Beyond White: Bold Bedroom Walls

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    Using Bold Color on Your Bedroom Walls

    Bedroom with Red Walls
    Red Walls. Photo via Red River Interiors

    When it comes to your bedroom walls, you’ll never go wrong with creamy white, beige, soft tones of blue, green, yellow or brown, or other neutrals. But if your personality cries out for a little more color, or you’re just plain bored of playing it safe, consider trying walls in a color so bold, it makes a statement as soon as you enter the room.

    Deep Red

    This deep red is eye catching, no denying it. Yet the rest of the room stays neutral in black, gray, white, and a bit of distressed brown on the doors. With simple lines, subdued patterns and a lack of froufrou accessories, the room is feminine, yet has masculine appeal, as well. The style combines country and contemporary elements in a pleasingly modern, relaxed and sophisticated way.

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    Dark Brown

    Bedroom with dark brown walls.
    Brown Walls. Jade via MorgueFile

    The deep brown feels formal and contemporary, but the blue and white bedding and furniture keeps the look fresh, not stuffy. When you choose a color as dark as this, use light, cheerful bedding and accessories so your room doesn’t take on a cave-like vibe. A little bit country, a little bit coastal, this is a room that would appeal to both men and women.

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    Sky Blue

    Bright blue walls in bedroom.
    Sky Blue Walls. Jade via MorgueFile

    As cheerful as a spring day, this intensely bright sky blue is relaxed, happy and perfectly at home in a country, coastal, shabby chic or tropically styled room. In this bedroom, the white bedding, wicker headboard and chair, and matched, simple artwork on the walls keep things airy and light.

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    Colorful bedroom with purple walls.
    Purple Walls. photo credit: ooh_food via photopin cc
    • This is definitely not a look for the shy or subdued. Purple demands attention, especially a shade that borders on fuchsia as in this bedroom. The bright artwork, upholstered headboard, ornate mirror and many accessories tell you in no uncertain terms that this is a girly-girl’s bedroom. If you like the color, but prefer a simpler look, stick with simple furniture in solid, neutral tones.
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    Orange. Photo via Painters Place Blog

    The deep, pumpkin orange is feminine and sophisticated, but not at all cloying or overly sweet. White bedding, furniture and trim gives plenty of contrast, yet the simple palette keeps the overall feel very tranquil and elegant. The white chandelier is a fun touch.

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    Sophisticated gray bedroom.
    Photo courtesy of Maria Killam

    Deep, silvery gray is very sophisticated and contemporary. It’s a wonderful look for a man’s or teen boy’s room when combined with white or neutrals; or go feminine with white, brights or even a touch of pastels.

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    Bedroom with yellow walls.
    Yellow Walls. Photo from FancyCribs

    Bright yellow is cheerful and innocent, the perfect color for a happy, yet relaxed decorating style like the country look shown here. The white bedding and carpet keep the look clean and fresh, instead of overwhelming. Yellow works well in a bedroom that doesn’t receive much natural light, fooling the eye into thinking the room is lighter than it really is.

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    Pink master bedroom.
    Pink Walls. Photo via Switcheroom

    Nothing says “girl” like pink, but that doesn’t mean pink walls have to be saccharine sweet, and it certainly doesn't mean pink can't work in a master bedroom as well. Take a look at the way this bedroom combines pretty pink walls with sophisticated furnishings and bedding in white, red and black, creating an overall vibe that is sophisticated, strong and feminine -- yet not at all little-girly.

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    Romantic green bedroom.
    Green Walls. Photo via Pure Home

    This bedroom is romantic; with a touch of the tropics, the Mediterranean and the country all combined into one tranquil, contemporary and fresh space. The walls are intense, but not overly bright. By keeping the palette confined to various shades of green and white, the room stays calm, yet full of interest.