25 Black Ceilings That Prove It's a Design Option

Black Ceiling Kitchen

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There are lots of ways to add visual intrigue to a room. Many might think to paint the walls or refresh the furniture, but a less common thought is to play with the space’s ceiling. The hat of a room, a ceiling plays a major role in how a space’s style and mood come together. 

Typically, ceilings are a lighter hue, which makes black feel like a daunting choice. However, there are lots of benefits: a dark ceiling makes a space feel more atmospheric or cozy, and can even add drama. Curious to see how it looks? Check out these 25 black ceiling ideas for inspiration.

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    Warm Black Ceiling

    Black Room

    Designed by Velinda Hellen for EHD / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    To create a cozy enclave, Em Henderson Design swathed this living room in black from floor to ceiling. The all-over application has a soothing effect, balanced out with playful touches like an electric blue sofa, oil paintings, and an embroidered pouf.

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    Clean Black Ceiling

    Bathroom Black Ceiling

    @icon.building.group / Instagram

    Washrooms are always fun places to get creative with design, as they can feel like their own little worlds. This one coats its ceiling in an inky hue (including the crown molding) to play off the marbled counters and dark cabinets.

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    Rustic Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    Design by Kirby Home Designs / Photo by Sarah Strunk

    To amp up the drama, exposed beams always do the trick. This space by Kirby Home Designs has cross-style beams running on the perimeter and inside of the ceiling to create a sense of grandeur—although, the organic woods also help ground the space.

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    Paneled Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling Bedroom

    @designtobuild.nicole / Instagram

    For a bohemian-style space, natural materials and diverse textures are a must. This ceiling is housed above a wooden beam, and features black slats all the way across for subtle visual intrigue. Note that the ceiling is slightly tucked into a cavity to create the illusion of more height.

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    Traditional Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @houseofhamburger / Instagram

    While black ceilings might not often be associated with traditional design, this space shows that it's totally possible. Black accents in the decor—including the dining table chairs and hutch—create a perfect opportunity to introduce more of the color. So, the beamed ceiling is coated in the hue for a cohesive vibe.

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    Separated Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @johnston.escapes / Instagram

    Painting the ceiling a different color from the rest of your space can help create more designations. Here, the dining room is made more intimate by coating its fifth wall in matte black, separated by a wooden beam from the rest of the home's lighter ceilings.

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    Playful Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @comedowntothewoods / Instagram

    Black doesn't have to mean serious. This playful living room embraces all the hue has to offer with confetti-style wallpaper, a sectioned-off gray portion, and pure black at the top. It plays off the tuxedo floors and is made lighter by a sunny yellow sofa.

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    Molded Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @ourfifthhouse / Instagram

    A black ceiling can also help highlight trim. In this open-floor dining room, the crown molding is left white, allowing it to pop against its darker interior. However, it's still made cohesive with the black trim on the walls and windows.

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    Mirrored Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @livingwithloloaz / Instagram

    Mirroring the floor onto the ceiling is always a fun design trick. This office carries the hue through from the marbled black tile to the slatted black ceiling. Neutral decor helps make it airier, along with stunning arched windows to pour in light.

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    Elegant Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @716accents / Instagram

    Contrary to popular belief, black ceilings can work in tighter spaces, too. In this slim bathroom, the dark tone actually helps lift the height and highlight architectural details, like the molding and woodwork embellishments. Plus, it plays off the artwork and lighting.

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    Tonal Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @renov8teen / Instagram

    Keeping with the already darker grey walls, this space's black ceiling creates a cohesive and tonal look that feels calming rather than heavy. It's accented with an orby translucent light fixture to introduce lightness as well as pampas grass and an IKEA PAX wardrobe system.

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    Soothing Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @javierwainstein / Instagram

    What could have been a cold room is turned instantly snug with a black ceiling in this space. Poured over the entire top, including the molding, it makes the height feel less drastic. Curvy chairs, natural woods, and limewashed walls further ground the space.

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    Bohemian Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @theresa_gromski / Instagram

    A bohemian-style space gets a moody makeover with a black ceiling. While bohemian-inspired design is often thought of as colorful and light, a lot of depth and visual intrigue can be added when a darker hue is introduced. Black accents in the artwork, fireplace, and bed frame bring the color scheme together.

