Body Feng Shui and Crystal Jewelry

good feng shui jewellery
Next time you want to treat yourself to a good feng shui gift, go explore the variety of jewelry with natural crystals or beautiful feng shui symbols. The healing energy of feng shui crystals will balance and improve your personal energy. jamie Grill/Getty Images

Well-designed jewelry is an excellent feng shui way to take care of your personal energy. For a piece of jewelry to work well as a feng shui cure, it does not need to have the words "feng shui" in it. However, it does have to have good energy elements, such as a balanced, harmonious design, good feng shui symbols and ideally natural, untreated crystals or stones.
Precious gems, stones, and metals have been used since ancient times as energy enhancers and protectors. Depending on the feng shui properties of crystals, they can be used for a variety of purposes, from attracting and keeping love to enhancing a strong spiritual connection.
If you chose a pendant with rose quartz, for example, it is great to have it close to your heart, as rose quartz is a powerful feng shui heart healer.
From a mystic moonstone silver ring to calm your emotions to a hematite bracelet as a good health enhancer and protector, the variety of available jewelry for feng shui purposes is really endless.
Next time you want to treat yourself, go explore the variety of jewelry with natural crystals or feng shui symbols, and see which one wants to come home with you.