Bill Lewis

Bill learned how to work with lighting by doing it, and by watching and listening to others. He's convinced that you can too.


Bill spent twelve years designing, installing and operating stage lighting systems, and another fifteen years working as a professional electrician. Over the years, his passion has remained in installing, replacing and repairing lighting fixtures and the systems that power and control them, on a DIY basis and for others.


Bill holds degrees in Biology, Geology and Regional Planning.

Bill Lewis

I've worked for large and small electrical companies and theaters over the years, and it was always the lighting that drew me in. I've also written for Fine Homebuilding and for, as the Guide to Home Repair, edited articles for Liberation News Service, and written technical and planning reports for the Metropolitan Planning Commission.

If you're new to lighting, don't worry. I was too when I started. I went on to do this work professionally, and what I've learned is here for you to use. Improving the lighting you live with can be fun to do, and it can reward you with a brighter, more comfortable home. Doing the work yourself can save you a bit of money, and choosing and designing what you want, and making that happen, can be the best reward of all.

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