Feng Shui of a Big Tree in Front of the House

big tree in front of a house
Heinz Wohner/Getty Images

Mature trees can be excellent for your property value, but they're not always right in terms of feng shui. Whether a big tree in front of your house is good or bad feng shui depends on where it is in relation to the house. Is the tree right in line with your front door? Or is it more to the left or right side of the house? Also, how close is it to the house? Noting the tree's exact location is the first step in determining its effect on your home's feng shui.

How a Tree Can Impact Feng Shui

In general, you do not want a big tree too close to the house. Not only is this a feng shui concern, but it's also just good building sense. When you give enough breathing room both to the house and the tree, you promote good feng shui energy and a safe home environment removed from the risk of falling branches.

If the tree is blocking the sightline to the front door, this is considered challenging feng shui. It is through the front door that the house absorbs chi, or energy nourishment, and having an obstruction in front of the door can impede that energy flow. This setup might eventually reflect in bad personal feng shui energy for those living in the house.

On the other hand, when the tree is to the left of the front door (as you look out from inside the house), this can create auspicious feng shui dragon energy. This is especially true if the tree is tall and lush with a powerful presence.

But if the tree is to the right of the front door (when looking out from inside)—or if it creates a considerable height difference compared to what is on the left side—this might create a slightly unbalanced energy in the house. This can mean a house where the yang/masculine energies are weaker than the yin/feminine energies, which can cause conflict among people living in the home.

Feng Shui Cures

Any feng shui cures you employ will depend on the tree's location. If the tree is right in front of the main door, you will have to do your best to create a very strong feng shui front door. You also should use some protective feng shui cures, such as a tortoise symbol, outside the door.

If the tree is to the right of the door as viewed from inside the house, consider planting a taller tree on the left side to create a more balanced energy for the house. In feng shui, it promotes more harmony when a tree on the left side is a bit taller than one on the right side.

In any case, you will have to take good care of the tree. Remove any dead or dying foliage, as that can drain energy from a home. And if necessary, trim some branches to be sure they don't create sha chi, or feng shui attacking energy, directed at your house. This bad energy can occur when something sharp, such as a bare tree branch, points toward your door or windows.

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