Binchotan: Ancient Japanese Tech Is the Latest Thing for Cleaning Your Home

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    Binchotan: Ancient Japanese Tech Is The Latest Thing For Cleaning Your Home

    When it comes to cleaning your home, there's never any shortage of products to choose from. But, as eco-friendly becomes the watchword for every product that comes into the home, it's getting harder to determine if a product actually works, or if it's as natural or organic as the label implies. Everyone's claiming to have the latest technology for not doing to us whatever the previous latest technology did, but what about the methods of the past? Many older technologies relied...MORE exclusively on natural materials without harming the environment or the people who used them. And now, one centuries-old method has gotten a stylish, modern update and could be headed for a kitchen, bathroom or car near you.

    Binchotan (Japanese oak) charcoal is the highest grade of charcoal and has been used in Japan for many years to purify both the water and the air. The charcoal itself is incredibly porous and naturally absorbs impurities. Products infused with this charcoal have both antimicrobial and anti-odor qualities, making them an effective, all-natural solution to cleaning, with a wide range of applications in every room of your home.

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    Charcoal Kitchen Textiles

    In the kitchen, charcoal-infused dishcloths and tea towels are a practical, money-saving alternative to traditional kitchen textiles. Nawrap, a Japanese textile company, offers a line of fabrics infused with binchotan charcoal. With the charcoal inserted into the fibers, the dishcloths and tea towels become naturally antibacterial which means no more of that used up dish towel smell. The Nawrap line also features a rare weaving style that is unique to Japan. By increasing the strength and...MORE durability of the fabrics, this weave offers a much longer-lasting kitchen aide that is all natural and odor free.

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    Charcoal Bath Mats

    Now when it comes to home goods that fight bacteria and resist odors, there's probably no better place to have them than in the bathroom. And whether you rent, buy or stay with friends, we all know that a bath mat, while an absolute must, is one of the hardest things to keep clean and in good condition. To help combat this problem, Nawrap offers a charcoal-infused mat alternative, made with absolutely no dyes or chemicals. Naturally antimicrobial and anti-odor, these mats won't need to...MORE suffer the wear and tear of constant washing. Just like in the kitchen, the multi-layer weave of the mats works to increase their durability and water absorbency, while the infusion of binchotan charcoal will help keep your bathroom smelling fresh and odor free.

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    Charcoal Air Freshener

    Between exhaust-spewing cars, trucks and factories on the outside, and off-gassing paints, wallpapers and mattresses on the inside, air quality is a constant consideration in today's homes. But why spend money on expensive filters or greenhouses full of exotic plants when this cute little guy can do the trick? Charcoal air fresheners like this interesting piece from Canadian company, IPPINKA, don’t have a noticeable scent, but they work to absorb and remove unwanted odors and impurities from...MORE the air. Made from bamboo, charcoal and clay, these units are all-natural and can last up to a year, needing only a few hours of direct sunlight once a month to recharge. Best of all, they're small enough to fit unobtrusively on your desk or washing machine, or even in your refrigerator or car.

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    Charcoal Water Purifying Sticks

    Sometimes the best place for an infusion of charcoal isn't your textiles or the air - it's your water. Using charcoal sticks in your personal-sized water bottles, or larger water pitchers is a great way to remove impurities from the water that you drink every day. These IPPINKA charcoal sticks are made entirely from binchotan charcoal which has been used to purify water in Japan for centuries. One 6 inch stick can purify up to two liters of water and is able to do its job for months. So...MORE skip the fancy bottles and (constantly) renewable pitcher filters and try something new - by doing things the old fashioned way.