Black & Decker 14 V Cordless Electric Drill Review

Black & Decker 14 V Cordless Drill Set
Black & Decker 14 V Cordless Drill Set. via Amazon

Why make home remodeling harder than it has to be? Buy a decent cordless electric drill right away, and "power" though those drilling, screwing, and auguring jobs with ease. Let's take a look at an old favorite, the Black & Decker 14.4 V Cordless Electric Drill.

14V:  Bare Minimum Power To Do Anything

Generally, you will find three types: 18 V, 14 V, and 9.6 V. And then, of course, there are a number of Black & Decker electric screwdrivers, which we will not bother with in this review (I am not certain why anyone bothers with these).

The voltage means screwing/drilling power and battery longevity. Many home renovators use cordless drills only for screwing - less juice required. They find that most cordless drills cannot handle honest-to-goodness drilling. And certainly not anything as strenuous as augering or drilling through metal.

9.6 V is too weak to do little more than driving in light screws. 18 V is powerful, but it's a big battery to handle. Even though the Black & Decker drills are well counter-balanced with their batteries, there is only so much you can do with a big power cell like that.

Torque Down For Better Control

Any of the three Black & Decker cordless drills have an adjustable torque (or clutch). This is far more handy than it seems at first: it allows you to "gear down" your drill, allowing you to turn screws without stripping the heads.

Perhaps this isn't so necessary with the 9.6 V model, but you will run into these issues with the 14.4 V and 18 V models.

Also, long gone are the days of keyed chucks - all models have keyless chucks.

Outdated Though Adequate Consumer-Grade Drill

Get more juice than you think you will use. If you're considering a cordless screwdriver, get a 9.6 V drill. If you're considering the 9.6 V drill, get the 14.4 V drill. You will soon outgrow whatever you think you should have. And batteries are not interchangable. So, if you buy the 14.4 V model, you are stuck with the 14.4 V model - that is, until you buy a new drill.

The Black & Decker cordless electric drill is what I like to call "the usual suspect." So many home remodelers bought one the first time around, before going on to buy a more pro-grade DeWalt. Given the attractive price point of the Black & Deckers, it's hard to go wrong. Even the top-line Black & Decker cordless drills come in at less than $100.