has Textilene mesh for the seating surface and a combination of aluminum and steel tubing for the frame. It’s available in a number of different colors and will cost you far less than the competition.

    People are generally happy with the performance of this budget zero gravity chair, but one common complaint is that it doesn’t recline quite as far as some other models of patio recliners. But if you’re not insistent on needing to lay perfectly flat and you plan to keep this chair out of the elements.

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    Best with Canopy: Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray

    Stay out of the sun with a zero gravity chair that also features a canopy. A popular pick is the Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray, available in an array of colors.

    Sit back in this chair and put your feet up while enjoying the shade from your personal canopy. The canopy can either be extended over the chair or folded back out of the way if you’re looking to catch some rays. A side table will hold your drink, though some people warn that the plastic table can warp in direct sunlight and high heat. The chair is also equipped with a side pocket where you can stash your phone or book. This is a nice plus for a chair that is typically slim on storage features.

    Another perk of this reclining patio lounger with sunshade is the fact that it is available in either a 26-inch wide seat or a 31-inch wide seat. Order the slimmer seat if your seating space is limited and the wider version to accommodate frames of all sizes or if you want a little extra wiggle room. Either way, this mid-priced zero gravity chair with canopy will offer you plenty of shade as you relax on sunny afternoons.

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    Best for Camping: LL Bean Camp Comfort Recliner

    LL B

    Courtesy of LL Bean

    Roughing it on a camping trip doesn’t mean you have to give up all the comforts of home. Bring along the LL Bean Camp Comfort Recliner and you’ll have the best seat at the campfire, thanks to this rugged yet comfy zero gravity chair.

    Known for producing outdoor goods that stand up to a variety of weather and use conditions, LL Bean’s take on the zero gravity chair doesn’t disappoint. The Camp Comfort Recliner is made of a super lightweight yet durable 600-denier polyester that resists tearing combined with a breathable nylon mesh. A single drink holder on the side of the chair is a thoughtful addition for a chair that will most likely be used in sparse outdoor settings.

    People that have used this zero gravity chair for camping praise it for its ability to stand up to all sorts of weather—one user even found that under high winds and rain, the chair didn’t blow away. This is good to know in case you accidentally leave the chairs out around your campsite and a storm kicks up. The only major drawback frequently mentioned is the weight of the chair. At 18 pounds and 7 ounces, it is on par with many other models of zero gravity chairs but it can feel a bit heavy if you’re frequently hauling it around. The stability and comfort though outshine the chair’s weight and make it a worthy addition to your camping gear.

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    Best Padded: PHI VILLA XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

    If cushion and comfort are high on your list of must-haves in a zero gravity chair, choose a padded version like the PHI VILLA XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair.

    While most zero gravity chairs are made of a thin mesh that is big on breathability but short on cushion the PHI VILLA takes comfort into consideration. Instead of using the familiar mesh, these padded zero gravity chairs are made with a softer material that offers ventilation combined with comfort. The result is a padded seat and back that will give you a soft surface to sit and recline on.

    People that have added these padded zero gravity chairs to their patio furniture remark that these chairs offer a big upgrade in terms of looks and comfort. As a plus, the PHI VILLA XL Zero Gravity Lounge Chair is available in a variety of color choices. One thing to note is that even though this is described as an oversized zero gravity chair, it may not be the best choice for taller individuals. At only 65 inches long, some users that border on 6-feet or taller felt it was a bit short to be ideal. There are other longer zero gravity chairs that are a better fit for taller people. Still, the cushion and extra seat width of this padded zero gravity lounge chair make it a premium choice.

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    Best for the Beach: Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair

    Bring your zero gravity chair anywhere—including the beach—with a lightweight, ultra-portable version. This model from Sunjoy is our top choice for a zero-gravity beach chair.

    When you are transporting all your gear to the beach, you want to keep the load as light as possible. The Sunjoy Zero Gravity Chair weighs 15 pounds. While this is a bit more than your standard beach chair, it shaves a few pounds off the weight of the average zero gravity chair. With a nearly flat-folding mechanism, the chair is relatively easy to carry and transport.

    Once you’re set up on the sandy shore reclining in a feeling of weightlessness, you will understand the value of a zero gravity beach chair. This model has a Textilene mesh that doesn’t retain heat or stick to your skin—making it a good choice for hot, sunny days at the beach. A few people complained about the locks failing to keep the chair in a reclined position, while others found it to be perfectly functional. Still, this affordable zero gravity chair is a good choice for beachgoers and backyard sunbathers alike.

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    Best Set: Best Choice Products Set of 2 Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs

    Share your favorite seating with a friend when you get a pair of zero gravity chairs. The Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs come in a matching set of two that make the perfect choice for your patio, pool deck, or front porch.

    These chairs have been a popular pick for people looking to buy a set of zero gravity chairs and they come in a variety of matching colors. The mesh fabric is UV-resistant and the chair is also outfitted with a plastic accessory tray and an adjustable pillow.

    Both you and a friend will enjoy sitting in these zero gravity chairs and sliding the chair back to it’s reclining position. Carry on a conversation without feeling guilty that you’re the only one enjoying a feeling of weightlessness in your zero gravity chair! The Best Choice Products set of zero gravity chairs are an affordable find, and two chairs cost less than the single price of some other models. While some people found this to mean inconsistencies in quality or materials, most people have been satisfied with the chair's performance for typical use.

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    Best Orbital Design: Deherrera Folding Zero Gravity Chair


    Courtesy of Wayfair

    If you’re looking for something different when it comes to zero gravity chairs, check out an orbital version—like the Deherrera Folding Zero Gravity Chair.

    This orbital zero gravity chair has a neat design that will look great and spark conversation. With two large circular supports, the chair seems suspended in the middle and lifts your legs while supporting your back. While it may look like the perfect spot to also rock back and forth, it should be noted that this chair isn’t necessarily designed for rocking. It also isn’t adjustable, like other versions of zero gravity chairs. Still, users find it to be extremely comfortable and easy to get in and out of.

    People love the look of this zero gravity chair. Instead of looking like a piece of camping equipment, this patio recliner has a sophisticated look and a slightly modern design that will accent the look of any outdoor space. It can even be used inside if you want a zero gravity recliner for indoor use.

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    Best for Back Pain: Lafuma Futura Air Comfort Chair


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    Ease back pain with this well-made and ultra-comfortable zero gravity chair from Lafuma. The Futura Air Comfort Chair is our favorite choice for a zero gravity chair for back pain or for anyone looking for a high-end patio recliner.

    This zero gravity chair is made by Lafuma, a French company known for manufacturing high-quality outdoor gear and patio furniture. The chair features a thick padded seat cushion that people find soothes back pain and is comfortable for both sitting and sleeping. The aesthetics of this chair make it suitable as either an outdoor or indoor zero gravity chair and people have used it both ways.

    Instead of the usual bungee elastics to hold the seat in place, the Futura Air Comfort Chair uses elastic clips that are sturdy and hold tight. These chairs are more expensive than other versions of zero gravity chairs, but people say they’re a worthwhile upgrade over the $50 models that need frequent replacement. Whether you have mild back soreness or a chronic condition or damage to the spine, this zero gravity chair for back pain can help to give you a comfortable spot to sit and relax.