We Can't Get Enough of These 40 Blue Dining Rooms

deep blue walls

Turnbow Photography

Today's dining rooms are much less formal in nature, which is a great thing, because it means that going all out with color is A-OK! While dining spaces of the past frequently featured wood furnishings, traditional accents, and little to no pops of bright hues, the times have changed—majorly.

One of our favorite colors to use in the dining room? Blue. There are so many directions that one can take with this magical color. Pale blue, turquoise, cornflower blue, and navy, just to name a few shades, all evoke such different types of feelings. Whether your style is coastal chic or you can't resist anything glam, there's no reason you can't have fun working a bit of blue into your space.

Here, we're sharing 40 blue dining rooms that we greatly admire. Note that if you're willing to tackle your walls, that's one easy way to add blue to your dining space—but those who would prefer not to paint or wallpaper will still find tons of inspo from the pictures we've rounded up here. The right seating, upholstery, and accent pieces can go a long way, too.

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    Rockin' Robin's Egg Blue

    robins egg blue dining room

    Erika Conner

    Blogger Erika Conner of Olive and June Home crafted a geometric accent wall in her dining room, which she then painted a lovely robin's egg blue. Her wooden furniture, which she had also used when the space was painted yellow, looks lovely against the soothing hue. The wall pattern also adds a major on-trend element to the space and really draws the eye to that section of the room.

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    A Bright Mix

    blue rustic dining room

    Michelle Scheibe

    There's no need to purchase a matching set of chairs—combining a few existing sets can actually make for a stylish setup. Decor and the Dog's Michelle Scheibe shows us that bright yellow chairs can pair wonderfully with a bold blue backdrop. She designed this space to reflect a rustic aesthetic, but the blue walls keep the room ultra current.

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    Purple Picks

    blue and purple dining room

    Brian Cole

    Blue and purple are wonderful colors to use together, and here, in this room by Etch Design Group, a muted purple is the answer. Various blue tones take the spotlight while the purple chairs make for an elegant complement.

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    Hazy Blue

    gallery wall in dining room

    Erin Spain

    A blue-gray color shines in blogger Erin Spain's dining room, which is made even more lovely with the addition of a gallery wall. There's no need to fill an entire open space with pictures—rather, a well curated collection of six or seven pieces is all you need for a showstopping design moment.

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    Charming Combo

    blue walls and crown molding

    Katherine Medlin

    Home stylist, decorator, and blogger Katherine Medlin really gave her dining room a major makeover, painting it a happy blue hue and adding crown molding, which adds a sophisticated touch. Like we see here, mixing various shades of blues within a space is a total win—a cobalt blue bar cart in the corner provides added function and charm.

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    Blue and Black

    blue and white dining room

    Megan Duesterhaus

    Blue and white is a timeless combo. If you want to go for a moodier look, make like blogger Megan Duesterhaus and add some deep black accents, too. Wooden pieces will also complement the palette wonderfully.

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    A Bit of Orange

    blue dining room with orange accents

    Kevin O'Gara

    Thou Swell's Kevin O'Gara shows us that mixing a variety of colors within a space can look absolutely stunning. While the walls in this dining room are a crisp blue, orange, red, and green accents also look incredible styled throughout the space. A bold, modern light fixture draws the eye upward and is truly a work of art.

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    Party in the Back

    wavy blue fabric

    Kelly Finley

    Choose upholstery that isn't only fun to look at from the front but has something to offer in the back, too! Designer Kelly Finley chose fabric with a beautiful wavy blue print that can be appreciated even when the chairs are pushed in.

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    Going Glam

    blue floral dining room

    Cony Maradiaga

    Instagrammer Cony Maradiaga's dining room makes blue and gray look ultra glam. If you're looking for more ways to incorporate a particular color into your dining room, don't forget about florals. Whether real or faux, they'll draw your guests' attention right away.

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    Coastal Classic

    blue and white coastal dining room


    Calypso in the Country's Shelley incorporated coastal touches into her blue and white dining room. A collection of pottery and some coral decor pair wonderfully with the room's traditional looking furnishings.

