25 Beautiful Blue Bedrooms Ideas

Gold and blue tree wallpaper
Photo: Turquoise
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    Decorating the Bedroom in Blue

    Bedroom with light blue walls.
    Photo: Phoebe Howard

    Ask a group of people what their favorite color is, and chances are, the majority will answer blue. Surveys all over the world are in agreement—blue is the most popular color. It's even more of a star in the bedroom, thanks to its inherently soothing, tranquil vibe that helps people feel more peaceful and fall asleep faster. Take a peek at the lovely bedroom from designer Phoebe Howard shown here. You cannot help but feel about good going to bed in such a lovely space. You, too, can incorporate some of these ideas to decorate your own perfect bedroom in blue.

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    The Perfect Blue for Bedroom Walls

    A slightly grayed mid-tone blue is just about the most relaxing color you can choose for the bedroom. Add in some pretty touches, like a mirrored dresser and beautiful light fixture in this bedroom from Sarah Gallop Design Inc., and you have a space that is dreamy even while you are awake. 

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    Chinoiserie Wallpaper

    Chinoiserie is a classic pattern—it is very popular in provincial French country design and shows off various scenes of life in long-ago China as imagined by Europeans. In this elegant bedroom from Massucco Warner Miller, the blue and white chinoiserie wallpaper is Summer Palace from Osborne & Little.

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    Decorate with Blue and Green

    One of the most popular colors to pair with blue is green. Both are cool, serene hues, and because they sit next to each other on the color wheel, they complement each other perfectly, so no fear of clashing. Here, a watery mid-tone blue is lovely behind a sage green bed. This bedroom is from Jennifer Flanders Interior Design.

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    Match Blue with Orange for High Contrast

    Sometimes, you can get tired of playing it safe with your decor. And that is usually where color comes in. How about matching bright turquoise walls with complementary blues from the color wheel? Vibrant orange provides hot contrast to blue's coolness, adding lots of drama to this spectacular room from Kendall Wilkinson Design. The chandelier, ornate mirror, mural, and sexy zebra bench are the crowning touches to this fabulous space.

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    One Step Below Black on Your Bedroom Walls

    Black bedroom walls were once unthinkable, but now are rather chic. If you want to try the trend, but prefer something a little less goth, go with a navy blue so dark, it almost appears to be black in the right light. This room from Brian Watford Interiors shows you how great it looks.

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    Blue Floral Wallpaper in the Bedroom

    Floral wallpaper is a classic look, but today's florals are nothing like the fussy, small-scale prints your grandma loved. This bedroom from Alexandra Kaehler Designs works in a touch of the Hollywood Regency design style with the mirrored nightstands, but it's the unexpected blue floral wallpaper that is the star here. 

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    Analogous Color Schemes

    Want to decorate with a lot of colors, but fear you will clash or do it wrong? Then choose three analogous colors—these are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel, such as the blue, purple, and green in this cute and colorful bedroom from Lucy and Company—and you are guaranteed great results. If you love the bold wallpaper on the accent wall, it is called Leaf from Harlequin.

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    Blue Gets Eclectic

    If you cannot decide on one style of decor, mix things up a bit. Do you love color and plenty of pattern? Then your decorating style might be more on the eclectic side, and you probably love this bedroom from Absolutely Beautiful Things. The wonderful blue and white wallpaper is called Round and Round the Garden from Porter's.

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    Pale Blue Serenity

    Palest blue walls.
    Photo: Lonny

    Want the ease of white but not the lack of color? Then you cannot go wrong with the softest wash of pale blue. Match it with white furniture and bedding, and your design with serenity in mind is complete.

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    Blue and Brown in the Bedroom

    Blue and brown is another classic color combo; it's masculine and yet appeals to women. It is sophisticated but not pretentious, traditional but not stuffy. This room from Jamie Herzlinger combines bold pattern on the walls and carpet, yet it is fairly subdued throughout the rest of the space.

