Birthday Party Venues for Kids

From unique to tried-and-true, consider these birthday party places for kids

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Thinking about birthday party venues for an upcoming celebration? Many families opt to host birthday parties at outside facilities either because they don’t have enough space at home or they like the ease of putting the party entertainment in the hands of a professional.

Most communities have at least a few basic birthday venues for kids' parties; whether your child wants to go bowling, eat pizza, bounce in an inflatable castle or compete with friends in a game of laser tag.

Below, you’ll find ideas for those tried-and-true birthday party places, as well as some party locations you might not have ever considered. You might even build your kid’s birthday theme around the venue if you find a spot that sparks your imagination.

FYI: Some venues below are repeated if they fit into more than one category.

Tried-and-True Birthday Party Venues

Almost every community has at least a few of these places available for kids’ birthday parties.

  • Inflatable play facilities (also known as bounce houses or trampoline parks).
  • Pizza parlors.
  • Bowling alleys.
  • Ice-skating rinks.
  • Roller-skating rinks.
  • Miniature golf courses (indoor and outdoor).
  • Laser-tag facilities.
  • Paint-ball facilities.
  • Arcades.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Zoos.
  • Ice cream parlors.
  • Build-A-Bear or similar make-and-take establishments.
  • Soft play gyms (such as My Gym or Gymboree).
  • Paint-your-own pottery facilities.
  • Art studios.
  • Fire stations.

Budget Birthday Venues

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money--or any money at all--to book a space, consider these budget-friendly party places.

  • Public parks.
  • Beaches.
  • Forests (perfect for a Robin Hood, fairy or woodland theme).
  • Campgrounds.
  • Public gardens (host a garden, bug or fairy party).
  • School gyms or classrooms (throw a sports- or school-themed party).
  • School tracks.
  • Community centers.
  • Church recreation halls.
  • Libraries.

Back to Nature

Get in touch with Mother Earth with a party that celebrates the outdoors.

These party places make it easy for kids to connect with nature.

  • Parks.
  • Forests.
  • Campgrounds.
  • Zoos.
  • Farms.
  • Horse ranches that offer riding lessons.
  • Public gardens.

For Creative Minds

Some birthday parties offer kids an opportunity to try a new skill or learn about the world around them. These are great venues for families that like to think outside the box.

  • Children’s museums.
  • Science centers.
  • Art galleries or museums.
  • Nature and history museums.
  • Aquariums.
  • Painting studios
  • Craft stores (many offer private classes for specific crafts).
  • Bakeries or restaurants (learn cake decorating or tour a professional kitchen).
  • Kids’ cooking class venues.
  • Candy or chocolate shops.
  • Ballet studios.
  • Music studio or classroom.
  • Tea houses that host tea parties.
  • Bead or jewelry-making stores.
  • Civic theaters.
  • Paint-your-own pottery facilities.
  • Educational farms (also called farm schools).

For Active Kids

Have a kid who wants to get everyone moving on his or her birthday? Choose a birthday party place that encourages physical fitness.

  • Ballet studios.
  • Other dance studios.
  • Gymnastics centers.
  • Karate facilities.
  • Tae-kwon-do facilities;
  • Tennis courts.
  • Indoor soccer fields.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Ice-skating rinks.
  • Roller-skating rinks.
  • Hockey rink.
  • Public-school gym or sports field (perhaps where teenage cheerleaders, football players or other athletes could teach them some skills to younger kids.
  • Yoga studios.
  • Go-kart facilities.
  • Fun buses or other transportable gyms.
  • Golf courses.
  • Skateboarding parks.
  • Batting cages.
  • Rock climbing gyms.

Seasonal Party Venues

Depending on the time of year when your child’s birthday falls, you might consider a birthday party venue that celebrates the season.

  • Beaches.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Water slide parks.
  • Parks.
  • Lakes.
  • Gardens.
  • Farms.
  • Pumpkin patches or corn mazes.
  • Amusement parks.
  • Ice-skating rinks.
  • Sledding hills.
  • Ski resorts or lodges.

Party Places for Older Kids

Bounce houses are a blast when you’re young, but teens and tweens might be looking for something more sophisticated. Oftentimes, they opt for an outing with a few close friends rather than a full-blown birthday party.

Whether your older kid wants a small affair or a big bash, consider these birthday party venue ideas.

  • Day spas/beauty salons.
  • Restaurants.
  • Movie theaters.
  • Malls.
  • Professional or semi-pro sporting events.
  • Concerts.
  • Coffee houses.
  • Karaoke facilities.
  • All-ages dance clubs.
  • Art studios.
  • Cooking-class facilities.

Over-the-Top Fun

If money’s no object, host a party at one of these upscale locations.

  • Mansions.
  • Historic homes.
  • Destination cities or attractions, such as Disneyland or New York City.
  • Boats that offer day cruises.
  • Hotels.
  • Dance clubs.

Your community might have businesses who have developed their own clever ideas for throwing birthday parties, such as s a pet store that throws puppy parties, where kids can pet and care for dogs, for example.

You might also find professionals who don’t normally host parties but are willing to organize something for you on the side, such as school art teachers, crafting experts, ballet instructors or college athletes.

Start by talking with your birthday boy or girl about their interests, and brainstorm the party-place possibilities from there.

Updated by Christine Gauvreau