36 Black Bedrooms That Will Inspire A Makeover

black bedroom with curtains and comforter

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While we're frequently confronted with images of all-white bedrooms, black sleep spaces are definitely having a moment, too. If you're hesitant to hop on board with this trend because you worry such spaces may appear unwelcoming or moody, note that there are so many ways to style a mostly black bedroom so that it speaks to you and your individual style.

First things first: As you enter the design phase, you'll want to take note that are many variations of black paints and textiles from which to choose. "Surprisingly, there are many shades of black," shares designer Courtney Scott of V. James & Co Interiors. "So before committing to a particular shade, I advise doing a test swatch to see how that shade looks during particular parts of the day in the designated room to see how well you like it. Additionally, different undertones may be more or less visible during certain parts of the day and may then clash with your color scheme, so it's important to get a true feel for your chosen color prior to committing." Doing this type of research ahead of time will save you stress in the long run and help ensure that your room is a space that you truly love.

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Another key point to keep in mind as you're designing a black bedroom? The fact that you can most definitely still incorporate an array of other hues. Truthfully, so many colors look stunning alongside black walls, furniture, or bedding. "Some amazing colors to pair black with are white, black, silver, rust orange, olive, and sky blue," notes designer Chanda Kea of Kea Interiors. "Adding brass or chrome finishes can make it look sleek and sophisticated. Leather and velvet add a sense of luxe as well."

Feeling ready to get started on your bedroom makeover? Take a look at the 36 beautiful black rooms featured below, all of which demonstrate exactly why the color black will forever be a classic. We're happy to take full responsibility when you decide that this versatile hue is actually your new favorite color.

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    Have Fun With Neutrals

    black bedroom with neutral accents

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    Why yes, you can have a soft spot for the color black and still love your neutrals. Neutral accents can provide wonderful contrast in a bright bedroom. Whether you go neutral in terms of bedding, wall art, or light fixtures (or all three!), you can't go wrong.

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    Light it Up

    beaded chandelier in black bedroom

    @wednesdayscottage / Instagram

    Add a boho style-inspired twist to the bedroom by hanging a beaded chandelier above the bed. Switching out builder-grade light fixtures for ones that reflect your style and personality is an excellent way to customize any bedroom.

    Making substantial lighting a priority is important for functional reasons, too, given that black bedrooms can easily appear too dark. Notes Dana Dyson of Donlena Design, "To avoid inadequate lighting in your bedroom include general, task, and accent lighting to set the perfect mood."

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    Incorporate Mid-Century Modern Furnishings

    black bedroom with mcm furniture

    @abbyontheinternet / Instagram

    Black walls can look beautiful when paired with wooden, midcentury modern style furniture. These pieces often have a low profile and take up minimal visual space in a bedroom, allowing the paint color to really shine.

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    Be a Bit Eclectic

    eclectic decor in black bedroom

    @melville.house / Instagram

    Love eclectic pieces? You can still enjoy them in a black bedroom! Here, fun prints and blue bedding pop against this space's black walls.

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    Play With Pattern Everywhere

    feminine black bedroom

    Monica Benavidez

    Name a more chic combo than black and gold, we dare you. This stylish bedroom is ultra sleek and proves that brass, florals, and leopard print can be grouped together flawlessly.

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    Add Decorations That Sing

    guitar wall in bedroom

    @marikaknowsthings / Instagram

    Think outside the box in terms of wall decor and display something 3D, like a guitar (or several) above the bed for some added oomph. The black wall serves as a dramatic backdrop for the beautiful instruments. Just ensure that anything on the larger side is secured with heavy duty hooks so that it doesn't fall down in the night.

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    Go Bright With Green

    black and green bedroom

    @gracecoloredlenses / Instagram

    Yes, you can love black walls but also have a soft spot for green. Mix the two for an unexpected pairing that is sure to turn heads.

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    Cheers for Checkers

    black and white bedroom

    Brett Napoli

    Have fun with checkers! There's a good reason this design has always been such a hit. A black and white throw is the perfect finishing touch to this monochrome space.

