10 Beautiful Blue Bathrooms

Blue bathroom
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    Blue Is Beautiful

    blue bathroom with double vanity
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    Blue is a classic bathroom color, reminiscent of the sky and water. Blue calms and relaxes; blue also inspires confidence and trust. A traditional shade for bathrooms, blue can be used as an accent with many other colors, or as the main one. 

    On the color wheel, blue moves from purple to aqua, giving you a wide range of possibilities. Pale blue expands space and has a calming, airy effect; dark blue feels masculine, strong, and cozy. Add bright yellow accents for a tropical aquarium effect, or use green for a more organic, flower-like style.

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    Blue and White Midcentury Bathroom

    blue bathroom
    Urbanism Design/Houzz

    Channel your nostalgic side with this midcentury modern bathroom by Urbanism Design, via Houzz, with a gorgeous blue geometric tile floor. The sharp floor and vanity angles are balanced by the rounded corners of the mirror and toilet.

    This bathroom is a great example of the harmonious match of blue and white. 

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    French Bathroom With Blue Floral Wallpaper

    blue bathroom
    Sims Hilditch

    A delicate blue floral wallpaper gives this bathroom by Sims Hilditch an elegant feel that is at once understated and luxurious. Fabric roman shades and distressed window frames give the impression of a stately French manor somewhere in the countryside. A spa tub becomes necessary in such a space.

    If this floral pattern isn't quite what you like, try looking at other options to build your very own French bathroom. 

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    Farmhouse Bathroom With Grey-Blue Walls

    blue bathroom

    This gorgeous grey-blue, Mountain Stream by Sherwin Williams, turns an ordinary bathroom into a mountainside oasis. Paired with dark woods, white, and neutral greens, this shade comes out at its best.

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    Small Bathroom With Blue Brick and Gold Accents

    blue bathroom
    Peter Pennoyer Architects

    You don't see colored brick that often, but when you do, it's always stunning, as in this bathroom by Peter Pennoyer Architects. Painted brick adds a touch of originality to this classic material, and in this case, the pale blue brightens up what could be a much darker space. Add gold accents for a little spark. 

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    Cute Baby Blue Bathroom

    blue bathroom
    Mona Ross Berman

    This baby blue bathroom is cute, feminine, and a definite classic. Mona Ross Berman pairs the light blue to a hex marble floor for texture and a gorgeous spherical chandelier for drama and focus.

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    White and Blue Contemporary Kids' Bathroom

    blue bathroom
    Eclipse Designs Inc/Houzz

    While the simple, classic navy-blue-and-white pairing makes this bathroom a beloved classic, it's not what really makes this room special. A hand-painted starry ceiling turns this bathroom into a fantastic space where kids can dream about guiding ships by the light of the stars. This work by Eclipse Designs, via Houzz, shows that even the most traditional pairings can be surprisingly inspiring.

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    Quirky Blue Master Bath With Double Vanity

    blue bathroom
    Wendy Labrum Interiors

    This interesting, quirky bathroom by Wendy Labrum Interiors easily reminds us of a university dorm, with its aqua-and-white tile and textured mirrors. The doors to the vanity add lots of movement to the space by balancing the straight lines of the tile and mirrors. 

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    Two-Tone Blue Retro Bathroom

    blue bathroom
    Ben Jack

    Minimalist yet delightfully retro, this bathroom by Amanda Greeley features a two-tone blue wall that adds height to the space. Accented with black hardware and a small pattern floor tile, this space successfully combines chic style and personality. The black tub almost floats along the blue wall, reminding us of a boat on a quiet sea.

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    Colorful Blue and Neutral Bathroom

    blue bathroom
    Paul Finkel/Houzz

    As a main color, blue can easily be combined with beige and grey neutrals and give space for more colors, as in this bathroom by CG&S Design-Build, via Houzz. The circular theme appears in both the art and the backsplash tile, and the dark blue pops out thanks to a warm neutral on the walls.

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    Blue Beach-Style Bathroom With Clawfoot Tub

    blue bathroom
    Studio 80

    What better color for a beach or cottage bathroom than light, airy blue? This gorgeous beach cottage bathroom by Studio 80 features a 5-panel mirrored door, a driftwood-style stool, a clawfoot tub, and of course a beautiful blue paint highlighted by a grey granite band and ivory tiles. Retro hardware adds a touch of nostalgia, and the mirrors make the small space seem bigger.