Where Can I Get Black Laminate Flooring?

Dupont Black Slate Laminate Flooring
Dupont Black Slate Laminate Flooring. Copyright DuPont

Black laminate flooring is not a common item, mainly because few homeowners want it.  Certainly, you can find floors that are suggestive of black, but solid black is tough to find.  Here are a few options.

Black Wood Species

First, be careful that you are not buying something called black ash, black cherry, black walnut, or some other type of laminate flooring where "black" represents a type of wood species that the laminate is attempting to mimic. These will not look sufficiently black once installed in your house.

Black Slate

On the open consumer market, the best you can do is black slate laminate flooring. While still not pitch-black, this offering from DuPont is about as close as it gets. This is part of DuPont's RealTouch line, with a more realistic texture--both visually and to the touch (get it now?)--than other brands of laminate and even other DuPont lines.

The other two significant things about DuPont's RealTouch line:

  1. It is a floating floor that clicks into place. By this, I mean that it is not attached to the subfloor in any way, and the boards snap together rather than glue or staple together.
  2. It has attached underlayment, eliminating the need to roll out separate underlayment.

DuPont offers a companion Black Slate Quarter-Round, too. Quarter-round is the molding the covers up the seam between the flooring and the baseboards. It's rather pricey stuff, and if you're looking to save money, you could always buy the cheap quarter-round at your local store and paint it the color of the baseboards. I would not recommend painting it black, because the DuPont Slate is not truly black, and you would end up with three conflicting colors: baseboard color, the true black of the quarter-round, and the quasi-black of the DuPont Slate laminate.