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    Embrace Black and White All Over

    black and white bedroom

    @shamariaalexandria / Instagram

    Take a classic black and white combo to the max by utilizing all sorts of patterns in your space. Stripes, swirls, and elegant abstract paintings complete this bedroom.

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    Weave In Some Leopard Print

    leopard and crystal with black walls

    @_theleopardlounge_ / Instagram

    They say that leopard is a neutral, after all. For a glam look, pair black walls with sophisticated animal print and pops of pink. A crystal chandelier only makes this space more elegant and dreamy.

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    Keep It Simple With White Bedding

    moon phase artwork and black walls

    @littleblonde_bigdreams / Instagram

    Keep your space simple yet chic with moon phase-themed artwork that pairs wonderfully with deep black walls and white bedding. Dyson is a major fan of this color combo. "Always use a pop of white in a black bedroom for contrast," she suggests.

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    Say Hello to Emerald Green

    black and emerald green bedroom

    Jenifer McNeil Baker for Maestri Studio

    A lesser-known color combo we love? Black and emerald green! The bedroom above shows how nicely these two hues can play together.

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    Think Outside the Box With Textured Wallpaper

    black snakeskin wallpaper

    @our_first_home_the_galway / Instagram

    If you're not wild about the idea of painting, you can install black wallpaper to create a similar effect. This textured print resembles snakeskin and is majorly glam. Keep wall decor to a minimum in order to fully appreciate this cool textural addition.

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    Say Hello to Crisp Accents

    black and orange throw

    @ninthpark / Instagram

    Try using white bedding in a room with black walls if you seek a crisp look. White sheets are always a classic in any type of space.

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    Show Off a Classic Piece

    black bed and walls

    Jude Green

    Black walls and a black wrought iron bed are perfect for the traditionalist who likes a little bit of edge. Brass sconces and a woven macrame wall hanging keep this space looking nice and current.

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    Get Nice and Natural With Wood Tones

    black and wooden accents

    @homebyco_ / Instagram

    A tall wooden headboard adds a natural touch to this black bedroom—and comes with a slew of benefits. "Use natural wood tones to contrast the black, create warmth, add texture and create a relaxed look," Dyson suggests. A gallery wall featuring both black and wooden frames adds consistency to the space.

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    Start With Scallops on the Wall

    scalloped wallpaper

    Lauren Miller for Ashley Montgomery Design

    Print-happy homeowners, take note! A black scalloped pattern adds a bit of playfulness to this contemporary bedroom.

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    Say Yes to Various Shades of Black

    black accents in bedroom

    @j.rubyinteriors / Instagram

    More is more in this primary bedroom. Don't feel a need to stop at just black walls! Black curtains, bedding, lampshades and more also make for stylish touches if you're looking to embrace dark hues.

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    Don't Forget to Add Pops of Bold Color

    black and red kids' room

    @vjamesandcointeriors / Instagram

    Black isn't just for adults—the color can shine in kids' rooms, too. To keep things looking youthful and playful, incorporate color in the form of smaller furnishings and throw pillows. "When doing a totally black bedroom or accent wall, I personally like to add in a little contrast by bringing in bright colors through accent pieces so that the design elements do not get washed out by the dark walls," notes Scott, who designed the space above.

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    DIY a Funky Wall Mural

    black wall with mural

    @klauddesign / Instagram

    As much as we appreciate a well-styled gallery wall, we do believe that not every wall needs to be coated with frames to be aesthetically pleasing. Love a good DIY? For a fun twist on a traditional black wall, try adding a geometric mural. There's no need to hang artwork when you can paint a design that inspires you.

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    Add Some Sweet Pink Accents

    pink and black room

    @baker.blooms / Instagram

    If you're looking to mix in some softer colors, pink is a no-fail winner. Light pink bedding and wall art will add some sweetness to an all-black room in an instant. This sophisticated space proves that the color isn't just for kids' rooms—adults can appreciate it, too.

