31 Blue Bathrooms That Will Relax and Recharge You

blue bathrooms

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

If you want to incorporate color into your bathroom design, look no further than shades of blue. The color of water is a natural fit for a room built around its role in keeping us clean, healthy, and refreshed.

Soothing, relaxing, and evocative of sea and sky, blue can be paired with white paint or fixtures for a timeless coastal color combination that will transport you to the Aegean or the California coast. But blue can range from light and airy to deep and moody to energizing and electric depending on the shade and the dose.

Check out these blue bathrooms that illustrate how versatile this crowd-pleasing color can be to design a bathroom you'll enjoy spending time in for years to come.

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    Mix Cement Tiles

    blue bathrooms

    JRS ID

    Interior designer Jessica Risko Smith of JRS ID chose two separate tile patterns in shades of blue for this showstopper of a bathroom. Cement tiles in turquoise and dark blue add interest to the floor and carry through to the large sleek glass walk-in shower. The wall behind the sink vanity features a medium-toned blue tile with a white decorative detail, set off by a white round decorative mirror. Adding touches of wood in the vanity and under-sink storage provides a contrast to the marble counter top and adds warmth to the overall color scheme.

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    Embrace Moody Blues

    blue bathrooms

    Design by Decus Interiors / Photo by Anson Smart

    In this bathroom from Decus Interiors, moody blue wall paint echoes the intricately veined marble vanity. A cement tile floor adds softness and interest and a vintage mirror and Pill light sconces from Kelly Wearstler complete the sophisticated, polished interpretation of a tonal bathroom.

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    Add Farmhouse Vibes

    blue bathroom

    Design by Kate Marker Interiors / Photo by Margaret Rajic

    Kate Marker Interiors painted this small powder room in a powdery medium-toned blue for a calming feel. A modern farmhouse sink and beige textiles like the pompom-trimmed half-curtains on the window add warmth.

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    Go Deep

    blue bathrooms

    Erin Williamson Design

    This bathroom from Erin Williamson Design is covered in gleaming deep blue glazed Moroccan zellige tiles that are complemented with gold accents and a whimsical star-shaped pendant light.

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    Be Authentic

    blue bathrooms

    JRS ID

    JRS ID completed a historic restoration of this blue-and-white bathroom using custom reproduction period tiles from a 1930s design and authentic period plumbing fixtures. Notes of black add a graphic touch that highlights the blue tile accents and enhances the overall design of the vintage-style room.

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    Add Wall Texture

    blue bathrooms

    White Sands Design Build

    This coastal bathroom from White Sands Design Build has textured deep blue walls that give it a dynamic but calming feel and complement the white and wood tones of the room.

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    Make It Royal

    blue bathrooms

    Tyler Karu Design + Interiors / Photo by Erin Little

    For this historic remodel in Bath, Maine, Tyler Karu Design + Interiors painted some of the irregularly shaped walls and trim in a vibrant royal blue, and carried the blue-and-white patterned floor tile into a bathtub wall niche, creating practical storage and a focal point.

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    Define Space

    blue rooms

    Design by Cathie Hong Interiors / Christy Q. Photography

    In this San Francisco condo from Cathie Hong Interiors, the bathtub and shower wall is clad in soft blue tiles laid in a vertical offset pattern with thick grout that gives them extra dimension and defines the space in the small room.

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    Electrify It

    blue bathroom

    Erin Williamson Design

    Electric blue square wall tiles on the walls of this small bathroom from Erin Williamson Design make a big statement with the bold color choice that is balanced by plenty of white and matte black plumbing fixtures.

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    Keep It Quiet

    blue bathrooms

    Studio Peake

    A whispery shade of blue on the airy patterned wall and floor tiles is complemented with pale blue paint and antique brass fixtures that honor the Edwardian bones of this quietly elegant London bathroom from Studio Peake.

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    Choose a Milky Midtone

    blue bathrooms

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This bathroom from Emily Henderson Design has milky matte mid-tone blue walls that create a tranquil feel and provide a backdrop for both modern appliances and vintage art.

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    Triangulate It

    blue bathrooms

    White Sands Design Build

    This coastal bathroom from White Sands Design Build has graphic triangular tile laid in a slightly off kilter pattern that makes it stand out from the ordinary. The rich colors of the tile are given relief with pale grout, and a weathered wood vanity adds contrast.

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    Choose a Bold Pattern

    blue bathrooms

    Desiree Burns Interiors

    This powder room from Desiree Burns Interiors has bold blue-and-white wallpaper on the upper half of the walls in a bold leafy pattern that adds personality to an otherwise simple room dominated by white and wood tones and accented with gold.

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    Add a Shade of Gray

    blue bathrooms

    Erin Williamson Design

    Erin Williamson Design covered the walls of this bathroom in Blue Gray paint from Farrow & Ball for a delicate hint of light blue that complements a vintage chandelier and vanity made from an antique table fitted with a marble top and modern sink.

