24 Inspiring Black and White Nurseries

Black, white, and boho nursery with dramatic wall hanging focal piece

ChanteFox / Instagram

Black and white nurseries have never been more popular—and with good reason! This incredibly versatile gender-neutral pairing lends itself to all styles and aesthetics, resulting in a chic and easy-to-update nursery that can take your kiddo from cradle to college. Opt for a bright, white contemporary space with dramatic contrast, or swing to the rich and moody side by upending the black-white balance. A simple monochrome palette also allows for visually stimulating pattern play, allowing you to mix and match traditional patterns with whimsical graphics and motifs. Craving a little color? A single punchy accent hue delivers satisfying results with far less commitment than a wall-to-wall paint job. The options are practically limitless!

Need a little inspiration? Whether your style is rustic and vintage, modern and playful, or Boho and glam, you’re certain to find something you'll love among these beautiful black and white nursery rooms. 

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    Dynamic Duo

    Modern, black and white twin room
    Style Me Pretty

    Featured on Style Me Pretty, this modern gender-neutral space for two keeps things roomy and chic with a well-executed monochrome palette.

    By limiting dark and weighty accents, such as the paint treatment and patterned rug, to the lower half of the room, the design maintains a bright and open feel, making the space feel larger. 

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    Modern and Moody

    Boho nursery with black accent wall

    Tealrybchuck / Instagram

    A black accent wall gives this cozy, texture-filled nursery found on Instagram a rich and moody vibe, anchoring the space and pulling the room's neutral accents together into one cohesive Boho-inspired design. 

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    Color-Punch Accents

    Modern graphic black and white nursery with colorful pops of Kelly Green
    Nothing Down About It

    Nothing adds zing to a black and white palette like a big, bold accent color. Pops of bright and cheery Kelly Green give the eye a place to rest in this graphic-rich black and white space featured on Nothing Down About It.

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    Black, White, and Boho

    Boho nursery with black and white palette

    J.VanGaalen / Instagram

    Black and white can definitely bring the drama, but this neutral duo also boasts a softer side.

    Natural woods and layers of texture give this beautifully Boho nursery from Instagram a bright and airy feel.

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    Chic and Girly

    Modern black, white, and gold nursery with graphic floral print
    Foxy Oxie

    A dramatic black and white flower-print mural gives this chic and sophisticated nursery from Foxy Oxie a distinctly feminine flair. Metallic gold and subtle blush accents only add to the space’s glam-girl charm.

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    Board and "Blacken"

    Black and white nursery with black board and batten accent wall

    AshWimmm / Instagram

    A traditional board and batten wall treatment gets a bold new look in this black and white nursery space spotted on Instagram.

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    Shiplap Swap

    Contemporary black and white nursery with black shiplap accent wall

    Kelliuniverse / Instagram

    Love the shiplap trend? A dark wash completely transforms the traditional farmhouse look, giving this gorgeous Instagram find a clean, modern appeal.

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    Mix and Match

    Black and white nursery with mix and match graphic pattern
    Sissy and Marley

    Pattern takes the lead in this charming and visually interesting nursery space from Sissy and Marley.  

    By limiting the room’s palette to black and white, the designer was able to mix and match an eclectic assortment of whimsical graphic patterns, using the common tie of color to unify the space.

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    Graphic Starscape

    Black and white nursery with graphic star accent wall
    Sissy and Marley

    In this adorable Nordic-inspired space,  Sissy and Marley use the same unifying principle to mix and match playful patterns. Notice that large-scale patterns are limited to one or two uses, allowing them to pull focus from the assortment of smaller patterned elements in the room.

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    Decal Delight

    Black and white nursery with graphic decal accent wall

    J.VanGaalen / Instagram

    Inexpensive and easy to install, vinyl decals can add pizazz to any design.

    These individually placed triangle decals make for a simple yet eye-catching feature wall in this chic gender-neutral nursery spotted on Instagram.

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    Graphic Charm

    Graphic decal dresser DIY in black and white nursery
    Boho Décor Chic

    Decals aren’t just for walls! Simple, affordable decals add graphic charm to a budget-friendly IKEA dresser in this beautiful, pattern-filled black and white space spotted on Boho Décor Chic.

