Spring Gardening Just Got Easier With Bloomscape's New Outdoor Plant Line

They're pairing plants that have similar growing needs. Brilliant!

Bloom Kits, outdoor plants and flowers from Bloomscape


Just in time for spring, Bloomscape—one of our picks for best online houseplant shopping—is launching Bloom Kits, its first outdoor plant collection meant to brighten your porch, patio, or balcony.

With Bloom Kits, Bloomscape says they can turn anyone into a gardener, thanks to tips and tricks and years of research shared by their very own Plant Mom. The outdoor kits include Accent Kits (single-plant variety), Combination Kits (three varieties), and a wide selection of single blooms that are made for pots and hanging containers.

We rounded up all the details of each Bloom Kits collection.

Accent Kits

Bloom Kits Accent Kit with yellow begonias


Accent Kits are made up of a single variety of plants like Purple Petunias and Yellow Begonias,  available in one size, meant to fit an 8- to 10-inch planter (not included). Each Accent Bloom Kit includes the ingredients you need to grow and enjoy beautiful gardens this Spring and Summer. Accent Kits start at $40.

Combination Kits

Bloomscape's Bloom Kit Combination with yellow begonia purple torenia-sweet-potato-vine

Combination Kits include a total of eight plants, with three varieties that include Pink Calibrachoa, Yellow Bidens, and White Lobelia. Not only will the flowers instantly bring life to your garden, as a bonus, the blossoms of Pink Calibrachoa and Yellow Bidens may attract pollinators such as butterflies and bees.

The plants are available in two sizes that fit either a 12- or 14-inch planter or a 16- to 20-inch planter. Each kit was curated to feature blooms that compliment each other and thrive in the same environment, making it that much easier for plant parents to care for them.

Combination Kits start at $45.

Deluxe Combination Kits

This options includes 16 plants, with different varieties and sizes. Deluxe Kits start at $75.

Bloomscape deluxe combination



Once purchased, Bloomscape says your plants won’t ship until the last frost has passed in your zip code, to ensure your plants have the best chance at survival. Each plant and bloom that leaves the Bloomscape greenhouse is transported at a safe temperature, and their roots are properly protected. Using innovative packaging, plants stay securely in place, preventing damage and decreasing soil spillage. Most shipments will arrive in under a week and all plants will be healthy, undamaged, and ready for you to enjoy throughout your garden.

What to Expect When Unboxing Bloom Kits

When you open up your box, you’ll see young plants, detailed outdoor plant care instructions, an easy-to-follow, how-to guide for planting your blooms, and your first application of slow-release fertilizer.

Lifespan of Bloom Kits

As for life span, generally speaking most outdoor annuals will last all summer long with the proper care or until the first frost. The flowering annual bloom cycle is approximately between 16 and 20 weeks.

Why Outdoor Plants

“We’ve been listening to our customers, who want to be more involved in the process of their plants’ growth, and who are craving a real gardening experience,” says Bloomscape’s Plant Mom. “We’re a company with the perfect knowledge, expertise and experience to offer outdoor containers plants,” she says.