Biedermeier Wedding Bouquet

Biedermeier Wedding Bouquet
Pete Ark/Moment/Getty Images

Named after a German style of interior decorating, the Biedermeier (Bee-der-my-er) wedding bouquet is a round bouquet that features flowers of different colors and/or types arranged in concentric rings, with one flower type or color in each layer. The style became popular in Europe in the 1800’s, and it continues to be a traditional choice for formal weddings today.

Bridal and Bridesmaid Bouquets

This flower arrangement typically used in bridal bouquets, although the florist can create smaller, two-layered versions for the bridesmaids. The Biedermeier style also translates well into large wedding reception centerpieces, which can grow to any diameter or height to suit large spaces.

Florists can create the tight circles characteristic of the Biedermeier style from the center outward, placing the flowers in a bouquet holder with a foam cage for structure. Your florist may disguise the plastic handle of the bouquet holder using ribbon streamers. A hand-tied Biedermeier bouquet is also possible, using long-stemmed flowers of choice.