16 Beautiful Blue Living Room Ideas

Living room with blue velvet couches elegantly decorated with metal and glass furniture with large windows

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

The color blue, no matter how pale or dark, is a spectacular hue known for its unmistakable calming and also dramatic effects. It is also one of mother nature's favorite shades from the pitch-perfect beauty of both the morning and evening skies to stormy ocean waters. When it comes to decorating a living room, there is an ideal shade of blue for every mood and style you wish to evoke. So whether your thing is nautical or modern, these gorgeous blue living rooms will help you identify your new favorite shade.

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    Midnight Blue in a Small Apartment Living Room

    blue black living room walls
    Lindsay Pincus

    Interior designer Lindsay Pincus strikes just the right tone of midnight blue in this midcentury-inspired living room. Teetering on the very edge of jet black without going full-on makes the smallish space feel nearly twice its actual size. Note how the rich hue beautifully frames the stellar views from the two large bay windows. Gold and red tones, as well as the crisp white ceiling, balance out the dark walls, which keeps the room feel vibrant yet relaxed.

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    Blue and Gray Modern Farmhouse Living Room

    blue living room in Modern farmhouse
    Chango and Company

    A blue accent wall anchors this blue and gray living room in an authentic farmhouse remodeled by Chango and Company. A bright white ceiling and trim keep things feeling light and airy. Furnishing in pale neutral tones and dark woods add both contrast and visual interest while enhancing the room's modern vibe.

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    Small and Monochromatic Blue Living Room

    monochromatic simple small living room in blue
    Turek Interior Design

    Seriously, nothing appears quite as modern as a monochromatic space like this blue living room by Turek Interior Design. Painting the ceiling and walls the same shade makes the small space feel a cozy little cocoon. The blue furnishing and large rug create the illusion of more floor space. Decorative accents most notably, brass, marble, and natural wood tones, uplift the room with pops of brightness.

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    Navy Blue Walls Offset Colorful Furniture

    Bold blue living room with yellow and pink accents
    The Vawdrey House

    Rich and moody walls set the stage for an explosion of color in this jewel box living room by The Vawdrey House. The navy blue background throws focus on the candy pink and lemon yellow furniture.

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    This NYC Living Room Pairs Brick Walls With Blue Colors

    Living with blue furniture and brick walls
    MyHome Design and Remodeling

    The pops of blue shown in this update by MyHome Design and Remodeling are subtle yet effective. The rug, throw, and chairs come together to create the feeling that the room is much bluer than it actually appears. We also love how the blue colors mix with the brick feature and white walls. The combination creates a space that is both warm and bright.

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    How to Make a Teal Living Room Feel Effortlessly Chic and Casual

    Teal den
    Zoë Feldman

    Teal is a bluish-green color that adds a massive dose of elegance to the casual yet chic living room by interior designer Zoë Feldman. A leather club chair and faux fur accents pile on the luxury while the colorful rug and velvet bean bag chair bring the whimsy.

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    Glossy Blue Walls in an Elegant Living Room

    Rich blue living room with velvet furniture
    Ann Lowengart Interiors.

    Glossy blue walls further elevate this traditional living room by Ann Lowengart Interiors.  Ample natural light streaming in through the ginormous windows brightens up and highlights the subtle mix of blue tones used throughout the space.

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    Living Room Fit for a Midcentury Bachelor

    midcentury inspired blue living room
    Studio McGee

    Low profile furniture and low hung artwork bring the blue in this midcentury-inspired living room by the Studio McGee. The result is a space with a bachelor pad vibe.

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    Modern Nautical Living Room With Pops of Navy Blue

    neutral living room with navy blue accents
    Ariel Okin

    Pops of navy blue give this neutral living room by interior designer Ariel Okin a distinctive breezy vibe that does not feel too beachy. Natural embellishments, including the gorgeous greenery and matching wicker baskets, complete the modern yet subtle nautical theme.

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    Glossy Blue Walls in an Eclectic Small Living Room

    moody living room with bright colors
    Alison Giese Interiors

    A small, narrow living room painted a deep and glossy shade of blue feels 100% original thanks to Alison Giese Interiors. The interior designer achieved the eclectic look by filling the space with a broad range of furniture and accents in different styles. The leather chair and matching stool are a vintage Eames lounger set. The small King Louis chair is covered with a whimsical leopard patterned fabric. One of our favorite small space decorating tricks involves plexiglass furniture. Here a coffee table made of the material seemingly disappears into thin air, creating the illusion of open floor space.

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    How to Create an Art Decor Inspired Living Room

    Black and blue art deco inspired living room
    Black Lacquer Design

    If you cannot live without drama in your home, pair deep shades of blue with moody black. In this, for instance, by Black Lacquer Design, a black ceiling and decorative accents in jer throw focus on the bold blue sofa. Additional hints of blue color spotted throughout the room unifies the look of the art deco-inspired space.

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    Create a Focal Point With Blue Paint

    Blue focal point in living room
    Black Lacquer Design

    Here a striking shade of teal blue paint enhances the architectural elements in this living room by Black Lacquer Design. Note how the rug and pillow pick up the blue color, creating a sense of visual harmony,

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    Contemporary Living Room With Plush Blue Furniture

    skyblue living room
    Kristen Nix Interiors

    Beige walls create a neutral backdrop for comfortable blue furniture to stand out in this space by Kristen Nix Interiors.   

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    How to Strike a Balance Between Contrasting Colors

    luxe blue living room
    Helen Green Designs

    The rich, robust, and deep indigo and black walls in this living room Helen Green Designs allow the pale neutral furnishings to uplift the mood of the entire space. The luxurious velvet pillows on the sofa help to unify the room's color scheme while adding irresistible and touchable texture.

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    Pair Blue Walls With White Trim

    moody blue living room with leather club chair
    Park and Oak

    Adding white trim to blue walls will give any room a bit of polish, as shown in this living room by Park and Oak. The moody shade blue also beautifully offsets the small collection of wall art.

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    Blue Walls and Jewel Tones Furniture

    Blue living room with green sofa
    Studio McGee

    Pairing lovely blue walls with a jewel tone sofa is a winning combination in this living room by Studio McGee. The large floor to ceiling mirror helps to make the modestly sized space feel twice its actual size. Keeping the ceiling white creates the illusion of the height. A pale rug keeps the focus on the emerald sofa.