Black Hairstyles for Foster or Adopted Children

When I provided respite foster care for my best friend's foster children, I was completely intimidated by the upkeep of their black hairstyles. My friend does such an awesome job with black hair care and her foster children's hair always looks so nice and neat. I have learned a lot from the following articles and I wish I had these resources that respite weekend.

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    How to Braid Cornrows

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    This seems so far out of my hair league, but that is probably just me as I'm easily intimidated by hairstyling in general - just ask my hair dresser. This black hairstyle is great for children as it lasts for a week or two. Not to mention that it's so cute!

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    How to Twist Hair - Step by Step Two Strand Twist Tutorial

    I really like this black hairstyle and I think it's own I may attempt the next time I'm asked to care for a foster child with similar hair care needs.

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    African American Hair and Ponytails

    One of my nieces is bi-racial and this is one black hairstyle I could actually do and have it end up looking pretty cute. I'm happy to read that I even cared for her hair properly with the right black hair care tools.

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    Working with Damaged or Neglected Black Hair

    Many times foster children come into a foster home with obvious signs of neglect. African American children often show additional signs of neglect due to the lack of proper skin and hair care.

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    Easy Ways to Stretch Curly Hair Without Chemicals

    Yet, another way to manage curly hair and the trials of combing through it.

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    5 Ways to Make Hair Grooming a Great Experience for Children

    More great ideas for black hairstyles that will make both child and parent happy. Try these suggestions and easy black hairstyle ideas to make your next styling session tear free.