The Best Blow Mold Christmas Decorations

Vintage Lawn Decorations Are Still Being Made

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Outdoor Christmas decorations
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Before there were Christmas inflatable holiday decorations, there were wonders of plastic known as blow molds. The technique of creating hollow objects out of plastic became popular in the 1930s. These pieces are put together to form the blow mold decorations that we've all come to love.

Many blow molds have become quite collectible, making them a wonderful addition to your vintage Christmas decorations. Others continue to be manufactured or are being reproduced so you can get a similar look that's more budget-friendly.

The most important consideration you want to make when selecting a blow mold decoration is size. Blow mold photos can be deceptive, so be sure to look at the measurements. This will help make sure that you've picked one out that's going to look great on your lawn.

To add a bit of flair to your decor, here are the best blow mold outdoor holiday decorations.

Our Top Picks

General Foam Plastics Nativity Scene Camel with Light

blow mold nativity camel

While intended to be part of a blow mold Nativity scene for your lawn, this gold-toned resting camel could easily be at home next to your other blow mold figurines. While the one-humped Arabian ungulate is described on other sites as "life-sized," it measures just under 30 inches across—not sure what scale we're talking about here, but, who cares?

Resting blow mold camel comes equipped with its own light cord and socket. The manufacturer recommends an "A"-size bulb for maximum light with minimal electric usage.

General Foam Plastics Santa with Sleigh and Reindeer

santa with sleigh blow mold

Made of durable, weather-resistant polyresin, this highly sought-after Santa with reindeer is about 3 feet tall and nearly 6 feet long. The prancing reindeer lights up with a C7 bulb and is connected with a 3-foot power cord (bulb included). Santa lights up with a 4-foot cord, but you'll have to buy his bulb. Add more reindeer each year to create an old-fashioned scene across your porch or on your roof.

General Foam Plastics Dancing Santa, 40-Inch

santa blow mold

If this isn't a replica of one of General Foam's vintage blow mold Santa decorations, it sure looks like one. Santa Claus is posed while waving and goes pretty much anywhere—just not behind a giant inflatable Christmas decoration.

Union Large Snowman 40-Inch

union plastics snowman

Like Santa, this plastic Blow Mold Snowman from Union Products is painted and stands a stately 40 inches tall. Jolly snowman takes a C7 bulb to get that inner glow, and light up your porch or yard for the holidays. Place him (or her) across from Santa for a symmetrical entryway or to light up your holiday porch or snow scene.

General Foam Plastics Toy Soldier with Black Hat Figurine 32-Inch

toy soldier blow mold

General Foam Plastics had Babes in Toyland in mind when creating this erect-postured 32-inch toy soldier sporting a faux version of a black bearskin military hat. Like his other blow mold tribe, soldier boy is equipped to plug in and illuminate your porch or yard.

Union Gingerbread Figure 24-Inch

gingerbread blow mold

If only gingerbread people could be real! ​A newer design, this plus-sized cookie lights up your outdoor display and adds whimsy to the cast of characters that inhabit your yard for the holidays. This illuminated character is made by United Solutions.

What to Look for in Blow Mold Christmas Decorations


Blow molds really vary in size. You'll see smaller ones that are meant to be used indoors and larger ones that can be used in or out. If you're decorating with outside blow molds, you'll want to decide where in your yard you want to place it, and then note where it will be viewed from. You want the decoration to be large enough that it can be seen. Also, keep in mind that the bigger the size, the more money you'll be spending.

Intended Use

When you first start the search for your next (or first!) blow mold Christmas decoration, you want to narrow your search down to either outdoor or indoor ones. Outdoor blow molds are much larger than indoor ones and are obviously intended for outside use. The indoor blow molds may have added details that make it best to keep inside.


Christmas blow molds come in all different styles. From Santa Claus to camels, you'll see blow molds of every Christmas figure imaginable. No matter which one you pick, you'll get that vintage style that you're looking for.

  • What are blow mold decorations?

    Blow mold decorations are 3D figures created by connecting hollow pieces of plastic together. They became popular in the 1930's and have been a favorite vintage decoration ever since. You can find vintage blow molds or new reproductions of your favorite classic holiday characters.

  • How do you change the bulb in blow mold decorations?

    There are two types of light bulbs that are used in blow mold decorations. The first is a C7 bulb that's commonly used for night lights. If your blow mold uses this, you'll find it on a single light cord with a clip. Take out the burnt bulb and replace it with a new one. Blow molds also can use regular incandescent bulbs, which can be changed out just like a regular light bulb. Consider replacing the bulb with an LED for a long-lasting solution.

  • How do you fix holes in blow mold decorations?

    The great thing about blow mold decorations is that they are long-lasting and stand up to weather nicely. If you do discover a hole or crack in your blow mold, you'll find that it's a quick and easy project for anyone to handle. Find a strip of plastic and place it inside the hole. Attach it with an epoxy adhesive from the inside and allow it to dry. Any excess glue can be scraped away.

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