15 Boho-Style Bathroom Decor Ideas to Copy

boho bathroom ideas

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Boho design is unconventional and artistic, mixing natural materials, various textures, and color to create spaces you want to hang out in. Using boho style to decorate a bathroom can take it from a place where you brush your teeth, shower, and get ready for the day or night to a styled oasis where the quotidian feels elevated.

We’ve rounded up some different bathrooms that feature the boho design in their own way. Read on to gather inspiration from these boho-style bathrooms. 

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    Play With Different Textures

    boho style bathroom

    Design and Photo by Ajai Guyot

    We love that this bathroom is a mix of different textures. From the waffle shower curtain to the bath towels with tassels, the leather toiletry kit, and the woven basket, adding varied textures gives the bathroom some personality.

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    Add Small Details

    boho-design bathroom

    Design by Arbor and Co / Photo by Seaward Photography 2016, Adams Real Estate Photography 2017

    If you’re working with a certain style of bathroom but you want to add some boho design elements to the space, start small. The use of the small air plant over the toilet, a wooden stool next to the tub, pressed flowers in a glass frame, and tasseled hand towels is a great way to include some personality without making any permanent changes. 

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    Use a Rug to Pull The Room Together

    boho bathroom rug

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    Picking an accent rug is a great way to pull a room together. Choose colors from your rug and add them to your space to make the two work together. This rug has pink and white; you can see those colors in the pampas grass and vases on the vanity and shelves. The terracotta planter also ties in really nicely.

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    Hang Macrame Plant Holders

    Bathroom nook

     Turquoise and Tobacco

    Nothing says boho style like a macrame plant hanger. You can purchase these plant hangers online or you can easily DIY with some macrame cord. Fill them trailing plants like pothos or spider plants for some extra style points. 

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    Use Brown Tones to Tie Things Together

    vanity and shelves in boho bathroom

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    Another way to create a boho designed bathroom is to use light brown tones throughout the space. The vanity in this bathroom matches the shelving above the toilet as well as the wicker and rattan accessories. Even the tarnished gold door knobs and light fixture contribute to the brown through-line.

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    Combine Functionality With Something Cute

    boho bathroom vanity

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    What we love about this simple vanity top is that the small vase with eucalyptus, the wicker basket, and tasseled hand towel add a bit of boho design flair without sacrificing functionality. Using a basket to hold your hand towels is an excellent option for incorporating something functional yet cute.

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    Spruce Up Your Bath

    boho bathroom tub accessories

    @home.and.spirit / Instagram

    This whimsical bath is the perfect example of boho style made easy. Adding a shaker peg rack can allow you to hang dried flowers, loofahs, or pretty towels within reach. The bath tray is also functional and can be used for displaying bath bombs and oils when not in use.

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    Add Plants Everywhere

    boho bathroom wall decor

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Plants can really set the mood in a space. Opt for spider plants, string of pearls, and small succulents for that boho style. Use a macrame plant hanger or shelving to display your plants. Don’t be afraid to use fake plants if you don’t have any windows in your bathroom to provide natural light. Make sure to dust the leaves regularly so they still look real. 

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    More Is More

    bathroom shelves

    Instagram / @JCDesign1.1

    While some people really love a more minimalist look in the bathroom, in the case of boho style, more is more. This bathroom is screaming boho design and it’s because of all of the rattan details, plants, and textures. Using similar tones throughout your bathroom will tie the space together, as you can see colors from the print hung behind the toilet that are prevalent everywhere.

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    Choose a Wicker Light Fixture

    boho bathroom tub

    @cottageandsea / Instagram

    This wicker light fixture is giving us serious boho style vibes. It’s the perfect addition to this space and draws your eyes upwards, which counterbalances the amazing soaking tub. Adding a unique light fixture can seriously transform a room. Plus, this wicker one compliments the basket and ladder next to the tub. 

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    Incorporate Dried Plants and Florals

    bathroom shelving

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    Create spa vibes at home by hanging a bundle of eucalyptus on a showerhead. Plus, it adds another boho-style element to your space with its natural textures. You can get a bouquet of eucaplytus (fresh or dried) for an affordable price at most grocery stores. It should last for a few months before you'll want to replace it for a fresher, stronger smelling one.

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    Choose the Right Plants

    plants in boho bathroom

    @leafandLolo / Instagram

    While we love all types of houseplants, there are certain ones that fall into the boho design category. Choose snake plants, monsteras, and trailing plants. Pick pots that are either white or terracotta and you’ll instantly transform a space without much work. Remember that if you're working with a neutral bathroom, greens look amazing against white.

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    Keep It Simple

    boho bathroom with ladder storage

    @wilsonaesthetic_ / Instagram

    If you prefer to keep things simple, you absolutely can while still getting a boho design look. Make intentional design decisions by only adding a few boho style items to your bathroom. That can be a wooden stool or a tasseled rug. Or you can add something functional like a ladder where you can hang your towels, a basket to store things like toilet paper, or jars filled with cotton pads. 

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    Add Macrame Wall Hangings

    green bathroom

    Mocha Girl Place

    Find a macrame wall hanging and put it on the back of your bathroom door. Pair it with a fluffy rug in similar, natural colors. Even if your bathroom doesn't immediately give off boho-style vibes when you first look at it, you can keep adding items with similar textures, patterns, or colors until the space is tied to together.

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    Mix Different Colors and Textures

    bathroom with plant

    The Blanco Bungalow

    Using different colors and textures is an excellent way to add boho style to a space. The patterned towel against the white wall is a perfect contrast to the white walls, countertop, and window shades.

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    Mount Wall Shelves

    boho bathroom shelving

    @estherbschmidt / Instagram

    If you have a small bathroom, adding floating shelves is a smart way to get extra storage space and add some design elements. If you want to go with a boho style, opt for small baskets, a plant cutting, and small prints leaned against the wall. 

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    Try Going Bright

    bright boho

    Dazey Den

    Remember that bright colors can be used in boho-design too. Choose hues that have warm undertones and skip huge blocks of neons. The addition of the cactus and the matching prints really ties the look together.

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    Pick Patterned Accessories

    black and white bathroom

    KG Designs

    This black and white bathroom could have gone in another direction but the patterned shower curtain and vase on the back of the toilet help push it towards boho-style, proving that it doesn't matter what your actual bathroom looks like — it's all about the accessories.

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    Use Touches of Wood

    wooden stools

    Noelle Ryan Interiors

    Adding small touches of wood throughout your space will steer it towards boho-style. The use of these wooden stools is a great way to do this, or you could try putting down a teak bathmat.