15 Beautiful Blue Rooms

Dining room with large print

tasha.kaleidoscope / Instagram

There are few colors that are both as timeless and as trendy as blue. Blue is one of those hues that is so versatile that you could theoretically use it in every room in your house and never get bored. While a blue room can be a relaxing, tranquil space, it can also lend a bold look or a moody feel, depending on the shade.

If you are looking for some blue inspiration, click through for our favorite blue rooms.

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    A Muted Living Room

    Muted dark blue living room

    house.of.fox / Instagram

    This living room from house.of.fox is a great example of how blue can look both classic and traditional, but also trendy and modern. A muted, darker shade of blue (think Farrow & Ball's Hague Blue) is a great shade to create a simple palette that works well with neutrals such as gray or white.

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    Go Light Blue in the Kitchen

    Light blue kitchen

    erinkestenbaum / Instagram

    This kitchen from erinkestenbaum features a dusty blue that is the perfect alternative to a standard white kitchen. Blue is a great color choice to add a punch of personality to your kitchen while still maintaining a neutral and subtle look. Pair with light countertops and backsplash for a classic style and feel.

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    Try Blue and Pink

    Living room with blue wall and pink couch

    halfpaintedhouse / Instagram

    If you're hunting for a perfect color to pair with your blue walls, consider a dusty pink as seen in this lovely room from halfpaintedhouse. Pink and blue are a lovely alternative to a blue and white color palette and work well in an eclectic space. Opt for colors with similar undertones (think two cool, muted shades) so they don't compete for attention in your space.

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    Experiment With Wallpaper

    Living room with bright blue wallpaper

    longburnhouse / Instagram

    If you haven't used wallpaper in your house, now is a perfect time to play around with a graphic, bold pattern. We love this whimsical blue wallpaper seen in this living space from longburnhouse. Not only does it provide a calming, tranquil feel to the room, but the fun pattern gives the space life and adds an instant focal point.

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    Blue for a Kids' Room

    Bedroom with bunk beds and navy blue walls

    the_house_we_wished_for / Instagram

    It's no secret that blue is a popular choice for a kid's bedroom, but this room from the_house_we_wished_for proves exactly why. We love the deep navy shade paired with the lighter neutrals to give this room a lovely contrast. Navy is a great kid's room choice because it feels a bit more mature than a powder blue, but still playful enough to be childlike.

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    Blue on a Textured Wall

    Textured wall with medium blue paint

    nest_number_9 / Instagram

    A textured wall like this one from nest_number_9 is eye-catching on its own, but add a coat of teal paint it really becomes a work of art all by itself. This shade of blue is punchier than navy or light blue, so it definitely adds a lot of personality, but it isn't so bright that it overwhelms your space.

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    Go Bold With Teal

    Bold teal and orange walls

    thelittlegoldhouse / Instagram

    Blue is one of those shades that can feel funky and bold or quiet and subtle, depending on the shade. This bright room from thelittlegoldhouse features a luscious, rich shade of teal that, when paired with a rich orange, feels vintage and very eclectic. If you want to experiment with a bolder shade of blue, consider an accent wall or a nook in your home to start.

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    Sprinkle in Gold Accents

    Dark blue bathroom with gold accents

    Design: mowerymarsharchitects

    Photography: haris.kenjar/

    This trendy blue bathroom from mowerymarsharchitects not only does the navy trend well but it also incorporates lovely gold finishes that look beautiful when paired with this deep shade of cool blue. Gold and blue are a perfect classic color combo that works wonderfully in a kitchen or a bathroom.

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    Paint a Built-In

    Light blue wardrobe built in

    thehousethatcolourbuilt / Instagram

    This bedroom from thehousethatcolourbuilt features a built-in wardrobe painted a lovely shade of periwinkle blue. Painting a built-in unit can help create a uniform look in your space and even create an instant focal point in your room. Try painting a bookshelf or even a fireplace a shade of blue that pops for an easy makeover with a lot of personality.

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    A Blue Accent Wall

    Living room with blue accent wall

    fixingupnumbertwelve / Instagram

    An accent wall is a great way to add visual interest to any room in your house, especially a living room like this one from fixingupnumbertwelve. Navy is a wonderful choice for an accent wall because it's a strong hue that can stand alone, but still feels classic and pairs wonderfully with nearly any other decor in your space.

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    Perfect for Mid-Century Style

    Bedroom with mid century furniture

    our_leyburn_home / Instagram

    If you're into the Mid-century modern decor look, blue is a great shade to decorate with. We love the muted greenish-blue shade used in this bedroom from our_leyburn_home that plays so wonderfully with the MCM furniture and accessories. Opt for a dusty or muted shade to complement the vintage pieces throughout your space.

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    Paint a Bookcase

    Blue bookshelf

    everyday_modern_life / Instagram

    Adding built-in bookshelves to your den or living room is a great way to instantly add charm. We love this den from everyday_modern_life that features a built-in painted a cool blue shade. Painting a bookshelf can make your added built-in feel more sustainable and add a lot of depth to your space.

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    A Wonderful Blue Child's Room

    Nursery with blue and white clouds

    hudson_and_harlow / Instagram

    This beautiful space-themed room from hudson_and_harlow is the perfect inspiration for your next kids' room makeover. Between the hanging solar system and the cloud murals on the wall, this is one of the most creative uses of blue in a child's room we've ever seen.

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    Consider Blue in the Dining Room

    A dining room with navy blue walls

    Design: lisaflemingdesign

    Photography: raquellangworthy.photo

    Hunting for a classic hue for your dining space that adds a lot of depth? Try a deep navy like this one from lisaflemingdesign. Navy is a traditional color for a dining space because it lends a formal feel that doesn't feel stuffy or overdressed. Pair it with natural wood or white accessories to give it a coastal, timeless vibe.

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    Consider a Monochrome Look

    Dining room with large print

    tasha.kaleidoscope / Instagram

    While a full-on monochrome palette may be too much for you, this beautiful dining room from tasha.kaleidoscope is the perfect example of a wonderful way to sprinkle different shades of blue throughout a space to give it texture and create visual interest. Pair a deep blue wall with lighter shades of blue throughout the space and ensure they all have similar undertones.