Blush Tones in the Kitchen

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    Blush Accessories via Pinterest

    Blush tones are really hot right now. Pantone hit the nail on the head when they named Rose Quartz as one of this year's "Colors of the Year." Visit any store and you will find anything from pillows to sweaters donning this hue.  As is the case with most trends there is always a time and place to play with these concepts, colors or items in your home and even your kitchen. Let's explore a few options:

    The easiest way to integrate any trend is with accessories. A lot of items can fall into the category of "accessories" and often times the price point can vary widely making it easy and affordable to play with trends without making a giant monetary commitment. From small appliances as seen in the image above, to glassware, vases, art or even flowers, the options are literally limitless and currently wildly available. 

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    Blush Rugs via Pinterest

    As we have talked about before, rugs are a great way to bring color and interest into your kitchen.  I love how the light and airy tones in this runner breathe a delicate dose of whimsy to the space as a whole.  Blush is definitely not the only color in this rug, but it is most certainly one of the main hues. 

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    Blush Cabinets via Pinterest

    Ok, pink cabinets are a bit of a commitment seeing as how cabinetry is definitely one of the most if not THE most expensive elements in the kitchen. HOWEVER, the blush cabinets do look pretty don't they?  While it might sound crazy to say these cabinets, nay these PINK cabinets are understated and elegant, they really do come across that way. I think that is the beauty of the blush hue, it has personality and life, but not so much so that it overwhelms a space. 

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    Blush Paint

    bloglovin via Pinterest

    Paint is another great avenue to play with a specific color trend. In this image the wall above the base cabinets, where the backsplash would typically sit, was painted in a blush tone. I think this is an especially great approach if installing a backsplash is not in the cards for you and your kitchen. Whether you are renter with no option to upgrade or just someone who doesn't have the funds to dedicate to a new tile or stone backsplash, painting the wall, especially in a fun color, could be a great option. It is hard to say if this application was done throughout the kitchen or on just one wall, regardless I love how the blush paint plays so well with the white cabinets and dark wood shelf. Again, the beautiful thing about the blush color is that it is quite and understated allowing the contrast between it and surrounding elements  to be more of a whisper as opposed to a shout.  

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    Copper Accents


    Copper is also popular right now, especially in interiors. I'm not sure if was the surge in the Moscow Mules that are famously served in the copper mug, or if everyone was just feeling bold after seeing how well brass could work in interiors, regardless copper is here and it is hot, hot, hot! Copper items such as lights, (as seen in this image) accessories and even flatware are everywhere right now and present a great and unexpected way way to bring the blush vibe into your space. While copper is not exactly blush, it definitely gives off the same vibe with it's orange and pink undertones. 

    Well, there you have it - five different approaches to aid you on your quest to bring the blush trend into your kitchen.