Birthday Gift Thank You Note Samples

Envelope with text Thank You
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Did you recently celebrate your birthday with cake, gifts, and lots of love from family and friends? First of all, happy birthday to you! Now it's time to sit down and write some thank you notes. Don't cringe. It's not that hard as long as you include a few basic things.

Importance of a Thank You Note

Those who gave you birthday gifts spent time looking for just the right thing to make sure you had a wonderful special day that you'll be able to remember. The least you can do is jot a thank you note to show how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness. But don't just write any old thing just to say you did it.

Think Before You Write

Spend a little time thinking about what the gift means to you and how you'll use it or enjoy it. Don't leave out family members or close friends just because you see them often; they deserve your gratitude as much as anyone else. Even if the present wasn't something you would ever use, you need to be thankful the person gave you something, so send a nice note for a gift you don't like simply because it's the right thing to do.

Before writing thank you notes for your birthday gifts, make sure you know what each person sent. You don’t want to thank someone for a paisley scarf when she gave you a rose enamel necklace.

Remember Who Gave What

Here are some ways to keep track of who gave each gift:

  • Place the attached card inside the box or bag with the gift immediately after you open it.
  • Jot down the name and item as you open the gifts so you won't forget who gave you what.
  • If you are opening your gifts in front of a large group at a party, have someone else write the names and items.

Thank You Note Examples

Even if the gift isn't a tangible item, you should still thank the person. One of the best birthday gifts someone can offer if you're a new mom is a few hours of babysitting or an afternoon at a spa. A great gift from a neighbor would be to have your lawn mowed or shrubs trimmed. 

Here are some birthday thank you note examples for tangible gifts:
Dear Bridget,
Thank you for the beautiful hand-painted scarf. As soon as I opened the box, I thought of how perfect it would look with my navy suit and yellow silk blouse. Maybe I’ll wear it when I see you at the class reunion next summer.

Dear Joan,
Thank you for such a delightful spa package. You couldn’t have given me a better birthday gift. I plan to use it to relax after I finish reconciling the financials in all my quarterly reports. It will be so relaxing and a great way to get my mind off of business! I can’t wait to see you again.
Friends always,


Dear Jack,
Thank you for the golf glove, balls, and tees. If the weather holds up, let's plan to meet at the course soon. Maybe with all my new golf accessories I'll be able to shoot closer to par.
Your buddy,


Dear Myra,
Thank you for the basket of goodies you gave me for my birthday. I'll enjoy the mug every single morning as I drink my coffee, and the chocolate truffles will give me that quick afternoon lift I need. Let's get together soon so we can catch up on all the latest.
Always pals,

Here are some birthday thank you note examples for intangible gifts:
Dear Susan,
Thanks to your and your kindness, I had one of the best birthdays ever! That morning out with the girls was just what I needed to relax and just have fun. Let's not wait until the next birthday before getting together again for lunch or coffee. Give me a call when you have a free morning or afternoon.


Dear Matthew,
Thanks for washing my car on my birthday. You saved me a trip to the car wash, and you did a much better job that those machines could ever do. Please give your parents my best. Next time I see them, I'll let them know what a kind and thoughtful young man you are. I'm sure they're proud of you.
Your neighbor,