12 Ways to Create a Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

Arbor & Co.

Minimalist and bohemian styles may not seem to have a lot in common at first. After all, minimalist philosophy touts “less is more” while boho design leans toward “more is more.” There are some unexpected similarities between the two aesthetics, though—from their embrace of natural materials to their penchant for cozy. When blended together, these features are able to shine.

Meanwhile, each style balances out the other’s more extreme elements for a happy marriage. Think: pared-back palettes with decadent layering, and clean lines with organic textures. The result? A soothing, snug aesthetic perfect for a bedroom.

Check out these 12 bohemian minimalist bedrooms to see just how beautifully the two styles combine, along with plenty of ideas to recreate the look in your own space.

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    Maximize Natural Light

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Sara Toufali

    A staple of bohemian minimalist spaces is to keep things bright and airy. Sara Toufali of Black & Blooms achieves this in her bedroom with crisp white walls, sheer drapes, and a lofty mirror—all of which help amplify the natural light coming through her windows. Further boho style touches are added in with a neutral patterned runner and lacy rattan pendant.

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    Layer, Layer, Layer

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Blanco Bungalow

    What minimalist design (sometimes) lacks in character, boho style brings back with layering. Here, Laura Genevieve of Blanco Bungalow piles on plenty of pillows at the top of her bed, mixing patterns and textures within a white color palette. At the end of her bed, a bright blue quilt and sheepskin throw are layered over her duvet for cozy texture and contrast.

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    Opt For Natural Materials

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Cottage + Sea

    In this space, Cottage + Sea puts natural materials on full display for organic beauty that grounds the senses. The neutral tones of the rattan and wicker baskets seamlessly blend with the white backdrop, and are accompanied by a wooden slatted headboard and woven rug. A cactus and dried plants round out the look for a pared-back desert vibe. 

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    Add An Accent Wall

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Home & Spirit / Instagram

    Minimalist design doesn’t necessarily equate to all-white-everything or a strict neutral palette—especially when combined with boho design. Erika of Home & Spirit proves this point, showcasing a playful sage green accent on one of her walls. This soothing earth tone might be the perfect complement to natural wood-toned materials. You can even bring in a few plants to play off the lush hue. 

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    Bring Out The Macrame

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Leaf and Lolo / Instagram

    Sometimes, macrame is all you need. Providing texture and warmth all at once, this time-tested art form straddles the line between laid-back bohemian and subtle minimalist styles so well. Here, Lindsay of Leaf + Lolo drapes a macrame wall hanging above her bed and a knotted plant holder in the corner for a simple, breezy space. 

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    Play With Pattern

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

     K Shan Design

    Mixing lots of colors is generally off the table in a minimalist bohemian space. But, when it comes to mixing patterns, you have free rein. It adds just as much visual interest, though in a much more subtle way. Here, K Shan Design places a simple geometric patterned lamp and decor piece atop an oaky line-infused side table. Alongside, a classic slatted headboard tops off the pattern party.

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    Infuse Soft Textures

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    JC Designs / Instagram

    Any bedroom should be cozy—it is your sleeping haven, after all. And with bohemian minimalist design, you’ll want to crank up the cozy factor even further with indulgent textures. For example, Jennifer Cohen of JC Designs softens her bedroom with a plush white rug, snuggly throw, and fluffy pillows. 

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    Keep It Casual

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Afro Bohemian Living / Instagram

    Bohemian design emphasizes a more laid back style. So, when combined with minimalism’s simplicity, the result should ultimately be a calming, casual space. Basically, softly wrinkled sheets are not just allowed—they’re the goal. Here, Mani of Afro Bohemian Living shows just dreamy it looks, pairing linen bedding with ample light and drippy candles.

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    Brighten Up With Plants

    Boho bedroom filled with plants

    Cole Keister / Unsplash

    When working with an all white palette, it’s important to enliven the space, and you can never go wrong with houseplants. Paula of Home by Polly brightens up her Scandi-boho style bedroom with plenty of greenery, while keeping her furniture simple and walls bare.   

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    Embrace Fringe

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    Wilson Aesthetics / Instagram

    Is it really bohemian design without some fringe? This style is the perfect way to inject a dose of boho playfulness into a minimalist space. Emma Wilson of Wilson Aesthetic doubles up the fringe in her bedroom, highlighting it on a cozy rug at floor level and a soft throw at bed level.

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    Highlight One Art Piece

    Bohemian Minimalist bedroom

    Arbor & Co.

    Minimalism often calls for bare walls, but you can still blend in some bohemian flair with artwork. Just stick to one main centerpiece that coordinates with your overall color theme. For example, Arbor & Co. maintains a black and white palette in this bedroom, opting for a simple yet bold trio of lettering artwork to hang above the bed. By placing it in the center of the wall, they add visual interest while still maintaining soothing negative space on either side.

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    Contrast Dark And Light

    Bohemian Minimalist Bedroom

    S.U.S.A.P. / Instagram

    This bedroom is proof that minimalism can be so warm and inviting—especially when combined with boho design. Take notes from Susanne of S.U.S.A.P. and juxtapose rich, dark tones against a bright, light backdrop for depth and contrast. Add some ambient lighting and you’ll never want to escape from your cozy abode again.