15 Stunning Blue Color Combinations for Your Bedroom

Bedroom painted with light blue-colored walls with natural light filtering in through window

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

The color of the sky, the ocean, and the happiest bird, blue has an inherent peaceful stillness that soothes the senses even as it refreshes the spirit. It's no wonder that after neutrals shades, blue is the most popular color for decorating bedrooms. And what makes it even more praiseworthy is its adaptability. Match it with just about any other color—it works. Use it with just about any decorating theme—it can handle it. So whether you like your blues whisper-soft or extra-bright, mixed with a strong color, or partnered with a pastel, there's a color combination that's right for you. ​These bedrooms show you how to do blue right.

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    Blue and Brown

    blue and brown guest bedroom

    Stephanie Hoey Interiors

    A great color duo is blue and brown, like this comfortable bedroom designed by Stephanie Hoey Interiors. Differing shades of brown in a variety of textures add dimension: the light colored wooden dresser, the dark-stained outline of the chair, and the tan and beige colored bedding show a great range. Pairing this with the pale blue curtains and the light blue pillows, and tying it together with the blue patterned area rug makes a subtle but charming combination.

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    Blue and Pink

    bedroom with pale blue walls and hot pink accents, with pink flower mural on the ceiling

    JK Interior Living

    Blue and pink are a delightful combination–no need to pick one over the other. This bright room from JK Interior Living is proof that these colors can go hand in hand. The pale periwinkle walls serve as an excellent backdrop for the pink wall art and decor, allowing them pop. The added pink floral detail on the ceiling shows that these colors can work in perfect harmony.

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    Blue and Black

    black chandelier in a blue and white bedroom

    KatarzynaBialasiewicz/via Getty Images

    Pairing any color with black is bound to make a statement, and blue is no exception. Adding black into your bedroom doesn't have to be overly dramatic, though. Including it through accents is a great way to create an anchor without overpowering the space. The cerulean color bed in this room certainly stands out, but the black and white art prints and the unique charcoal chandelier elevate the room to a bold, modern level.

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    Blue and Silver

    blue and silver modern bedroom

    If Walls Could Talk

    Darker blues and silver are a perfect pairing if you're looking for something classic and sophisticated. Just like this bedroom designed by If Walls Could Talk, the silver accents are a perfect highlight that doesn't distract you from the blue focal point. The cool tones in both shades mean they aren't competing with each other for the spotlight–they make a great team.

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    Blue and Gold

    Pastel blue abstract painting above king size bed in elegant bedroom with gold accents

    KatarzynaBialasiewicz via Getty Images

    However, silver isn't the only ​metallic that blue works well with. This elegant bedroom proves that gold is just as dazzling. The best mix of these two colors is using gold in accent pieces, the way this room included the lamps, chairs, and small decor. With navy and cloudy shades on the bed and chairs, the room gives a modern and sophisticated feel.

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    Blue and Purple

    Blue and purple bedroom
    Margot Austin

    When blue is paired with purple, the results can be soft and sweet, like the bedroom here from designer and stylist Margot Austin. However, this combination can also become dramatic and moody when the chosen hues are dark and intense. Either way, combining these two cool colors makes for a soothing bedroom with a striking appearance. 

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    Blue and Red

    Blue and red bedroom
    Eric Hernandez/Getty Images

    Want a palette that pops, yet is easy to modify by going slightly muted with your chosen colors? Then give red and blue a try. It's a classic country palette, especially when mixed with white as in the country charmer shown here. But you aren't limited to casual or rustic styles: contemporary, retro, and Asian themes all work well in blue and red. It also makes a great palette option for a child's bedroom.

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    Blue and Orange

    blue and orange child's bedroom


    Blue and orange are color complements, meaning that they sit directly across from each other on the color wheel. When used together, they have a powerful contrast and a definite dramatic vibe, so this isn't the palette for a highly subdued or tranquil feel. Still, when used as accents, not as primary colors, blue and orange add a sense of excitement without overwhelming the space. For proof, check out the geometric teen bedroom shown here.

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    Blue and White

    Blue and white bedroom
    Kim Armstrong Interior Design

    Match white with any other pure color, and you end up with a striking room. Combine white with a dark hue of pure blue, as in this lovely room from Kim Armstrong Interior Design, and you get a major dose of tranquility accented with a splash of drama. Add the nautical touches in the accessories throughout the space, and the final result is a bedroom that both soothes and delights.

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    Blue and Yellow

    eclectic blue and yellow bedroom with various patterns and designs

    Dazey Den

    Blue and yellow are quite different in feel—yellow is cheery and warm, while blue is relaxed and cool—yet they complement each other beautifully. While you can work this palette to perfection with just about any decorating theme, it certainly plays well in this stunning eclectic bedroom from Dazey Den

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    Blue and Neutral

    Blue and neutral bedroom
    Eric Hernandez/Getty Images

    The beauty of neutrals is that they can carry a room on their own, but they also play well with every other color. When you add accents of blue to a neutral theme, as in this featured bedroom, you add a big dose of peace and serenity to an otherwise bland space. It's even better in a room with rustic touches, like the weathered wood wall here.

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    Blue and Gray

    Blue and gray bedroom
    Tom Sibley/Getty Images

    While blue and gray are both on the cool side of the spectrum, they don't have to cast a chill on your interior design. Just add in some touches of bright blue, like the turquoise throw pillows here, to chase off any cloudy or too-subdued doldrums. By keeping the gray soft and the other blues muted, the room's overall vibe remains very serene and relaxed, yet still inviting. 

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    Blue and Beige

    Lake house style blue and beige bedroom

    Hannah Tyler Designs

    If you prefer a calm, peaceful atmosphere, then you should try pairing blue and beige. These two have tons of versatility, regardless of which shade of blue you prefer. Whether you choose navy for contrast, a light blue for a beach style, or a moderate option for a tranquil oasis (as Hannah Tyler Designs did here with this lake house bedroom), you can't go wrong.

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    Go Monochromatic

    Modern blue-centered bedroom

    Robin Ivy for Blakely Interior Design

    Blue indeed works well with essentially every color–including itself. Monochromatic color schemes may seem like overkill to some, but they can be stunning when done correctly. This bedroom from Blakely Interior Design is a fitting example. The wallpaper incorporates navy and sky shades of blue, and the unique pattern allows both of them to shine, rather than looking drab and boring. The patterned rug on the floor and the lamps on the bedside tables build upon the blue color scheme, and the result is a serene and stylish atmosphere.

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    Blue and Green

    Blue and green bedroom
    Crisp Architects

    Sitting next to each other on the color wheel, blue and green work together in perfect harmony. You can choose to go bright, but for a more soothing bedroom, stick with a pastel tint of blue and a slightly stronger lime green, as in the room designed by Crisp Architects shown here. Light blue walls and white molding create a wonderful backdrop for the pops of blue and lime green within the furniture, curtains, bedding, and accent pillows.