Black and White Bath Tile is So Old and So Right Now



No matter whether your taste leans toward ultra-modern or traditional, black and white tile is a timeless combination that works in just about any bathroom. But we're not merely talking about those black-and-white mosaic floor tiles so familiar to Victorians and contemporary homeowners alike. At the recent Coverings industry show in Las Vegas, tile manufacturers from all over the globe unveiled fresh and unexpected takes on black and white that incorporate amazing technology, bold shapes, and handcrafted artistry. 

The Dot to Dot design pictured above is a perfect example of this new black-and-white trend. Italian tile manufacturer Tagina takes a playful approach to the classic pairing with a collection of molded ceramic tiles in X, O and square shapes. Because each tile is installed separately, the possibilities are virtually unlimited. 

Here's an inside look at some additional black-and-white tile collections you'll see in the market later this year. 

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    Amazing High-Tech Printed Tiles

    Realonda's Bristol ceramic tiles
    Realonda Ceramica

    Spanish manufacturer Realonda is using 3-D ink-jet printing technology to create decorative ceramic glazed tiles with amazing texture and dimension, like the black-and-white Bristol field tiles shown here. 

    This black and white tile uses seemingly random patterns of white and black dots with a marble-like veining, which reduces the contrast and makes the whole look a little softer. We love the match with a shiny vanity and a decorated mirror, too!

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    Black and White Tiles With Metallic Accents

    Stylish black and white bathroom
    Ibero Ceramica

    Iberoceramica introduced its B&W collection, which includes tiles in matte finishes, dramatic crosshatch patterned tiles with chrome accents, and tiles printed with sophisticated black and white photo images. Pictured above is a bathroom featuring Iberoceramica's Bianco Brillo, Negro Brillo, Decor Botanica, and Moon Bianco tiles.​

    These tiles are perfect for stark decors like the one pictured here, or for something softer. Use a mix of white and photographic tiles for something more flexible; add colors (because everything fits with white!) with your towels, window coverings, or rugs.

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    Bold, Handcrafted Motifs

    From Walker Zanger's Sonja Collection
    Walker Zanger

    Walker Zanger's stunning Sonja tile collection updates age-old mosaic patterns with a bold graphic sensibility that's undeniably modern. The collection features a variety of motifs ranging from the geometrical to botanical. Each element is crafted one tiny piece of stone at a time by Tunisian artisans, whose traditions of mosaic craftsmanship have endured for hundreds of years.

    Their white is more of a creme, which softens the contrast and makes it easier to match with neutral colors like brown, beige, tan and mauve. The honed finish is matte and elegant with the eclectic beauty of hand-crafted items.

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    Childlike Scrawls

    Ornamenta's Tangle tile collection
    Ornamenta via DesignMilk

    Italian manufacturer Ornamenta introduced a ceramic tile collection called Tangle, a range of square tiles with bold black-and-white patterns that resemble hand-drawn doodles.

    The lines are not quite straight, the squares not quite full; this gives your space a handcrafted, hand-drawn look that's absolutely unique and avoids the mass-marketed look of most mosaic tiles.

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    Moroccan Inspiration

    From Ann Sack's Eastern Promise Collection
    Ann Sacks

    Celebrity designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard's Eastern Promise collection for Ann Sacks draws upon the traditional patterns of Moroccan tiles. These updated versions—also crafted in Morocco—replace the standard multicolored versions with a sophisticated new take in black, white, and grey. 

    You can use one tile all over, or mix and match the patterns for something vivacious and beautiful. The black and white patterns make these traditional Moroccan styles more suitable for lovers of modern design.

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    Trendy Yet Timeless

    Fireclay's Starburst contemporary tile

    California-based Fireclay specializes in tiles that are handcrafted from recycled content. Starburst is a new pattern with both contemporary and vintage features. These hand-painted tiles feature a classic pattern that makes a bold flooring statement or a stunning feature wall.

    Encourage sustainability and recycling, and make a bold design statement at the same time. These tiles are definitely not for the faint of heart; be ready to keep the rest of your decor mostly understated. Otherwise, you might overwhelm the eye with too many patterns or movement.

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    Geometrical Illusion

    grand harlequin black and white tile
    Cement Tile Shop

    Cement Tile Shop has a great variety of black and white tile. This tile, called Grand Harlequin, comes in black, white and gray for a mind-bending visual illusion that's perfect for smaller bathrooms. Bold and stylish, this tile is great for flooring or an accent wall, although you might want to go easy on it because of the geometrical illusion.

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    Chic Hex

    black and white hex tile
    New Ravenna Mosaics

    If bold isn't your thing, maybe this understated, chic hex pattern by New Ravenna Mosaics is more to your tastes. The honeycomb pattern is heightened by the black rings, making it fun and classy at the same time. It could easily work as a shower floor tile, an inset area, or even a bathroom backsplash.