25 Board Game Storage Solutions to Stay Organized

Monopoly game

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Everybody loves a good game night, whether it's an epic annual Monopoly tournament or a weekly family night playing Scrabble. It may all be fun and games (pun intended) until you have to figure out how to store all those boxes. Storage can be a challenge, especially if you own quite a few, so to help you out, we've collected 25 of our favorite ways to organize, store, and display them—we're sharing helpful tips and tricks to keep your board games in good shape so they're always ready for the next big game!

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    Board Game Shelf Display

    Board games stacked on a shelf

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Organize and display board games neatly on a shelf like @afreshspace did. Instead of stacking them horizontally, arrange them vertically as you would arrange books—either do so by color or size to maintain a visually pleasing and streamlined display.

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    Low-Level Shelf

    Board games stored in an open shelf in a sunroom

    Casa Watkins Living

    Keep board games easily accessible for every member of the family by storing them on an open shelf such as this one in Casa Watkins Living's sunroom. This way, they're within kids' reach and they can grab them themselves whenever they want to play and put them back when they're done.

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    Built-In Cabinet Storage

    Living room with blue built ins

    Chelius House of Design

    If your family enjoys playing board games frequently but you don't exactly want them on display, storing them in closed built-in cabinets such as these by Chelius House of Design is a great way to keep them hidden yet on hand.

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    Board Game Closet

    Board games stored in a closet

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    For a large collection of board games, consider dedicating a whole closet to storing and organizing them, like @afreshspace did in this home. Create stacks of board game boxes—sort them by frequency of use and place those played less often on upper shelves and those that you or your kids play on a regular basis on lower, easier-to-access shelves. For any games that are in smaller boxes or bags, use bins or storage boxes to corral them into one place.

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    Metal Bins

    Cube shelf with red metal and clear storage containers

    @nycneat_louisa / Getty Images

    Add a pop of color and organize your board games at the same time with metal bins such as these four red ones that @nycneat_louisa used in this cube storage shelf. The bins are large enough to accommodate multiple board games and you can add cute chalkboard labels to them so their contents are easily identifiable.

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    Basket Under the Coffee Table

    Woven basket under the coffee table in the living room

    @modernhousevibes / Instagram

    Use a large woven storage basket such as this one @modernhousevibes placed under the coffee table in the living room to store those board games, cards, or puzzles that you find yourself pulling out week after week.

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    Built-In Cabinets and Drawers

    Built-ins with board games

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Any serious board game aficionado will appreciate these epic built-ins that @afreshspace used to organize this incredible collection of board games. If you own a large collection, you may want to consider installing built-in cabinets and drawers to house it. A basement, family room, or playroom are all great spots for built-ins and to make them a fun feature of the space, consider painting them an interesting color to add a splash of visual interest.

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    Numbered Bins

    Colorful numbered storage bins

    madhouse / Getty Images

    Organize your kids' board games in colorful numbered bins that won't just keep everything neatly in place in their playroom, but are a great way to practice their numbers! Use one bin for card games, another for board games, another for puzzles, and so on—it'll make finding what they need easier and clean up much faster.

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    Rolling Crate

    Old wooden crates on wheels used for storage

    Finding Lovely

    Get creative with your board game storage like Finding Lovely did using this vintage wood crate on wheels. You don't need to stick with generic-looking store-bought plastic containers when it comes to storing board games, toys, and other items. Instead, treat the storage containers as another decorative element in the room. To replicate this idea, you can find vintage-style wood crates such as this one at flea markets, antique stores, or online. Purchase casters that can easily be attached to the bottom of the crate to give it the ability to roll.

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    Color-Coded Drawer Storage System

    Colorful drawer system

    owngarden / Getty Images

    A color-coded drawer storage system such as this one is a great way to keep board games out of sight and neatly put away, as well as to sort them. Use the different drawer colored drawers for different types of board games, placing the larger ones in the larger drawers and smaller ones in the smaller drawers.

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    Clear Bags to Store Small Pieces

    Six different colored ziplock bags

    Anna Pogrebkova / Getty Images

    Instead of just throwing all the small board game pieces inside the box, use small ziplock bags to hold them. This way, the box won't be a complete mess when you open it, you can quickly set it up when it's time to play and there's less of a risk of losing small pieces, which would make the game unusable.

