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Sandwich Maker Recipes

Panini in Sandwich Press
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The sandwich maker; many of us received one as a wedding gift, or for our dorm rooms in college. Perhaps you even have one sitting in a dark corner of your kitchen, silently collecting dust. Well, it's time to dust it off and start using it again.

The sandwich maker can be a great time and money saver. And it makes fast and easy after-school snacks for your kids. Recently, our forum members shared some different and delicious recipe ideas for this versatile appliance.

Forum Favorites

"My personal favorite is spaghetti sandwiches. I butter the bread with garlic butter and fill it with leftover spaghetti." - Fancy

"I have two actually, favorites that is, one is filling them with chili and cheese! The other is taco meat, cheese and salsa! My girls like to take them and fill them with applesauce and cinnamon. They are good!" - Kim

"I put on pizza sauce, pizza topping and cheese." - Kelpie

"My oldest made sloppy joes. I made a pocket out of it with cheese." - Kim

"I did egg, cheese, and ham this morning." - Fancy

"We also mix up pancake batter, fill the wells halfway, then stick in a ready cooked sausage link. Then put a little more batter on top. The kids like to dip these in syrup." - Fancy

"My sister has one, and I need to get one. But we love to make mini pizzas with them. Butter the bread of course, use a little pizza sauce on both sides, fill it with whatever toppings you like, let them cook then eat them up!!

Yum Yum. Or we would make mini desserts. Butter bread, fill it with whatever kind of pie filling you like, add marshmallows if you like, cook, then eat." - April

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