14 Gorgeous Black Bathrooms

Bathroom with black and white patterned tiles in stand-in shower

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

We don't often think of black as a proper shade for bathrooms because it shrinks an already small space. Black can sometimes feel a little claustrophobic, but if you're after a timeless, classic look that also makes you feel like you're entering a secret cave, black can be an excellent choice.

It's difficult to pull off an all-black bathroom unless it's large or has lots of natural light, but black, along with white and bright colors, can be used in all sorts of interesting ways to show off your design skills.

Black never goes out of fashion, so using it ensures that your decor doesn't go stale. With a few decor tweaks once in a while, you can refresh a black bathroom at a low cost.

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    Black Bathroom With Birch Forest Wallpaper

    Black Bathroom With Birch Forest Wallpaper

    Perkinson Homes

    You can cut your black walls with a band of wallpaper, as in this original bathroom by Perkinson Homes. This reduces the overwhelming effect of an all-black room and gives the space a characteristic ambiance. Note the brass and silver faucet that's installed through the mirror, increasing the reflective effect. 

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    Traditional Black Powder Room

    Simple Black Bathroom
    Chrissy & Co

    This black bathroom by Chrissy & Co combines modern and traditional features for a unique, personalized look. A small chandelier and distressed-looking mirror frame blend perfectly into the modern, black background of this powder room. The neutral pedestal sink could suit either of these styles and really ties the room together.

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    Primary Bathroom With Black Double Vanity and Cabinets

    Black Bathroom With Double Sinks

    Palmer Todd

    This beautiful bathroom by Palmer Todd shows off its traditional style with a black double vanity and large cabinets on either side. Modern light fixtures and minimal faucets give the space a touch of contemporary style. Colorful pink accessories pop out against the monochromatic background.

    About This Term: Primary Bathroom

    Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, have classified the term "Master Bedroom" (or "Master Bathroom") as discriminatory. "Primary Bedroom" is the name now widely used among the real estate community and better reflects the purpose of the room.

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    Black Bathroom With Green Plants

    Black Bathroom With Plants

    lisacohenphoto / Instagram / Wood Melbourne

    Here is a good example of how an all-black bathroom can actually work. This design for Wood Melbourne works thanks to the very low light fixtures, plentiful green plants, and a floating light wood cabinet. Somehow, this feels cozy and safe, rather than claustrophobic and oppressive.

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    French-Style Black Primary Bathroom

    Sophisticated Bathroom With Black Accents

    A gauzy black drape marks the entrance to this Parisian-inspired bathroom, designed by L'Interior. Damask tile marks the two sinks, and the space between them is filled with a wonderful French-style cabinet painted over with stripes. 

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    Shiny Black Bathroom

    Large Black Bathroom

    Kara Mann

    Black and gloss go together like peanut butter and jelly. This cool traditional bathroom with a modern twist, by Kara Mann, shows how you can avoid the dreaded cave effect with a little bit of reflection. Lots of mirrors and vanities with a shiny finish add space, light, and sophistication.

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    Bathroom With Black Hex Tiles

    Bathroom With Black Hex Tiles
    Nord House

    The judicious juxtaposition of the black hex tiles and white subway tiles make this bathroom a stylish space for your daily routine. A feature of Nord House, this bathroom uses the black and white contrast to evoke the Scandinavian style: full of light, practical, minimal, and stylish.

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    Bold Black Gothic Bathroom

    Bold Black Gothic Bathroom
    Philip Nimmo Design

    Are your decor tastes more sinister? Maybe this Gothic-inspired bathroom will suit your decor style. This bathroom by Philip Nimmo Design has a dramatic touch—perfect for those homeowners who eschew the ordinary. Crystal balls, an ornate mirror, surreal artwork portraits add to the sophisticated Addams family aesthetic.

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    Luxurious Black Powder Room

    Black Bathroom With Gold Lighting
    Jamie Bush + Co

    Dark and luxurious, this powder room by Jamie Bush + Co features low hanging lights, black subway tile installed vertically, and dark wood enhanced by a single picture of greenery. The cozy, comfortable style reminds you of a secret cave where you can take refuge from the busy world outside.

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    Eclectic Black Bathroom

    Eclectic Black Bathroom
    Alden Miller Interiors

    A white egg-shaped freestanding tub set against a black subway tile sets the tone for this modern-eclectic bathroom, by Alden Miller Interiors. Note the shiplap contouring under the large window and the black-and-white tiling, which bring balance and light to the whole.

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    Black Bathroom With Brass Industrial Hardware

    Black Bathroom With Brass Industrial Hardware
    Norris & Pip

    A matte black wall is a daring feat for a bathroom, but Norris & Pip manage this beautifully by adding a large, unframed mirror, a simple wood floating shelf, and distressed industrial-style hardware in brass. This makes for an intriguing yet stylish space.

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    Contemporary Black Bathroom

    Black Bathroom With Brass Industrial Hardware
    Robin Wilson Interior Design

    A chessboard-style floor and black subway tile lend a sophisticated air this bathroom by Robin Wilson Interior Design. The Moroccan mirrors add movement and a white granite countertop provides a wonderful contrast. 

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    Black and Dark Grey Bathroom

    Sleek Black Bathroom
    Branch Studio Architects

    Straight edges and a dark palette give this gorgeous bathroom by Branch Studio Architects a sharp, modern style. You'll see more and more of the concrete tub and vessel sinks in the future, as this style is gaining popularity. The marble illusion cube tiling brings a touch of softness and movement, much needed in a bathroom built on straight lines and square angles.

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    Dramatic Black Powder Room

    Dramatic Black Bathroom

    Orange Coast Interior Design

    Black brings on the drama in this contemporary bathroom by Orange Coast Interior Design. The damask wallpaper adds texture, while the shiny silver sink and black granite countertop add reflective surfaces for the light fixtures. The ceiling chandelier makes an interesting play of shadows and light over the white surface, which definitely adds to the overall dramatic style here.