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    Colorful Plastic Bins With Lids

    Games and toys in colorful plastic bins on shelves

    @afreshspace / Getty Images

    These colorful plastic bins from a project by @afreshspace add a playful pop of color to an all-white closet and keep board games neatly in place. Instead of pulling out one box after another to decide what to play, this allows you to pull out an entire bin of games and bring them to the room you're playing in one large container.

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    Return Pieces to Designated Compartments

    Chess box organized with pieces in various compartments

    RN Pierce / Getty Images

    While it may feel like an annoying chore at the end of a game night, make sure to always return every game piece into its designated compartment. This will prevent loss and damage of pieces and it'll make setting up the game much faster and easier for the next big game night you host.

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    Freestanding Storage Drawer System

    Drawer storage system

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    A freestanding storage drawer system such as this one from a project by @afreshspace is one of the best organizational tools you could ever use, both for board games, but also for other items such as crafting and office supplies. Attach labels to each drawer to make its contents easily identifiable and to create a neat, uniform look.

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    Media Console

    Living room with white painted fireplace wall

    Jessica Nelson Design

    Games and movies go hand in hand, so if your family enjoys playing board games in the family room where you also watch movies, store them in the media console. This sleek wood console from a project by Jessica Nelson Design is a good choice that provides hidden storage—it's easily accessible by everyone and can hold plenty of board games.

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    Use Envelopes for Small Paper Game Pieces

    Monopoly game

    Dimitri Otis / Getty Images

    For board games such as Monopoly and others that contain paper pieces, use small envelopes to store the play money. This will keep it from getting dirty, messy, and damaged—you won't have to search through the whole box to collect the paper pieces the next time you play the game.

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    Designated Board Game Cabinet

    Wood cabinet with artwork, plants and accessories around it

    @martinas_cosy_crib / Instagram

    Store board games in a designated "board game cabinet" such as this cool wood one in @martinas_cosy_crib's home. This way, super bright and colorful board game boxes won't mess with the decor aesthetic in the room. Use shelf dividers or small bins if needed to keep the cabinet organized.

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    Open Plastic Bins

    Games and toys organized in white plastic bins

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Instead of your open shelves looking cluttered and messy, be inspired by this playroom from @afreshspace. A collection of identical white plastic bins keeps the shelves uniform, clean, and organized. Bins such as these can be purchased in various home retail stores as well as online, and they are available in various sizes and colors.

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    Felt Storage Bins

    Closet organized with felt storage bins

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    For an elegant storage solution, use felt bins like the ones @nycneat_louisa used on these closet shelves. Many come with a slot for a label to add an elegant little detail and to make identifying their contents easier.

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    Under-the-Bed Storage

    Kids' bed with storage baskets underneath it

    Kristin Mitchell / Getty Images

    If you're running out of shelf and cabinet space, purchase storage bags or boxes and utilize the space under your bed to store board games. It's an efficient way to maximize storage space so that they are out of sight but can easily be pulled out when needed.

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    Place Chess Pieces In Proper Spots

    Person arranging chess pieces into box

    Pavel Rodimov / Getty Images

    Board games such as chess usually come with a storage box that has a built-in spot for each piece. While it's tempting to just haphazardly throw the pieces in at the end of the game, make sure to arrange pieces back in their proper spots so they stay in good shape and don't get scratched.

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    Game Room Storage

    game room

    Elliott Kaufman / Getty Images

    If you're lucky enough to have a designated game room, use the shelves around the TV to store board games. You can layer it with other personal items like picture frames, so it can be a part of the room's decor.

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    Storage Bins With Labels

    Kids' room with cube shelf storage with baskets

    @afreshspace / Getty Images

    Cubed storage shelves with bins are an inexpensive yet excellent storage solution. This playroom from @afreshspace mixes open shelves with fabric bins for versatile storage. It allows you to display some board games and toys while hiding others for the perfect mix of decorative flair and practical storage.

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    Lidded Clear Plastic Containers

    games and toys in plastic containers

    Kilt Chan / Getty Images

    Clear plastic containers with lids are available in different shapes and sizes, from large and narrow ones that you can slide under the bed. Store board games that are played once a year during the holidays, to smaller containers that are well-suited to store card games your friends come over to play every Friday night.

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    Upholstered Storage Ottoman

    Upholstered storage ottoman

    John Keeble / Getty Images

    An upholstered storage ottoman is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you could ever buy—it provides lots of space for board games and other items while doubling as a place to sit or to put your feet up! Storage ottomans typically come in two lengths, a cube or a bench, and have a lid that's either detachable or on hinges.