30 Black and White Living Room Ideas That Are Anything But Boring

black and white sofa in living room

Forbes Masters

Black and white are classic colors for a reason: they'll always stand the test of time. If you're looking to design a black and white living room of your own, you'll definitely want to take a look at the 30 beautiful black and white living room ideas below. They prove that this color combination can be styled to appear modern, glam, transitional, eclectic—you name it.

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    Pair Black and White With Red

    black and white living room with red

    Gray Space Interiors

    Black and white look nice and sophisticated in this living room, but small touches of red add a welcome dose of vibrance, too. Keep in mind that just a bit of color will stand out in a black and white space; it doesn't take much to make an impact.

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    Use Gray as a Complement

    black, white, and gray living room

    Alvin Wayne

    Black and white are often paired with gray pieces, too, as is the case in this apartment living room. If you're not sure how to weave black and white into your space, consider purchasing abstract artwork featuring the two hues, like the piece above. If you're feeling crafty, you could even DIY your own masterpiece.

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    Add Some Touches of Gold

    black and white living room with gold

    Louis Duncan-He

    Black and white shine in this classy living room that is a music lover's paradise. Pops of gold add a touch of charm to the space, too.

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    Go for a Two-Tone Look

    black and white living room

    @henryreynoldsdesignco / Instagram

    Why not opt for a two tone look? The walls in this living room feature a mix of both black and white paint—it's the best of both worlds.

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    Paint Board and Batten Black

    black wall paneling

    @henryreynoldsdesignco / Instagram

    If you choose to install board and batten in your living room, consider painting it black for dramatic effect. This DIY adds so much architectural character to a home.

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    Keep Things Simple

    black and white minimalist room

    @kelliehobbsinteriors / Instagram

    More of a minimalist? Black and white is great for you, too. This simple living room features all of the essentials without being overpowering.

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    Hang a Black and White Photo Wall

    black and white photo wall

    Gray Space Interiors

    If you're inclined to hang up photos in the living room, consider printing them out in black and white and popping them into black frames with white matting to create your own museum worthy display. There's nothing like honoring favorite memories and always being surrounded by your loved ones.

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    Change Your TV Screensaver

    simple black and white room

    @dany.living / Instagram

    Set your television screensaver to a black and white image to add a bit of glamour to your living room. Who says that your practical pieces have to be eyesores?

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    Layer in Special Accessories

    layered living room

    @nickyshomediary / Instagram

    Layer, layer, layer. Adding in lots of different thoughtful accessories is what makes a house a home. Jazz up your living room with sculptural finds, florals, coffee table books, and more, all within a black and white color scheme.

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    Go for a Modern Look

    modern living room

    @home_with_candy_sky / Instagram

    If your decor style is modern, black and white is an excellent color combo to bring into your home. Source white painted ceramic pieces, plaster light fixtures, and black candlesticks to add a moody, contemporary touch to your space.

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    Embrace an Airy Feel

    sunny black and white living room

    @_myhomeinspo_ / Instagram

    Black and white living rooms can still feel light and airy. The sun shines into this mostly white space with a handful of black touches.

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    Paint the Fireplace

    black and white two tones walls

    @old_victorian_home / Instagram

    This Parisian-inspired living room sure is captivating and elegant. Consider painting your fireplace in a matte black so that it really pops.

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    Show Off Your Glam Side

    glam black and white living room

    @finders_keepers_home / Instagram

    Feeling glam? So is this living room. Black, white, and silver shine in this pretty living space, which is perfect for cozying up with a glass of bubbly.

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    Have Fun With Tile

    white living room with black accents

    @unconventionalblonde / Instagram

    Consider adding black and white peel and stick tile around your fireplace to bring more personality into your living room. There are many renter-friendly options on the market, too.

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    Don't Forget a Curio Cabinet

    transitional living room

    @smithericksondesigns / Instagram

    This transitional style living room features a majorly on-trend black curio cabinet. Pieces like these are wonderful for housing everything from ceramics to books to glassware and bar supplies.

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    Play With Pattern

    black accent wall

    @jaidemclaren / Instagram

    Bring on the zig zags. Throw pillows and blankets with black and white geometric prints are a simple way to embrace this timeless color pairing.

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    Experiment With an Accent Wall

    black and white and beige living room

    @leukwonen / Instagram

    When in doubt, paint an accent wall. If you're hesitant to opt into an all-black living room, you can always go bold with one wall. Hang up some pictures to create the perfect at-home gallery.

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    Say Yes to Art

    black and white word art

    @barbarasmith_art / Instagram

    Not feeling a gallery wall? Oversized black and white art is another option for the living room and will add instant visual interest to your space.

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    Incorporate Some Bouclé

    black and white with plants

    @mel_at_belle_heath / Instagram

    Bring on the bouclé! A white bouclé lounge chair or ottoman will look right at home in your black and white space while adding a welcome dose of texture as well.

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    Select Pretty Prints

    moody black and white living room

    @bymik_ / Instagram

    This living room also features black and white prints that command attention above the sofa. A couple of artful photos will add instant style to your space.

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    Or Leave the Walls Bare

    airy black and white living room

    @thebeddowspace / Instagram

    This living room features a fun combination of black and white while looking nice and cohesive. Keeping wall art to a minimum allows the paint colors to do the talking.

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    Unplug and Unwind

    black and white living room rug

    @design2mine / Instagram

    A white macrame wall hanging really stands out against this living room's black accent wall. This room is soothing and serene, with decor kept nice and simple.

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    Pepper Your Space With Texture

    black accent wall

    @lieblingsidee / Instagram

    Don't forget to add textural pieces into your black and white space. A knit pouf ottoman, some fresh flowers, live branches, and a tassel-trimmed blanket are just some examples of texture at play in this room.

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    Create a Cozy Haven

    black wall behind fireplace

    @plannergrrl727 / Instagram

    If you're renting and are unable to paint your actual fireplace, then simply tackle the wall behind it. We can only imagine how cozy this room is when the fire is crackling at night.

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    Don't Skimp on Your Rug

    black console and black and white rug

    Forbes Masters

    The right area rug can make a major impact in your space. Here, a black and white rug adds warmth and a touch of calm.

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    Reupholster Old Seating

    checkered side chairs

    Forbes Masters

    If you have some accent chairs that are no longer serving you, consider reupholstering them in the black and white fabric of your choice. How fun is this houndstooth print?

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    Design a Lounge-Like Space

    luxe black and white living room

    Forbes Masters

    A black leather sofa just oozes cool. Turn your living room into a party-ready lounge with a piece like this topped off with some punchy pillows and framed art.

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    Hang Plenty of Prints

    black and white sofa in living room

    Forbes Masters

    This spacious living room features many different uses of black and white. Don't be afraid to experiment with a variety of patterns within a given color scheme in your space.

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    Try a Pop of Blue

    black and white living room with blue fireplace

    Mary Patton Design

    Black and white pairs nicely with pops of leather and blue in this sunlit living room. If you're looking to add some additional colors into your space, these are no-brainers.

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    Keep It Casual

    black and white swirled chairs

    Mary Patton Design

    Ensure your space appears current by bringing in some contemporary fabric—we love anything with squiggly lines. Who says the living room has to be serious?