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    Washi Tape Wall Decor

    Black and white nursery with washi cross accent wall
    Everything Emily

    Need an even more budget-friendly option? This darling graphic accent wall, created by Everything Emily, cost less than $10 to make using just two rolls of matte black washi tape. The simple cross design stays well enough but can also be easily removed, making it a perfect choice for renters or anyone with a decorating itch.

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    A Pop of Pattern

    Black and white nursery with wallpapered ceiling

    StyledByNinaJ / Instagram

    Bold black and white striped wallpaper creates a ceiling that pops, setting off the more subtle black accents in this soft white nursery spied on Instagram.

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    Modern Farmhouse Nursery

    Beautiful black and white farmhouse nursery
    Little Lovelies

    Whimsical pattern, rustic furnishings, and vintage accessories come together beautifully in this modern farmhouse nursery from Little Lovelies. The little-known secret behind this eclectic yet seemingly effortless design? Element grouping.

    Notice that each element, from the buffalo check pattern to the leather and rustic wood accents, is used at least two to three times. The simplicity of the space and the adherence to a simple monochromatic color scheme is also key, allowing the viewer’s subconscious to recognize the subtle ties between the space’s carefully curated elements.

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    Monochrome Glam

    Black and white nursery with paneled black accent wall

    JFandCompany / Instagram

    Dramatic black and white striped accents and a lux, black-paneled wall treatment make a glamorous statement in this beautiful black, white, and gold Instagram find. 

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    Monochromatic Man Cave

    Playful boys room in black and white

    Thehome.And.TheKid / Instagram

    What little boy wouldn’t love this amazing tree fort-inspired nursery room?

    Spotted on Instagram, this childhood paradise combines rustic accents with a modern black and white color scheme full of bold graphic pattern. The playfully painted accent wall provides the perfect setting for boyhood adventure. 

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    Shades of Gray

    Black, white and gray farmhouse nursery

    WalkerWylie / Instagram

    For a softer take on the neutral black and white nursery look, try introducing black's more subdued cousins, gray or charcoal.

    In this sweet and rustic nursery spotted on Instagram, shades of gray and white create a light and airy space, while weighty black elements, such as the beautiful wrought-iron crib, black and white patterned rug, and swoon-worthy word art, draw focus to the center of the space, anchoring the entire design.

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    Black, White, and Woodsy

    Black and white graphic nursery with rustic wooden accent wall

    Rosal82 / Instagram

    Rustic charm meets graphic whimsy in this one-of-a-kind, gender-neutral space from Instagram, creating a modern yet decidedly cozy space with a welcoming Nordic aesthetic.

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    Bright Night

    Black and white nursery with graphic star print wallpaper

    WinterDaisyKids / Instagram

    A dynamic wallpaper print brings an energetic whimsy to this beautiful black and white Instagram gem. Gray accents and blonde woods soften the pattern-heavy design, allowing the starry walls to shine.

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    Half and Half

    Black and white nursery with black half-wall paint treatment
    Max and Duke

    A simple block-color wall treatment adds weight and definition to this modern minimalist nursery by Max and Duke, giving the room’s minimal accessories a healthy dose of pop.

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    Colorless Wonder

    Black, white, and grey nursery with graphic pattern and geometric accent wall
    Project Nursery

    Graphic pattern and geometric shapes both come in to play in this modern, black and white nursery design featured on Project Nursery, creating plenty of visual interest without using any colored elements at all.

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    Mountain View

    Woodland nursery with chalkboard wall mountain mural
    Gray House Studio

    A beautiful, black and white chalkboard mural sets the scene for adventure in this contemporary woodland-themed nursery from Gray House Studio.

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    Boho Beauty

    Black, white, and boho nursery with dramatic wall hanging focal piece

    ChanteFox / Instagram

    Layer upon layer of richly textured accessories—including a positively swoon-worthy wall hanging—make this black, white, and beautifully boho Instagram nursery as cozy and inviting as it is stylish!

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    Day and Night

    Modern, black and white, space-themed playroom

    widellboschetti /Instagram

    Setting black against white, night against day, and boldly hued accents against an absence of color, this clean-cut, modern playroom shared on Instagram creates compelling visual interest through stark contrast.