Blaze Professional 34-Inch Gas Grill Model# BLZ-3PRO

High Performance Stainless Steel 3-Burner Gas Grill

Blaze 34-Inch Professional Gas Grill
Blaze 34-Inch Professional Gas Grill. Blaze Grills

The Bottom Line

This 3-burner 'Professional' version of the Blaze Gas Grill takes a serious step upwards in features and construction from the previous models. This 34-inch model boasts more power, internal lights, heavier cooking grates and better quality construction and materials. The whole idea is to boost this brand into competition with some of the biggest names in high-end gas grills while continuing to work towards a more reasonable price.

Yes, at around $4,000USD, this isn't a discount grill, but then it also isn't built like one. 


  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Durable cast stainless steel burners
  • High heat output
  • Good quality construction
  • Heavy 304 stainless steel rod cooking grates


  • Rain water gets into the drip pan
  • Comparatively uneven heat


  • Three 18,000 BTU 304 cast stainless steel burners
  • 615 square inches of primary grilling space for a total cooking area of 816 square inches
  • 54,000 BTU total output from the main burners
  • 10,000 BTU rear mounted infrared rotisserie burner
  • Welded stainless steel hexagon cooking grates
  • Piezoelectric push and turn ignition with gas jet assist
  • Two internal halogen lights (must be plugged in to work)
  • Fold down side tables
  • LED lit control panel
  • Heat zone separators divide the cooking space for better temperature control
  • Complete stainless steel construction
  • Infrared main burners available
  • Sold propane or natural gas - convertible
  • Comes with full rotisserie kit including waterproof motor
  • Grill head made by Charter Enterprises in China, cabinet made in the USA 

Guide Review 

A few years ago, the people at, the largest online retailer of high-end grills and associated products contracted with Charter Enterprises in China to produce a line of competent and reasonably priced stainless steel gas grills.

Things went well. The Blaze line has been successful and now it is expanded into a Professional line of grills. This 3-burner example of that product line costs in the area of $4,000USD and that puts it in competition with some of the best, high-end gas grills on the market. 

The Blaze Professional has what it takes to quality for a place among the best gas grills. The burners are heavy-duty H-type cast stainless steel. They are very heavy and will outlive the rest of the grill and quite possibly the person who buys it. Each of these burners spread the flame into four separate channels. Between the three burners, there are twelve rows of fire to heat the grill quickly and overall, pretty evenly (though there is a difference in temperatures front to back. Over the top of the burners are the flame tamers. These are heavy sheets of perforated 304 stainless steel. While this not an infrared grill, there is a higher infrared heat due to the design of these flame tamers. They radiate heat as well as allowing superheated air to flow through. The cooking grates are heavy, 12mm hexagonal 304 stainless steel. They can take far more weight than would ever be put on the grill without bending or warping.

Their mass holds heat and efficiently transfers it to food. 

This gas grill also comes with a full rotisserie system, including a rear mounted 10,000 infrared rotisserie burner and full rotisserie kit (I hate it when manufacturers give you the burner and then charge extra for the rod and motor). The motor is waterproof and there is a clever little set of hooks on the back of the grill to hold the rod so that it can be stored and accessed easily. There is a pair of halogen lights on the inside of the grill, but the grill has to be plugged into an outlet for them to work. The control panel has fancy, red LED lights so they can be read in the dark. There is also an inventive manual lighting mechanism for the burners in case the snap ignitors on the control valves don't manage to work (which does tend to be a problem with this model).

All in all, this grill is fully equipped as one would expect for the price. 

Aside from these great features, this grill has a tendency to let rain water into the body of the unit, filling the drip pan. This makes for a messy proposition sometimes and can be an annoyance, though certainly not a major one. The heat, while very high, can be uneven front to back and around the side edges. This is a problem that many gas grills have and an experienced griller will know how to deal with it. 

This grill is available as an insert and is part of a wide range of accessories, side burners, cabinet options, and most of the items to fill out an outdoor kitchen. The main burners can be swapped out for infrared versions so this gas grill can have a sear zone, or be turned into a full infrared grill (though I wouldn't recommend that last part).