Blue and White Paper Cut Wall Decor

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    How to Make a Blue Floral Paper Cut Out Wall Decoration

    blue and white paper cut picture
    Rita Shehan

    Is there a spot on your wall that is bare and you just don't have the funds to buy expensive art to cover that space? This beautiful floral wall art paper craft project looks stunning and is so, so easy to make! All you need are some card stock, glue, an electronic digital die cut machine and framing materials. Did I also mention this art work costs very little to make? This paper craft wall decor is a total winner in my mind!

    I modified a dingbat font called floralia that can be downloaded...MORE for free on Dingbats are fonts that are made from pictures and can be used for various types of design and craft projects. These dingbat files can be converted  to make awesome digital die cut files. Check out this tutorial from to learn how!

    If you decide to convert dingbats into cutting files, make sure to always respect the copyright wishes of the font designers! Most people are very generous and are willing to share their work for free or for a minimal free, bu you must always be sure to check out the copyright rules first!

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    Supplies Required to Make a Blue Floral Paper Cut Out Wall Decoration

    supplies for paper cut picture
    Rita Shehan

    Supplies Needed:

    1. 11" x 14" white poster board
    2. 11" x 14" white mat with a 5" x 7' square hole in middle
    3. 11" x 14" picture frame
    4. 12" x 12" sheet of navy blue card stock
    5. Digital die cut machine
    6. Glue stick
    7. *Optional X-acto knife
    8. Pencil
    9. Eraser
    10. Large sheet of scrap paper to protect your surface from glue.
    11. *Optional Plastic or latex gloves.
    12. Papercraft spatula and scraper
    13. Project die cut files


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    How to Make a Blue Floral Paper Cut Out Wall Decoration Steps 1-5

    cricut mat with blue floral die cut
    Rita Shehan
    1. Download the die cut files required for the blue floral paper here.( ai, eps, jpeg, dxf, wpc, pdf and svg files are included in the download. This download includes files that will work with most electronic die cut machines. If your device requires a different type of file, send  an email to and I will try to help you out!)
    2. Unzip the files, copy and paste to a storage folder on your computer.
    3. Upload the appropriate die cut file to your die cut machine software.
    4. Cut...MORE the floral pattern from navy blue card stock on your digital die cut machine.
    5. This paper cut is intricate and is easily torn when you remove it from the cutting mat. Take your time and remove it gently with a craft spatula and scraper.
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    How to Make a Blue Floral Paper Cut Out Wall Decoration Steps 6-9

    white mat and pencil
    Rita Shehan

    6. Place the picture mat over the 11" x 14" piece of poster board.

    7. Softly trace the center square onto the sheet of poster board underneath with a pencil.

    8. Remove the picture mat.

    9. Place the paper cuts onto the poster board and make a few paper marks with a pencil as a placement guide.

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    How to Make a Blue Floral Paper Cut Out Wall Decoration Steps: 10-15

    blue floral paper cut on board
    Rita Shehan

    10. Place a large sheet of scrap paper onto your crafting table to protect your surface from glue.

    11. Place the floral cut-outs face down onto the large sheet of scrap paper.

    12. Spread a thin layer of glue with the glue stick on the back of the decorative paper cut out.

    13. Turn the cut out over and gently place as in the photo above onto the pencil square on the poster board.

    14. Press the paper cuts (front sides up) onto the poster board firmly with fingertips.

    15. Allow at least two hours for...MORE the glue to dry.

    16. After the glue has dried, gently erase the pencil marks with a soft eraser.

    * A quick tip: I am sometimes messy when working on art or craft projects. I have found wearing latex gloves helps avoid those dirty smudges, fingerprint and glue disasters!

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    How to Make a Blue Floral Paper Cut Out Wall Decoration Steps: 17-19

    blue floral paper cut picture against wall
    Rita Shehan

    17. Place the mat over posterboard artwork and onto the back of the picture frame.

    18. Place the picture frame back cover over the back of the artwork and secure.

    19. Hang your picture on the wall.

    Voila! Instant art that hardly costs anything. You've got to love it!