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Big Green Egg Cookbook
Big Green Egg Cookbook. Big Green Egg

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Yes, this book was designed, written, and published as a promotional item for the popular ceramic smoker/grill, the Big Green Egg. The best place to find it is at a Big Green Egg retailer. The book is filled not only with recipes (160 of them), but with instructions, tips, and best practices for use of the Big Green Egg. While most of the recipes will work on most any grill, many are engineered for specific accessories for this grill.

So, why bother reviewing it? Because this really is a good cookbook. The recipes run the gamut of what you can grill and the instructions are extremely detailed. It is a good cookbook.

Relentlessly Self Promoting

From the recipes to the pictures, from the instructions to the very cover this is a Big Green Egg book. It is branded start to finish so you will never forget which grill this book was specifically written for. The 25 pages of grill instructions at the beginning of the book are the best Big Green Egg instruction manual I have seen. There is a definition of EGGhead (fans of the Big Green Egg), references to the online forum where EGGheads converse, and an enticement to attend EGGfests where EGGheads gather. This book is obviously a work of love for the people behind the Big Green Egg and the success that product has garnered. But aside from the self-promoting thing this book is, it really is a good cookbook, filled with great recipes, and practical advice.

While some of the references are hard to adapt to a grill other than a ceramic one, most of the recipes can be made on any grill (substitute grill for EGG and you'll be fine).

Good for All Ceramic Cookers

There are many ceramic cookers on the market these days and it seems like more companies are popping up with these all the time.

However, since most all of these cookers are built on the same ideas and intellectually inspired by the same idea (Japanese rice steamers originally) this book seamlessly covers all the different brands out there. For the ceramic cooker chef this really is a must have book and I wholeheartedly recommend it to those of you out there. It is also a good book for use with any charcoal grill. Certain adjustments would have to be made but if you have a charcoal grill this is one of the better charcoal grilling cookbooks out there. For those of you working with gas, the recipes are adaptable, the instructions not so much.

For Fans, from Fans

Every October fans gather at the Big Green Egg headquarters outside Atlanta, GA for the annual EGGtoberfest. Here hundreds of cooks prepared their most imaginative dishes to give away to thousands of fans of the Big Green Egg. Few companies can boast this level of enthusiasm (or maybe fanaticism). This book really is inspired by those fans and contains many of the recipes that they have developed for their favorite grill. This means that these recipes have been bouncing around online and in the personal cookbooks of thousands of dedicated outdoor cooks for years.

Now, compiled into one 320 page volume, this book is both practical and versatile. From grilled Bananas Foster to Chutney-Glazed Beef Brisket this book is much more than the typical grilling cookbook. There are some truly unique recipes here because they were created by people to prove the versatility of this grill. Few cookbooks are a product of the kind of love that this one is.

Warning: Pricey

If you casually pick up this book you are due for some sticker shock. This cookbook lists at $50USD and because of the limited distribution you probably won't be able to find a deal on it. I suggest dropping by a store that sells Big Green Egg's and accessories (called EGGcessories). They might be able to cut you a deal (or arrange financing).

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