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    Forgo a Headboard Entirely

    minimalist black bedroom

    @noveaublvck / Instagram

    We get it—headboards can be expensive and difficult to incorporate in bedrooms that are on the smaller side. But if you don't have one, that's no problem; a well-painted wall is all you need. Black and white photographs complete this minimalist yet stylish space.

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    Make It Farmhouse

    farmhouse black bedroom

    @lifewithleeanne / Instagram

    Farmhouse design lovers will want to take a cue from this black bedroom that boasts all of the essentials: A charming olive tree, a cozy knit throw, and a woven basket.

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    Show Off Your Glam Side

    glam black bedroom

    @keainteriors / Instagram

    Bring on the glamour! "To create a sleek elegant look in a black bedroom use straight lines in your furniture," Dyson advises. An oversized painting and fuzzy throw make this bedroom fit for a queen (or a "Prince"!).

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    Don't Forget About Art

    black bedroom with gold touches

    Heather Bien

    Framed black and white abstract art is the perfect finishing touch in this soothing primary bedroom. Whether you purchase eye-catching pieces or make some yourself, you will enjoy having something pretty to admire by your bedside upon waking up each morning.

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    Lighten Up

    light black wallpaper

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Lighter black hues that lean closer to the gray end shine alongside darker shades in this primary bedroom. If you're unsure about fully embracing the color, starting with an accent wall can be a great way to experiment.

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    Bust Out the Mustard Yellow

    mustard yellow and black

    @sweethoneystl / Instagram

    We love the idea of pairing mustard yellow with black. This chair's velvet material only makes it look more luxe. This space flawlessly combines boho style with a bit of Victorian glam.

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    Jazz Up Those Bed Pillows

    black fabric prints

    Aaron Dougherty for Maestri Studio

    It's truly the little details that can have the greatest impact when decorating. Layering different tips of black-toned patterns atop each other adds visual interest to this bed. Who says pillowcases have to be blah, after all? Day to day essentials shouldn't be boring.

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    Bring On the Board and Batten

    black geometric wall

    @loveresideshere / Instagram

    Black walls are only made more fun with the addition of board and batten. A geometric pattern will modernize any room in an instant and add major personality to boot.

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    Pick Up a Plant

    plant in black bedroom

    @spookylittlelair / Instagram

    Go green! Adding a plant or two to an all-black bedroom is a wonderful way to keep a space feeling fresh and lively despite the overwhelmingly dark hues.

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    Camouflage Your Collections

    black walls behind built-ins

    @our_home_on_sandridge / Instagram

    When living in a small apartment, sometimes it's essential to keep clothing and accessories out on display due to a lack of closet space. Painting the walls behind open shelving a deep black can help disguise any appearance of clutter—which is beneficial even if your display is ultra-organized like this one.

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    Think Sky High

    black leather headboard

    Grey Crawford for Jeff Andrews Design

    Get dramatic with a black leather headboard that hits the ceiling. Though full of masculine touches, this bedroom does have plenty of charm thanks to the glimmering chandelier on the ceiling.

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    Lay Down on Linen

    black and linen bedroom

    Kristi Murphy

    Don't be afraid to pair a linen bed with deep black walls. There's no need to purchase a brand new bed frame just to achieve a monochrome look. The mix of tones adds intrigue to the space above and adds a soothing touch.

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    Love That Leather

    black and leather tones

    Ashley Mayes

    There's no reason to steer away from pairing black walls with leather textiles. The mix of tones and textures in this space appears well thought out and unique. A low headboard keeps the space looking nice and casual.

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    Incorporate This New Neutral

    neutral pink comforter

    Bespoke Only

    In this black and white bedroom, a pink comforter is used as a neutral. If the color is a bit outside your comfort zone, note how fantastically it can pair with dominant black tones.

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    Think Long Term

    black and red bedroom

    Anita Williams

    Black furniture will never go out of style, making it a great option to incorporate into a child's or teen's room. All you have to do is change out bedding and accessories as your kiddo's preferences evolve.