23 Blue and Gray Living Room Ideas

gray sofas and blue accents

Design: Georgia Zikas / Photo: Jane Beiles

Blue and gray is an excellent color pairing for the living room, as it's equal parts serene and snappy. Whether you're looking to paint your space, purchase new accessories, or work with the furniture you already have, there are plenty of ways to enjoy this color combo in your own home. Read on for 23 blue and gray living rooms that are sure to provide you with tons of decorating inspiration.

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    Add a Touch of Navy

    blue and gray living room with wooden chairs

    Design: Amy Peltier / Photo: Bethany Nauert

    These living room walls are coated in a gray-blue paint that adds a soothing touch to the space. Navy blue accents add some welcome contrast to the light colors in this room.

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    Jazz Up Gray Pieces With Accessories

    gray living room with blue accents

    Design: Hunter Carson / Photo: Lauren Pressey

    If you already own mostly gray furniture but are looking to add a bit of brightness to your living room, try decorating with blue throw pillows, blankets, artwork, and the like. Purchasing these small accessories is much more cost-effective than ordering an entirely new sofa or armchair set but can easily give your space a major refresh.

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    Pair a Gray Sofa With Blue Armchairs

    gray couch and blue chairs

    Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions

    Maybe you just can't commit to a colorful sofa, and that's ok. Light blue accent chairs add color to this living room without overpowering the space.

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    Opt for a Blue and White Swirled Rug

    gray sofa and blue rug

    Design: beam&bloom / Photo: Lisa Russman Photography

    A blue and white rug like this one is cheerful and will also camouflage stains easily thanks to its patterned look. We're all about utility!

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    Mix Bold and Subdued Hues

    blue sofa and gray chairs

    Blessed Little Bungalow

    A black accent wall pops in this living room and pairs nicely with the blue velvet sectional. To tone things down a bit, gray accents fit into the space wonderfully.

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    Install Some Blue Wallpaper

    gray sofa and blue walls

    Louis Duncan-He

    You can have fun with blue wallcoverings if paint isn't your thing. Try a blue grasscloth wallpaper or install some classic stripes, then work in some gray furniture.

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    Make an Open Floor Plan Work for You

    gray accent chairs and blue rug

    Louis Duncan-He

    If you're working with an open floor plan, you may wish to integrate colors from surrounding rooms into your living room for a cohesive look. Here, a blue and white rug ties into the nearby blue cabinets flawlessly.

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    Style Your Space However You Please

    dark blue accent chair with gray furnishings

    Design: JK Interior Living / Photo: Jane Beiles

    Blue and gray living rooms are versatile given that you can style them to appeal to whatever type of aesthetic you crave, whether you're drawn to traditional spaces, enjoy boho style, or prefer rooms that are eclectic. Here, blue and gray pieces shine in a transitional living room.

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    Don't Forget to Update Your Frames

    gray walls with blue accents

    Design: JK Interior Living / Photo: Jane Beiles

    Continue your blue and white color scheme into your art display. Opt for white frames with gray or blue matting to elevate your prints.

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    Play With Pattern

    blue rug and gray swirled chairs

    Erin Williamson Design

    Gray looks great as a solid color, but there are many stunning patterned gray fabrics too. Gray swirls add a modern touch to these armchairs.

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    Don't Block the View!

    sleek and modern gray and blue living room

    Erin Williamson Design

    The view outside the living room window is the real star of the show in this space, so keeping furniture and accent pieces similar in color is a smart move. Blue and gray are welcoming hues without appearing distracting.

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    Pick the Best Rug Hue for Your Space

    blue velvet sofa and gray rug

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    A gray area rug stands out atop lighter-colored floors. If your floors are dark wood or black, you may wish to opt for a blue rug and stick with gray furnishings to achieve more of a contrast.

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    Cozy Up With the Essentials

    blue velvet chairs and gray accents

    Gray Space Interior Design

    Pillows, art, and blankets are the cozy finishing touches that your living room needs! Don't skimp on accessories like these—you'll thank yourself when movie night rolls around.

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    Skip the Sofa to Save Room

    gray furnishings and blue pillows

    Gray Space Interior Design

    In a small living room, you may prefer to forgo a sofa and style an assortment of accent chairs instead. Gray is a timeless shade, and you can zhush up your seating with any type of pillows that speak to you.

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    Design a Space for Weekend Naps

    blue sofa with blue and gray accents

    @mrs_k_at_the_bridge / Instagram

    Soft gray walls add an instant sense of calm to this living room. Who wouldn't want to curl up on this sofa and laze away on a chilly weekend afternoon?

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    Say Yes to a Sofa Duo

    blue walls and gray sofas

    @cherryorchard2022 / Instagram

    Two sofas are better than one! For optimal entertaining, try a setup like this one if space allows. Substituting an ottoman in place of a traditional coffee table makes it easy to accommodate additional visitors if needed.

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    Try a Deep Gray

    bright blue walls and gray sofa

    @athomewithreggie / Instagram

    Note that within the realm of gray furniture, there are so many shades to choose from depending on whether you're looking for something light or dark. Gray has a lot of variety to it, and bringing home some fabric swatches to evaluate in your own space can be beneficial.

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    Work in Green or Black

    high blue walls and gray sofa

    @anne_kiernan / Instagram

    Blue and gray living rooms don't have to be devoid of any other hues altogether. Don't be afraid to mix in other colors, like green or black, into your blue and green living room.

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    Go Big With a Gallery Wall

    bold gallery wall in blue and gray living room

    @style_the_hawthorns / Instagram

    And if you're drawn to even brighter colors, have fun with a gallery wall! This is a fun, easy way to showcase hues of all kinds without purchasing a hodgepodge of furniture.

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    Add Character With Picture Frame Molding

    blue and gray living room with panelling

    Design: Lara Cllarke Interiors / Photo: Jonathan Bond

    Adding picture frame molding to your walls will make any room appear grander. Paint over the molding for added definition, as seen here.

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    Use Height to Your Advantage

    blue walls and stone fireplace

    Design: Cecilia Interior Design / Photo: Nick Gould

    Take advantage of tall ceilings by painting your walls as high as they go! This midnight blue adds a touch of moodiness to the living space.

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    Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

    blue panelled walls and gray sofa

    @now_and_then_home / Instagram

    If you can't decide between paint and wallpaper, you can always enjoy a mix of both by opting for an accent wall. A gray sofa keeps this space from appearing too busy with all of the colors at play.

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    Commit to a Fave Shade

    gray sofa and blue accent wall

    Design: Georgia Zikas / Photo: Jane Beiles

    A deep blue accent wall and corresponding ottomans add some pep to this otherwise neutral living room. If you have a favorite shade of blue, use it in as many different ways throughout as space as you'd like!