30+ Beautiful Crochet Patterns in Boho Crochet Book

10 designers, 31 patterns, inspiration from the 60s and 70s

Boho Crochet Book. Martingale Press

Boho Crochet is a multi-designer crochet book filled with vibrant, colorful, beautiful crochet patterns, influenced by the 1960s and 1970s. It is filled with florals and other springtime inspiration, although many of these bohemian designs could be enjoyed all year long. The book was compiled through the efforts of crochet designer Marinke Slump, whose life and work are also remembered in the Mandalas for Marinke art project.

10 Crochet Designers

Boho Crochet is a compilation pattern book featuring work from 10 different wonderful crochet designers:

  1. Amy Astle who is a great choice for this collection since she was first inspired to crochet after receiving 1970s craft magazines from her grandmother.
  2. Annemarie Benthem who shares her own crochet patterns and those of others on her crochet blog.
  3. Ruth Branham, a UK-based crochet designer and jewelry maker.
  4. Ali Campbell who loves to enjoy eco-friendly crochet.
  5. Susan Carlson of Felted Button is a crochet designer known for her great love of color.
  6. Sara Dudek of Sans Limite Crochet who has been creating her own designs since she was in elementary school.
  7. Carmen Heffernan, an Ireland based crochet designer who is popular on Instagram.
  8. Dorien Hollewijn, a Netherlands crochet designer who loves to repeat the same simple motif over and over using different colors for effect.
  9. Sandra Paul of Cherry Heart who is also known for a love of color.
  1. Marinke Slump of A Creative Being who has been recognized for her colorful crochet mandalas among other great projects.

30+ Crochet Patterns

The beautiful crochet patterns in this book are broken down as follows:

  • 5 colorful crochet blanket patterns, 3 of which are motif-based
  • 4 crochet pillow patterns
  • 2 crochet mandala patterns
  • 3 crochet purses
  • 6 floral crochet projects including a necklace, a table runner and bobby pins

There are also a variety of other individual crochet project patterns including rainbow striped fingerless gloves, a breakfast cozy set and a stool cover. Nearly all of these crochet patterns are very colorful so they are perfect for people who like to change colors often when they craft. That said, they, are often adaptable to look good in single colors as well, so you could play around with your preferences when working with the crochet patterns in this terrific collection.

Contemporary Retro-Inspired Design

These beautiful crochet patterns are all inspired by the retro flair of the 1960s and 1970s. There are a lot of bright colors reminiscent of those decades. There are some granny square projects as well as one chevron crochet project, both of which were popular patterns in crochet at that time. However, these are not vintage crochet patterns and it should be noted that there are totally contemporary items designed for use in modern homes and wardrobes. Although they are inspired by the past, they are intended for the present.