Is It Safe to Eat Blue Cheese on a Gluten-free Diet?

Yorkshire blue cheese, close up
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Question: Is it safe to eat blue cheese on a gluten-free diet?

Until recently blue cheese has been classified as a food to avoid on gluten-free diets. Understandably so - traditionally the milk used to make blue cheese has been, and still is, inoculated with mold spores grown on breads or cultures that contain gluten.

So how can blue cheese be safe to add to your gluten-free diet? Read the evidence and you decide.


Alexandria Anca, MHSc., RD, Advisor to the Canadian Celiac Association (CCA) Professional Advisory Board has written a revealing article in CCA "Celiac News" entitled Blue Cheese in the Gluten-Free Diet - A Research Update that should put to rest our perceptions that blue cheese is unsafe to eat on gluten-free diets.

Other names for blue cheese include Roquefort (French,) Stilton (English,) Gorgonzola (Italian.) Blue cheese can be made from cow, sheep and goat milk.

From the research analysis:

  • Analysis of blue cheese samples conducted by "Dr. Terry Koerner's laboratory in the Food Research Division at Health Canada. Three different commercial ELISA test kits were used."
  • 5 blue cheese / mold samples tested: 3 blue cheese samples made with mold cultured on gluten-containing media, two samples of mold cultured on wheat-based dextrose.
  • Results: Each sample was tested 3 times, using each of the 3 ELISA tests.
  • No detectable levels of gluten were found in any of the samples.

The Canadian Celiac Association has added blue cheese to its' Acceptability of Food and Food Ingredients for the Gluten-Free Diet pocket dictionary."

Still not convinced?

Read in-depth "Blue Cheese in the Gluten-Free Diet: A Research Update" by Alexandria Anca, MHSc, RD

Looking for a blue cheese product not cultured with mold grown on gluten-containing medium?

Rosenborg Blue Cheese - Made with gluten-free cultures "All Rosenborg-Castello® cheeses are made with mold cultures that are gluten free. It is thus safe to eat for people that are allergic to gluten."

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