Stylish Blanket Storage Ideas

One of the simplest ways to warm up a room is by layering textures. Toss pillows with interesting details, throw blankets in nubby knits, and woven baskets are all great ways to add some interest to your space. Throw blankets have the added advantage of keeping you warm, which certainly is welcome in homes located in cold climates. 

When not in use, most people fold up their throws and drape them over the back of a chair or sofa. This is a fine solution if you only have one or two throw blankets, but what if you have several? They could begin to look sloppy. As an alternative to the drape-over-the-couch method, you could choose an interesting vessel for storing multiple blankets. 

On the other hand, some blankets are too pretty to hide and can add style to your space. For instance, a collection of plaid throws is on-trend for fall. Woven blankets with global or tribal prints have a boho feel, while quilts, of course, have farmhouse appeal. Yes, you can hang a beautiful blanket or quilt as a large piece of wall art, but that's not very practical if it's one you'd like to use occasionally.

Here are 10 clever blanket storage ideas that are both beautiful and functional.

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    Store Blankets in a Basket

    blankets in basket
    A Living Space

    Store blankets in a large woven basket if you want to hide them away, or choose one with an open weave, like this industrial metal basket. (We love using baskets to decorate all over the house.) The cool metal tones of the basket look perfect with flannel plaids. The handles make it easy to move from room to room.

    Large oil-rubbed bronze storage basket, $49, Rejuvination

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    Blankets on a Vertical Ladder

    quilts on ladder
    Good Housekeeping

    A decorative ladder propped against the wall can be used to display several colorful quilts or a collection of neutral throws in a variety of textures. Kept next to a couch for easy grabbing, a display like this also acts as art. 

    Decorative eucalyptus ladder, $59, World Market

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    Blankets on a Horizontal Ladder

    horizontal ladder with blankets
    via Archimir

    Here's a new twist you may not have considered. Hang a vintage ladder or a decorative ladder horizontally for a shabby chic way to display your blankets and quilts. This would be great in a bedroom.

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    Blankets in a Wine Rack

    wine rack blanket storage
    Apartment Therapy

    For slimmer blankets that can be rolled up, such as baby receiving blankets, try using a wine bottle rack. This clever storage solution is perfect next to a changing table in a nursery.

    5-bottle wall-mounted wine rack, $28, Amazon

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    Blankets in a Laundry Basket

    vintage laundry basket
    via Etsy

    A wire laundry bin like this one has a vintage appeal and looks beautiful piled with colorful mismatched quilts and pillows. Put it in a guest room, then use it to wheel bed linens to and from the laundry room.  

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    Overhead Blanket Storage

    hay bin blanket storage

    Store blankets above the bed or couch in a vintage basket, or repurpose a rustic wooden hay bin like this one for a dose of country charm.

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    Blankets in a Firewood Carrier

    blankets in firewood carrier
    SF Girl by Bay

    Firewood carriers like this one can be picked up at flea markets or thrift stores for just a couple of bucks and are perfect when repurposed as a perch for folded blankets. This one looks especially great piled with Aztec prints, adding to the boho vibe of the room.

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    Blankets in an Open Cabinet

    blanket storage in cabinet

    Open shelves or even a small bookcase like this one are perfect for displaying collections, of course, so why not display your collection of blankets? This vignette has a decidedly feminine, cottage look but you could use the same idea using a mid-century modern piece and throws with more modern motifs.

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    Blankets in a Crate

    blankets in crate

    Vintage crates are one flea market find that can be used for so many things. During colder weather, use one to corral throws and extra pillows next to the couch, or slide one underneath a bed or side table.

    Sebastian crates, $30, World Market

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    Industrial Blanket Storage

    blankets hanging on industrial pipe rack
    Design, Dining and Diapers

    Finally, here is a blanket storage solution that riffs on the ladder idea, but gives it an industrial spin. This storage solution adds display space to more urban or contemporary spaces.

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