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    Add Retro Glamour

    blue bathrooms

    Mary Patton Design

    This bathroom from Mary Patton Design channels the retro glamour of an earlier era, with its Venetian mirror hanging over a skirted sink, silver-toned plumbing, drapey window coverings, and powder blue walls.

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    Link It Up

    blue bathroom

    Design by Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions / Photo by Mackenzie Merrill Photography

    A wall of bold blue-and-white chain-link wallpaper and a small crystal chandelier on the ceiling results in a crisp, slightly formal look for this powder room from interior designer Amy Leferink at Interior Impressions.

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    Choose a Blue Sink

    blue bathrooms

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    A pale blue door leads to this bathroom from Ashley Montgomery Design, with its dark illustrated wallpaper, antique-style mirror, blue backsplash and round powder blue sink.

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    Flood the Zone

    blue bathrooms

    Fantastic Frank

    This Scandinavian apartment from Fantastic Frank features multi-colored blue mosaic wall tile that spills onto the floor, covering the small bathroom in shades of blue that are reminiscent of the interior of an old school swimming pool.

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    Add Purple Tones

    blue bathrooms

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    This bathroom from blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona has a simple design and a soothing neutral palette that is lifted with a coat of wall paint that straddles the line between purple and blue.

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    Be Square

    blue bathrooms

    Fantastic Frank

    In this Swedish bathroom from Fantastic Frank, large square wall tiles in shades of deep blue cover every wall, adding depth and contrast to the white and wood tones throughout the room.

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    Paint the Sky

    blue bathrooms

    Fantastic Frank

    Blue might be a conventional choice for a bathroom color palette, but this Berlin bathroom from Fantastic Frank is anything but ordinary. Located in an attic apartment with a rooftop terrace, the bathroom is located under a glass roof and includes a clawfoot tub, a jumble of plants, and a vintage-style sofa for relaxing. A towering wall painted in a celestial shade of blue mimics the sky views through the transparent ceiling.

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    Channel the Ocean

    blue bathrooms

    A Beautiful Mess

    A deep corner nook in this bathroom remodel from A Beautiful Mess takes the focus off the slightly awkward space by turning it into a feature with a wash of small sea-blue floor-to-ceiling mosaic tiles laid in a diamond pattern.

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    Focus on the Floor

    blue bathroom

    Fantastic Frank

    If you want to bring some blue tones into your bathroom without changing everything, focus on one detail, like this pretty patterned tile floor in shades of blue that makes an otherwise simple bathroom on the Spanish island of Mallorca from Fantastic Frank into something memorable.

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    Drench the Walls in Navy

    blue rooms

    Casa Watkins Living

    Saturated navy blue wall paint in this simple bathroom from Casa Watkins Living is testament to the mood-changing power of a bold wall color.

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    Bring Out the Hexagons

    blue bathrooms

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    This bungalow bathroom from Jessica Nelson Design has white walls, a wood vanity, gold accents, and a shower stall covered in deep blue hexagonal tiles that give it a deep sea feeling with a geometric edge.

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    Paint the Ceiling

    blue rooms

    Fantastic Frank

    Add an unexpected touch to a nearly all-white bathroom by painting the ceiling in a soothing shade of medium-toned blue, like this airy bathroom from Fantastic Frank.

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    Hang Airy Wallpaper

    blue bathroom

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Ryan Liebe

    Emily Henderson Design added soft blue-and-white patterned wallpaper to the upper walls of this kids' bathroom that gives it an airy, cloud-like feel. A white bath mat with a blue diamond pattern and blue bath accessories carry the color lightly through the room, and gold-toned accents add a bright metallic touch.

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    Paint the Double Vanity

    blue bathroom ideas

    Jessica Nelson Design / Carina Skrobecki Photography

    This small upstairs bathroom from Jessica Nelson Design is flooded with natural light thanks to the addition of two skylights. Rich navy paint on the double sink vanity grounds the space, a patterned rug with red tones adds warmth, and soft gold-toned hardware and cabinet pulls add some sheen.

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    Try Two Tone

    blue bathroom

    Jessie Tobias Design / Sarah Szwajkos Photography

    When adding blue to a bathroom, don't limit yourself to a single tone. This small bathroom from Jessie Tobias Design uses two shades of blue—pale blue subway tile in the shower and midtone blue paint on the sink vanity—that works together without matching, adding fresh color to the space.

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    Paint the Wainscoting

    blue bathroom with bathtub

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Matte navy paint covers the wood paneling in this bathroom from Emily Henderson Design that complements the white clawfoot tub and creates a cozy feel that helps to compensate for the room's high placed windows. Cool silver accents and gray-toned floor tile are warmed up with an organic wood stool for keeping bath supplies at the ready.

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    Try Bold Wallpaper

    blue bathroom wallpaper

    Jessie Tobias Design / Sarah Szwajkos Photography

    Don't be afraid to go bold in a tiny space. This powder room from Jessie Tobias Design gets an outsized dose of personality thanks to indigo blue patterned blue wallpaper complements the brown wood vanity and shiny gold-toned fixtures.