10 Must-Haves for a Boho-Themed Baby Shower

Ideas for a Free-Spirited Soiree

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    Boho-Themed Baby Shower

    So—you offered to host a baby shower and now it’s time to start planning. First, choose a theme for the overall style of party—to be incorporated into the invitations, decorations, food, and games—and make sure it matches the personality of the guest of honor. For example, if the mama-to-be is super laid back, she'll love a boho-themed shower. 

    Not only is "bohemian" style decor totally on trend, but it creates the perfect backdrop for a low-key shower. Plus, many affordable and DIY decorations can be incorporated into this theme. From naked cakes and flower crowns to mix-and-match centerpieces and succulent favors, free-spirited soiree accouterments provide a memorable experience for any mother-to-be. 

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    Watercolor Invitations

    Invitations set the tone of any event. And, nothing says "hippie haven" like a watercolor pattern. Use a sky blue and white palette if your friend is expecting a boy, or pale pink if the baby is a girl. Then, pair it with recycled or pressed paper to complete the look. You can even write the invites yourself (in lieu of computer printing them) if you have a decorative hand. That way, no two cards will look the same.

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    Floral Wall Hanging

    Planning the party indoors? A botanical wall hanging made of a tree branch and fresh blooms is just the thing. This piece of decor instantly transforms any room into a gorgeous garden-inspired setting and looks glorious above a dessert table. Style it to suit the mother-to-be. Does she love pink roses? If so, use them. Or if sunflowers are her thing, source small multi-colored blooms for a mid-summer or fall shower. 

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    Naked Cake

    Who needs frosting when a naked cake with barely-there vanilla buttercream fits perfectly into the party theme. Decorate it with fragrant eucalyptus, white roses, and a festive topper for an earthy elegance that can't be replicated by foo-foo cake decor. Serve this cake alongside herbal tea and tea cookies, for guests that need another hit of sweetness.

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    Flower Crowns

    Flower crowns are a bohemian fashion staple. You see them worn at summer concerts and on the heads of women with flowing locks. Making them together can be a fun activity for a baby shower. Let guests express their creativity with an interactive booth where, upon their arrival, they make a crown that suits their personality. Chip in to create a crown for the guest-of-honor, too, so that all she has to do is show up. 

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    Photo Backdrop

    While photo booths are great (at least, in theory), they’re expensive and can appear out of place at an intimate gathering. Instead, opt for a simple outdoor backdrop that blends into its surroundings and encourages partygoers to snap some pics. Afterward, put together a post-party photo album or scrapbook for the expectant mom.

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    Macramé Table Runner

    Give your table a touch of boho charm with a macramé runner. Yes, it's so 70s! But, it's also on point with the latest fashions. Peruse your mom's attic to find an authentic throwback or enlist a few friends to help you make one yourself. This table runner pairs well with a rustic wooden table or an outdoor picnic table. Just add an earthy centerpiece and candles for added flair. 

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    Festive Food Station

    Like any fête, the menu matters—perhaps even more so for a baby shower, as the honored guest is bound to be hungry. A beautifully arranged charcuterie board with her favorite meats and cheeses is a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. If your guests are vegetarian, add in olives, a vegetable platter, and vegan dips like hummus and pesto to tide everyone over until the main course.

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    Darling Donuts

    A riff on the requisite cake, these delectable glazed donuts are awesome for a breakfast or brunch. Edible flower petals and lavender blossoms take this fried treats to the next level. If donuts aren't in your cheffing repertoire, enlist a local baker to make gourmet delicacies that won't disappoint.

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    Modern Wreaths

    A modern floral wreath looks great hung from the back of guest chairs or displayed over a brunch buffet. And bonus—modern wreaths make an affordable decor option, too, since the greenery it takes to make them tends to be more budget-friendly than buying flowers. Only a few blooms are needed—like one or two—for a big impact.

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    Succulent Favors

    Burlap-wrapped succulents make great party favors for no-frills guests. Plus, succulents can be added to trendy terrariums or to a windowsill collection. Choose succulents that are inexpensive and easy to care for so attendees won't feel overwhelmed. Then, decorate them with themed adornments that make them remember the day.