Blue Accessories for Any Style

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    Blue for Contemporary Spaces

    contemporary organic blue room
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    A blue palette has a calming influence on any space, whether your home is a contemporary loft or a cottage near a lake. Depending on the colors you pair it with, and the shades and patterns you choose, blue works beautifully in any style home. From baby blue to navy blue, there's sure to be a hue that's right for you.  

    Blue in a Contemporary Room

    Here, blue is paired with warm, natural textures and neutral colors, but it also looks great with black and white. To keep the look clean and...MORE contemporary, choose bold pops of the same blue--such as this jewel-toned turquoise--and relegate the use of color to solids rather than patterns. Here are some examples of blue accessories that would work in a contemporary room:

    • A large, sculptural vase in a glossy peacock-blue 
    • A set of sapphire pillows on a white couch
    • Abstract wall art featuring electric blue swaths of color
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    Blue for Formal and Traditional Spaces

    formal blue room
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    Whereas solid blues make the difference in a contemporary room, this space relies on a variety of blue patterns for a formal look that feels fresh. This mix of pattern—found on the striped chair, Greek key rug, Suzani pillows, and floral curtains—look cohesive because they share a palette of just two main colors: sky blue and royal blue.  Even though the feel of this room is on the traditional side, these particular blues keep the look light and airy and the pattern play keeps it from looking...MORE stuffy. 

    Another way to achieve a formal look is to layer a deep, moody blue such as indigo with warm metallics like copper or gold.  This glamorous pairing feels like the inside of a velvet-lined jewelry box and is an elegant choice for a formal dining room or even a master bedroom.

    Blue accessories for formal spaces might include:

    • An ottoman upholstered in steel blue velvet
    • Dramatic floor-to-ceiling curtain panels in a royal blue floral
    • A pair of large Ming-style vases flanking your fireplace mantel
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    Blue for Cottage or Farmhouse-Style Spaces

    blue willow plate collection
    Dave King / Dorling Kindersley / Getty

    Blue is a natural choice for cottages and farmhouses because it reflects what's often outside these types of homes: the sky and water. French country-style homes, in particular, utilize blue accents and patterns such as blue toile and ticking stripes.

    Almost any hue of blue will work in a casual space; however, choosing only one shade will make a room feel one-dimensional. By mixing blues such as robin's egg, sky blue, navy, and slate, you can achieve a look that appears to be have been...MORE collected over time.  Here are some accessories to try:

    • A collection of blue willow china displayed on a plate wall
    • A blue toile tablecloth in a dining nook, topped with a vase of yellow tulips
    • Quilts in a variety of blue patterns displayed on a ladder
    • A denim slipcover
    • A grouping of bud vases in various shades of blue displayed on a tray
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    Blue for Coastal Spaces

    nautical blue room
    Jon Lovette / Photolibrary / Getty

    You can't go wrong with blue in coastal-inspired spaces; it is the quintessential choice. Watery hues like aquamarine and teal call to mind the lake or ocean and have the same cool and calming effects, while navy and cobalt look preppy and nautical when paired with their primary color friends, red or yellow.  

    Try these coastal accessories in blue for a room that's reflective of the water:

    • An area rug sporting navy and white cabana stripes
    • Nautical flags framed as wall art
    • A basket filled...MORE with old fishing floats in various sea-glass shades
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    Blue for Modern Spaces

    modern blue room
    Eric Hernandez / Getty Images

    The key to a blue room that feels modern is the use of pattern. The ikat pillow in this image, for instance, is the focal point for the whole room. Go for geometric or trendy tribal patterns in your favorite shades of blue for the most up-to-date look. For instance:

    • A headboard upholstered in navy ikat fabric
    • A rug sporting an over-sized polka dot pattern in turquoise
    • A pair of gourd lamps with patterned blue shades.