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    By the Beach

    beachy dining room

    Rachel Shingleton

    Designer Rachel Shingleton created a coastal glam look in her dining room, which incorporates turquoise, navy, pale blue, and more. It instantly transports us to a luxe beachside retreat.

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    Red-y or Not

    blue and red dining room

    Sonya Barker

    Blogger Sonya Barker shows us that blue and red can make for a fabulous pair! While Barker opted to paint the upper portion of her walls in a calming shade, she went bold when it came to the room's furniture and textiles. And we love the combo, which has some retro flair.

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    Curated Yet Chill

    blue and leather

    Nishia / Instagram

    Nishia at Stay Interiors design studio paired blue walls with a white marble table and leather chairs for a contemporary setup that looks curated yet chill. A funky brass light fixture is a fantastic finishing touch.

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    Shelfie Goals

    blue built in shelving

    Kyle J Caldwell

    We always love the idea of painting the backs of built in shelving a pleasing color that isn't just a plain white. Here, blue is a winner! White pottery really stands out against the contrasting backdrop in this space by Bees Knees Interior Design Studio.

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    Versatile Seating

    nailhead chairs blue

    Eunice / Instagram

    Nailhead chairs look fantastic in a number of styles of spaces and are roomy and soft enough to please any guest. Here in Instagrammer Eunice's space, they have a glam look paired with the sparkling chandelier above.

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    MCM Magic

    mid-century modern dining room

    Chaney Widmer

    Blogger Chaney Widmer designed a mid-century modern dining room with blue walls and wooden furnishings, some of which lean mid century modern and some that are more traditional looking. A rug featuring a mix of bright shades ties the space together perfectly.

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    No Paint Necessary

    blue dining chairs and rug

    Jen Woodhouse

    If you don't want to paint your walls, there are still many easy ways to add pops of blue to your dining room. Blogger Jen Woodhouse had fun with blue chairs and a colorful rug that liven up her space. Tableware is also a simple way to play with color—choose placemats, napkins, and glassware in the shade of your choice, no major makeover required.

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    Pretty Pottery

    ginger jars, blue and white chairs

    Amy Havins

    In a similar vein, pottery and other accessories can be a great way to add instant color to any dining setup. Blogger Amy Havins styled a ginger jar centerpiece that is ultra charming alongside her blue and white seating.

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    Totally Two-Toned

    blue dining room hexagon shelving

    Sarai Reed / Instagram

    Home consultant Sarai Reed went for a two-toned look in her modern dining space. Above the table, she grouped together geometric shelving for some extra storage that doubles as art!

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    Happy Hues

    colorful dining room

    Kylie Fitts Photography

    Designer Danielle Chiprut made her dining room look nice and cheery. The space features so many of our favorite hues throughout—a bright blue, of course, but also gold and pink!

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    Chinoierie Chic

    hollywood regency dining

    Natalie Wong

    For a glam look, try mixing blue and black. Instagrammer Natalie Wong shows us how its done by adding luxe velvet fabric atop her glossy black chippendale chairs and then adding other delightful Hollywood Regency touches. The stenciled wall pattern is truly beautiful.

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    Boho Bliss

    deep blue walls

    Turnbow Photography

    This blue, so deep that it almost looks like black, stands out in this sophisticated space by Urbanology Designs. Bohemian touches, including a blanket ladder, sheepskin through, and pops of rattan add texture and personality to the room.

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    Go Geometric

    geometric walls

    Mia Baxter Smail

    Why so serious? There's no reason not to add a little whimsy to your walls! Ultra formal dining rooms are so yesterday, after all. We love the pattern that Etch Design Group chose to implement in this space.

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    Friendly Florals

    blue and white wallpaper

    Cheryl Luckett / Instagram

    Instagrammer Cheryl Luckett also styled chippendale chairs in her dining space but opted for a neutral finish. A vintage looking blue rug and blue floral wallpaper add lots of visual interest to the space—you don't need to go for bold furnishings to create a vibrant room.

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    Look Up

    blue ceiling

    Tasha Agruso

    Blogger Tasha Agruso had so much fun incorporating the color blue into her dining space that she even added it to the ceiling! Ceiling accents, whether in the form of paint or wallpaper, are majorly in style and add so much intrigue to a space. Your friends won't be able to stop commenting on them when they visit.