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    Tuxedo Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @making_your_home_beautiful / Instagram

    If you have a black-and-white theme already going, then a black ceiling will fit right in. This tuxedo-style living room feels more layered and sophisticated with its dark top, providing a welcome contrast to the white walls and seating.

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    Nature-Inspired Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @our_journey_at_81 / Instagram

    An earthy, eerie vibe comes to life in this bedroom with a black ceiling playing off the accent wallpaper. The dark hues are made more soothing with olive green tones scattered throughout the bedding, plants, and throw pillows.

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    Coffered Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @kandrackole / Instagram

    A coffered ceiling—one that has upward indentations framed by beams—is such a fun place to introduce black. It makes the ceiling look even more deep and tall. Plus, it's a great way to bring in playful black and white elements like the floral wallpaper seen here.

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    Theater Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @bear_creek_home / Instagram

    If you have a home theater, it only makes sense to create that staple black-out feel. This one is fully steeped in deep charcoal so the focus stays on the movie. Although, once the lights are on, pops of brightness appear in the sectional and carpeting.

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    Elegant Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @grahamandbrown / Instagram

    Soft curves, delicate embellishments, and organic materials are grounded and elevated all at once with this black ceiling. The hue extends to the crown molding, which allows its ornate design to be further highlighted.

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    Glam Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @thefrontdoorarch / Instagram

    When it comes to a glam room, sometimes a simple tuxedo palette works best. The look can be amped up with elegant details like gold accents, patterned wallpaper, and an embedded black ceiling—all lit up with bright-as-can-be lighting.

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    Tapered Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    Design by Amy Morris Interiors / Photography by Erica George Dines

    If your ceiling has a unique shape like this one, it's a great opportunity to play with color and texture. Here, the designer opted to coat the top and tapered portions in black, offering the illusion of more height. The bottom half of the walls are clad in white shiplap for a bout of contrast.

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    Outdoor Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @mymidwestdesign / Instagram

    An outdoor space doesn't mean you can't have a ceiling. This patio is topped with an obsidian pergola, complete with oversized pendants hanging below it. Note that the hue plays off the dark furniture and fencing.

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    Slatted Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @projectinteriors / Instagram

    So much coolness and modernity happens in this dark loft, with string lights draped nonchalantly through a slatted black ceiling. Luxurious materials like velvet, as well as black-stained woods and contemporary art, ring in the theme.

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    Angled Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @ourmodernhome / Instagram

    If you've got a slanted ceiling, you can play into it by highlighting it in black. This enhances the illusion, making the space feel even more angular. It works especially great in a room like this, which has lots of clean lines and geometric silhouettes.

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    Framed Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @ourhouseonthecrescent / Instagram

    Elegance meets moody in this ornate bedroom. A glassy pendant drips from an elaborately detailed base on the ceiling, surrounded by inky paint to make it stand out. The ceiling is further framed by a bay window and white crown molding.

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    Minimalist Black Ceiling

    Black Ceiling

    @villasparflo / Instagram

    Who says black can't be minimalist? This Scandinavian-style powder room feels all the more intimate with its black ceiling, made lighter by sheer drapes, a softly glowing mirror, and pared-back ceramics.

What Does a Black Ceiling Do for a Room?

Black ceilings serve many functions. In lofty spaces, they create the illusion of less height so that a room feels more cozy and intimate. On the other hand, ceilings with unique characteristics, like coffered or tapered ceilings, can have the opposite effect, creating the illusion of more height. The darker hue naturally imbues warmth into spaces. Black ceilings can also highlight trim, crown molding, or other special architectural features to make them pop. In open-concept spaces, painting part of the ceiling black can define an area—like the dining room, for instance—so that it feels like its own designated space.

Does a Black Ceiling Make a Room Look Smaller?

It's a general rule of thumb that if the ceiling is a darker color than the walls, it makes the ceiling feel closer and the room feel smaller. So, if you have a low ceiling, you'll want to keep this in mind: painting them a dark color can make the room feel cramped.

Does a Black Ceiling Make a Room Look Dark?

Deep hues like black absorb light, so they generally do make a room look darker. This can be a positive, though, as the darkness makes a space feel more intimate and warm. Plus, with lighter walls, a black ceiling can provide contrast, making those brighter tones really stand out.