Black and White Printable Coupons

Special gifts to print and make

Print These Special Family Coupons to Give as Gifts or Stocking Stuffers
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Here are some coupons you can print out to give as gifts, all with a fun black and white design. These are especially great to put in greeting cards or as stocking stuffers!

You can print out just one or two, or you can print out all of them and make a book. A simple coupon book can be made by using construction paper or cardstock for the cover and back. Use a hole punch and ribbon, a stapler, or paper brads to hold your pages together.

Make sure you write a special message on the cover or the back page of your book.

Black and White Printable Coupons:

  • Back Rub Coupon - I know a few moms and dads that would love a coupon for a free back rub!


  • Big Hug Coupon - who can resist a big hug? This is a great coupon to print.


  • Breakfast in Bed Coupon - I think I want 10 of these!


  • Car Wash Coupon - I bet the kids would be just as happy washing the car as you will getting it washed!


  • Control of the Remote Coupon - this would be fun to gift to each of your children on a special day, maybe they get this on their birthday!


  • Doing the Dishes Coupon - What a great one to give to mom.


  • Dusting Coupon - I have a few shelves that would love this coupon to be printed and cashed in!


  • Garden Weeding Coupon - make this one fun for the whole family on a weekend!


  • Lawn Mowing Coupon - Have a few older kids who could gift this one to mom or dad?


  • Movie Night Coupon - What a fun idea for a family night!


  • One Hour of Silence Coupon - Oh man, this one is priceless!


  • Raking Coupon - During the fall season, this will come in handy.


  • Special Lunch Coupon - Use this up by taking your kids to lunch during the school day.


  • Take out the Trash Coupon - Would come in handy on Sunday night!


  • Undisturbed Nap Coupon - For me or the kids?? Either way, it's great.


  • Vacuuming Coupon - My dirty floors will love this one!


  • Walk the Dog Coupon - With our new puppy, I'm in need of some dog walkers now!


  • Blank Coupon - Ooo, so many possibilities!


For best results, follow directions in this article for saving and printing this page.

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