Biowashball No Detergent Laundry Ball Product Review

biowash ball
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The Biowashball is offered as an alternative to the familiar liquid, powder and singe dose laundry detergents.  It is designed to last for 1000 washes of nine pound laundry loads, but can only be used once per day.

What's Good About The Biowashball

  • Convenient and simple to use.
  • Hypo-allergenic - no chemicals or perfumes.

What's Not So Good About The Biowashball

  • Does not perform well in low-water usage washers.

Description of The Biowashball

  • Plastic sphere containing natural ceramic beads for cleaning.
  • Effective for 9 pound loads of laundry. Must use second ball for larger loads.
  • Lasts for 1000 washes at nine pounds of laundry per load.
  • Solar rechargable, can only be used once per day.
  • Many copycat laundry balls, but The Biowashball was the original offering on the market.

Biowashball No Detergent Laundry Ball

The Biowashball® laundry ball was developed in Switzerland and carries the Swiss Pharmacode 3769669 label. It stakes a claim as the original washing ball used as a replacement for laundry detergent. According to their website, the Biowashball® contains microballs which are made from a proprietary blend of ceramics and minerals which, when combined, allows the Biowashball® to effectively clean clothes.

The minerals aid in breaking down organic matter that stains clothes. The ceramics help break tension on the water surface so the water can penetrate the fabric fibers and flush away the organic matter.

The ceramics emits negative ions into the water which attach to the dirt particles which is a positive ion.

This then get washed out during the washing process of the washing machine. Therefore this water can be recycled and is beneficial to our gardens and soil.

The ceramics emit negative ions to attract dirt molecules which are flushed away. The ball alters the pH balance of the water and aids in the agitation action of the washer to complete the cleaning process.

The Biowashball is can be used in cold or warm water but is not recommended for hot water and will clean up to nine pounds of laundry. For larger loads and machines, use two balls. Do not place in the dryer. The ball must be placed in the sun for one hour every month to regenerate the ceramic interior balls. The lifespan is 1,000 washes based on a nine pound load of laundry.

Product Review And Laundry Recommendations for The Biowashball

I tested the ball on several loads of laundry following the enclosed instructions with mixed success. For clothing that had been lightly worn and had no stains, the clothes did come out looking clean, smelling fresh and soft. However, for the next load of clothes that I had been wearing for gardening, the soil was not removed. It was then I went to the website to find that Biowashball does not remove stains; a separate stain remover must be used first.

It was on the website that I also found these instructions that were not included in the box:

  • The Biowashball® is most effective in higher water volumes. If not using a top-loader washing machine, select cycles for extra water.
  • Prior to first use, due to the duration that the Biowashball® may have been in its box, place the Biowashball® in the sun for 2 hours. This will ensure its full efficacy.
  • In order to keep the Biowashball® at peak cleaning efficiency, it is recommended to use it only once per day. This gives the microspheres time to recharge.

Once I read the additional information on the website, I find several issues that give me pause. I don't do one load of wash per day and the use of extra water negates the environmental benefits of not using detergent.

Cleaning clothes is usually achieved by combining mechanical action (washing machine or hand washing), thermal energy (water temperature) and chemical components (water, detergent).

The Biowashball is relying on water as the only chemical component. In my opinion, you will get the same level of cleaning results by simply using plain water in your washer.

If you are happy using plain water for laundry, then consider your own laundry routines before you purchase this product, .

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer. For more information, please see our Ethics Policy.