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    Countryside Charm

    chinoiserie dining room

    Emmie Ho

    Chinoiserie lovers will fall for blogger Emmie Ho's dining room, which features floral curtains, a classic hutch, and of course, lots of gorgeous china. If you have a great collection of plates or glassware, don't forget to use them as decor, too.

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    Crisp Mix

    coastal dining room

    Colleen Scott Photography

    Designer Carla Aston's dining room has a casual yet crisp vibe. A jute rug and grasscloth wallpaper bring coastal flair to the space, which is ultra welcoming and comforting thanks to the plush seating.

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    Royal Wall Treatement

    blue grasscloth wallpaper

    Chrissy Marie Serrano

    Blogger Chrissy Marie Serrano also used grasscloth wallpaper in her dining space, opting for a navy blue. Paired with board and batten, it really makes her walls sing!

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    Plants, Please

    floral prints on blue walls

    @smitteninteriors5 / Instagram

    Dainty floral prints are a great way to spice up a blank wall without making a space look too busy. These, like the rest of the items in this room by Smitten Interiors, lean a bit more modern when placed in sleek black frames.

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    Don't Forget the Floors

    blue and white rug

    Alison / Instagram

    A rug is a great way to easily liven up a space with color. Instagrammer Alison chose a sweet blue and white print for hers, which adds some welcome pattern to the room.

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    Print Play

    chandelier blue dining room

    Jen / Instagram

    If you're hesitant to fully commit to blue walls, try an accent wall and see what you think! Or, simply devote one wall of your dining room to a fun wallpaper print, as Instagrammer Jen did here. It's a great way to experiment with pattern and do something a bit off the beaten path.

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    Have Fun With Velvet

    velvet dining chairs

    Rebecca / Instagram

    Velvet is a great way to add texture to your space while ensuring it remains nice and cozy. These blue chairs in Instagrammer Rebecca's dining room lean modern, but other velvet picks can veer more traditional, meaning there are options for every style preference.

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    Deck Out the Door

    two toned blue walls

    Sam / Instagram

    When going for a two-toned look, take it to the next level by incorporating your door, too. Instagrammer Sam's dining room looks nice and funky with this clever twist. Just don't forget the painter's tape to ensure your lines are even!

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    Organic Elements

    organic touches

    Becky / Instagram

    In Instagrammer Becky's dining room, a board and batten wall painted blue and two blue chairs provide the color, while wooden furnishings and sheepskin add an organic touch. The best of both worlds! And remember that greenery always makes for excellent decor, so let those plant babies shine.

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    Not Just Neutrals

    blue and black and white

    Vicky / Instagram

    Yes, you can love black and white and also have some fun with blue. There's no need to stick solely to neutrals, after all. Instagrammer Vicky definitely did in her dining room, mixing a blue accent wall in with black and white artwork, chairs, and a rug.

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    Dazzling Disco

    sparkling blue dining room

    Natalia / Instagram

    When in doubt, bust out the disco ball! No, seriously, do it—Instagrammer Natalia incorporated two in her dining room, and they shimmer and shine so nicely against the deep blue walls.

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    Something Subtle

    muted blue

    David Burroughs

    Feeling more subdued? Try incorporating some muted blues into your dining space. Here, Purple Cherry Architects and Marika Meyer Interiors show us how it's done.

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    Springtime Joy

    blue ceiling

    Kip Dawkins

    This dining room by designer Sara Hillery makes us think of springtime, but of course, it's surely a wonderful place to gather all year round thanks to its delightful colors. Again, we see a fun statement ceiling at play—painted a swimming pool blue.

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    Curl Up

    blue and white chairs

    Kyle J Caldwell

    This family-friendly dining room incorporates a cushioned bench at the table, which will encourage everyone to kick back and stay awhile longer. Blue walls, chairs, and accent pillows contribute to this preppy space by Bees Knees Interior Design Studio.

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    So Sculptural

    blue wall with sculpture

    Cate Black Photography

    Add pizzazz to an empty wall with a sculptural accent as Etch Design Group did here, then have fun with curtains and piping to work some other hues into the mix!