Big Green Egg Prices

Models and Pricing for the Popular Egg-Shaped Kamado-Style Grill and Smoker

Big Green Egg - Large
Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is a popular outdoor ceramic kamado-style charcoal grill. It gets its name from its signature appearance. It's big, it's green, and it's shaped like an egg. But you can buy one in several sizes, at a wide range of price points. These grills can achieve high temperatures due to the focused heat of the ceramic shell but can also hold low temperatures to use as a smoker.

You can't buy Big Green Egg grills online or directly from the manufacturer.

They are sold by authorized dealers only. Use their search for authorized dealers to find one near you. This makes it hard to compare prices you may see from third parties with the manufacturer's suggested retail price. In fact, if you buy a Big Green Egg online or from an unauthorized dealer, it will void any warranty claim.

Big Green Egg Prices

Note that the prices and packages may vary. All of the grills are sold with a basic metal nest on casters, cast iron top vent, and ceramic vent lid. These are a sample of observed manufacturer's suggested retail prices for these models.

  • Big Green EGG XXL 29-Inch - $3,999.00. This is a limited edition grill with limited availability. It can cook enough for the whole family reunion. It's big enough to roast a suckling pig or three dozen hamburgers at once.
  • Big Green Egg XL 24-Inch - $1,199.00. If you need to roast two turkeys at once, this is the grill for you. Or, put on two dozen burgers or 12 steaks at once.
  • Big Green Egg Large 18 1/4-Inch - $849.00. This is the most popular size, suitable for most family and party grilling needs. You can cook a whole turkey or a dozen burgers at a time.
  • Big Green Egg Medium 15-Inch - $659.00. If you cook for a smaller family or gathering, this grill might be just the right size. It's still big enough for their convection converter, the convEGGtor, and for their pizza and baking stone. You can cook six burgers or four steaks at a time, or a smaller turkey.
  • Big Green Egg Small 13-Inch - $559.00. If you have only a balcony or small patio, this small egg is still big enough for a chicken or four burgers at a time.
  • Big Green Egg Mini Max 13-Inch - $599.00. This grill is portable and made for camping or tailgating. It comes with an easy-to-grip carrier. It has the same cooking capacity as the Big Green Egg Small. While it may be portable, it weighs 90 pounds, so you may want to take that into consideration. It is only 19.6 inches high.
  • Big Green Egg Mini  10-Inch - $399.00. The mini is also touted as a grill for a small apartment patio or balcony or for taking along camping or on a picnic. It weighs 36 pounds, which makes it much easier to carry than the Mini Max. However, you will only have grill space for a couple of items, basically as much as you could fit into a frying pan.

Now that you see the approximate pricing for the different models, you can begin to compare them with other kamado style grills. Big Green Egg grill's rate well against other kamado grills and are among the best on the market.