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    Dark Blue Bedroom Walls

    If you like a bit of drama, but prefer to avoid brash brights, consider dark blue for your bedroom walls. This slightly moody feel provides the perfect backdrop for special touches like the zebra bench and pretty chandelier in this room designed by Meredith Heron Design.

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    Blue Gets Glamorous

    While blue is generally chosen for its relaxing properties, there is no reason it cannot be used in a glamorous bedroom, as well. In this romantic and glamorous space from Summer Thornton Design, a tufted velvet turquoise bed is the lead star, while the gorgeous wallpaper and chandelier deserve awards for their supporting roles.

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    Blue Pastels Are so Peaceful

    Pastel blue, especially in the watery, greenish tints used in this beautiful cottage bedroom from Jack Fhillips Design, is so restful and easy on the eyes and the spirit. To make your bedroom even more of a welcoming space, treat yourself to a fresh bouquet of flowers, just like in this room.

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    Blue and White Is a Classic Decorating Palette

    One of the most popular color combinations in the bedroom—or any room of the house, really—is blue and white. In this bedroom from Plum Interiors, a mix of blues and different patterns grab the eye. The deep blue headboard and footboard serves as the room's focal point.

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    Use Navy Instead of Black in the Bedroom

    Navy blue bed
    Photo: Chango & Co.

    Black furniture is expected, but navy blue shakes things up a bit while keeping the same level of sophistication. In this stylish room from Chango & Company, a navy blue bed steals the spotlight.

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    Blue and White Cottage Bedroom

    DIY rustic wooden blue headboard
    Photo: JS Interiors

    Give your cottage or beach bedroom a little do-it-yourself love with an old stretch of wooden fence brushed with light blue paint, as in this charming bedroom from JS Interiors. 

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    Turquoise Walls in the Master Bedroom

    Bedroom with light turquoise walls.
    Photo: Decorpad

    Looking for a color that manages to combine sophistication with a somewhat tropical flair? Then the watery shade of turquoise shown here should suit you just fine. The mid-tone blue adds a fun touch of color to a room that is otherwise quite traditional.

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    Red, White, and Blue in the Bedroom

    Red, white, and blue is a classic decorating color scheme. This wonderful bedroom from Dalia Canora Design shows the palette is just as suited to the Union Jack as it is to Uncle Sam.

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    Gray-Blue: Safe But Not Neutral

    If too much color is not really your thing and you do not favor neutrals, consider a grayish blue like the one in this room from Bella Mancini Design. It's cool and sophisticated, but not chilly or sterile.

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    Beach Cottage Bedroom

    Blue is of course the color of the ocean, so it makes sense that a beach cottage bedroom would be decorated in this favorite hue. Here, Whitten Architects chose a palette of turquoise, navy, mid-blue, and sea glass green.

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    Leopard Print Adds Spice to the Bedroom

    Navy blue and white is a rather dramatic combination on its own, but when a pair of leopard benches get added to the mix, poof: A little walk on the wild side is all it takes to spice up a room. This terrific bedroom is from The Teacher Diva.

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    Cornflower Blue Is a Happy Hue

    Cornflower blue bedroom walls
    Photo: Decorpad

    Blue is generally considered a peaceful, relaxed color, but if you are looking for a cheerful tint of this popular hue, consider cornflower. It is almost bright, but not quite; pretty, and yet not overly sweet; happy, and yet not too stimulating. 

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    Use Blue Wallpaper for an Accent Wall

    Gold and blue tree wallpaper
    Photo: Turquoise

    A gorgeous wallpaper makes it so easy to liven up your bedroom, whether you choose to paper all four walls or simply turn the wall at the head of your bed into an accent wall, as in this gorgeous space from Turquoise. The wallpaper is Family Tree from Ferm Living.

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    Turquoise and Lime for a Teen Girl's Bedroom

    Looking for the perfect palette for a teen girl's bedroom? Lime green and turquoise hit the spot, as beautifully demonstrated in this nod to retro from Muse Interiors.